Best New Drones for 2018- February Sale List!

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While we await the next big thing in the drone market here are the best new drones on the market for February 2018 – The DJI Spark 2 and the DJI Phantom V is set to be the best drones ever built. But we are going to have to wait a while longer because release date is set for summer 2018.Best New Drones DJI-Mavic Air

Best New Drones of 2018

Why Are These Super Drones So Great?

DJI Mavic Air Best New Drones DJI Mavic Air

The new Mavic Air shares a lot of similarities with both the DJI Spark and the Mavic Pro Platinum. Like those models, it’s a compact drone with a 12 megapixel camera and a handful of different flying and shooting modes. It’s not targeted toward professionals, but rather travelers, hobbyists or enthusiasts who might be buying their first drone for aerial photography and videography and aren’t satisfied with the Spark’s limited creative options.

Key Specs

  1. The ultraportable Mavic Air features high-end flight performance and functionality for limitless exploration
  2. 32 MP Sphere Panoramas
  3. Foldable & Portable
  4. 3-Axis Gimbal & 4K Camera
  5. 3-Directional Environment Sensing
  6. SmartCapture
  7. 21-Minute Flight Time

The DJI Phantom 4 drones   The Phantom 4 Advanced

The DJI Phantom 4 Advanced, DJI Mavic Air and the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is on top for the best new drones 2018 they are small yet powerful drones that turns the sky into your creative canvas easily and without any worry, helping you make every moment an aerial moment and a flight you will always remember.

Key Specs

  • Camera Resolution: 20 MP
  • Video Resolution: 4K at 60 FPS
  • Max Flight Time: 33 minutes
  • Max Speed: 49 mph (22 m/s) in ATTI mode, no wind
  • Notable Attributes: Dual-Operator Mode, Multiple Camera Systems
  • Weight (Battery & Propellers Included) 3.06 Pounds

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

dji-mavic-pro-drone-best-drones-for-2017The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is the upgrade from last years model, this drone is so much better. With 30 minutes flight time and a less noisy drone in the sky what could you ever ask for. It folds down as small as a bottle of water, making it small enough to bring with you everywhere. New OcuSync transmission system offers up to 4.3 miles (7km) of transmission range. Fly at up to 40mph (64kmh) or for as long as 30 minutes. Active-Track, TapFly and other smart features make professional looking video effortless. True 4K, fully stabilized ensures smooth footage. Obstacle Avoidance combined with sensor redundancy increases flight safety and reliability. Vision positioning paired with GPS and GLONASS ensures precise positioning indoor and outdoors.

Key Specs

  • Camera Resolution: 12MP
  • Video Resolution: 4K at 30 FPS
  • Max Flight Time: 27 minutes
  • Max Speed: 40 mph (65 kph) in Sport mode without wind
  • Notable Attributes: Portability, Battery Life

Mavic Pro, Mavic Air and Spark Controller Signal Booster Range Extender Foldable Parabolic Antenna Extender DJI Accessories

Mavic Pro, Mavic Air and Spark Controller Signal Booster Range Extender Foldable Parabolic Antenna Extender DJI AccessoriesDJI Mavic pro / Mavic Air / Mavic Pro Platinum / Spark signal booster  

Parabolic Technology: Accurate parabolic curved booster to make sure no any bump or deformation on the reflecting panel! Meanwhile completely reflects the remote signal to the antenna (the focal point of the reflector)

Made by top-quality copper and with mirror design, Effectively prevent oxidation and improve the reflect. Meanwhile foldable, no tools or modifications required, very easy to install and remove.

It significantly improves the transmitter and Wi-Fi video connection performance for DJI Mavic pro / Spark in the open area.

LIFETIME WARRANTY, If have any problems, please contact with THREE KING TECH directly, that will be dealt right now.[Please note: The drone & controller just for reference, not included!!!]

Aterox Lens Hood Sun Shade Upgrade Version Anti-Glare GimbAL Cover Camera Protector Accessories for DJI Mavic

 Aterox Lens Hood Sun Shade Upgrade Version Anti-Glare GimbAL Cover Camera Protector Accessories for DJI Mavic

This Mavic sunshade is a must have tool for all Mavic pilots, help you shoot professional quality images and video. Block the sun or other light source in order to prevent glare and lens flare.

Best Features:

  • Block the sun or other light source in order to prevent glare and lens flare
  • Acquire better aerial photos & videos
  • Protects the gimbal in the event of a crash
  • Injection molded with smooth surface
  • Very comfortable hand feeling
    Packaged included:
    1 x Lens Sunshade only

The Largest Memory Card for DJI drones 

The largest memory card for DJI Mavric Pro droneFor fast continuous burst mode shots, efficient post-production workflow, and high-performance video recording, get the DXC UHS-I card. With write speeds of up to 90MB/s (1) and read speeds of up to 95MB/s (1), professionals can maximize the potential of their advanced drone camera equipment. UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) (2) allows you to record in 4K Ultra HD (3), taking your videos to next-level resolution. With a storage capacity of 512GB, the SDXC UHS-I memory card delivers the uncompromising results that professional photographers demand.

The Best DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Landing Gear Height Protective Set

You will absolutely love this product. It add a lot of ground clearance totally enhancing your drones capabilities. With this fun little add on your drone can take off in grass and somewhat rocky terrain. It is supper compact when you take it off your drone. This product dose not compromise the structural integrity of your Mavic. The added ground clearance protects your drones gimbal so why bother with the bubble. I strongly recommend this product for anyone with a Mavic Pro or DJI Mavic Pro 2.

new-dji-inspire-2-best-drone-for-2017 DJI Inspire 2

Now DJI has another drone on their list, which make them the 900 pound giant in the world. There are several very powerful drones you can purchase which sit below the Dji Inspire 2 cost. The Dji Phantom 4 Pro Advance, Mavic Air and the Mavic Pro Platinum both offer good footage that would work for movie making also but only the DJI Inspire has it all in one package. So today the company is rolling out the Inspire 2, a new version of its high-end model, now aimed squarely at professional filmmakers. This is by far the best drone on the list but because of the price we gave it the third place. Drone 1 and 2 are very capable and ready to inspire as well.

Key Specs

  • Camera Resolution: 30MP in DNG RAW mode
  • Video Resolution: 5.2K at 30 FPS / 4K at 60 FPS
  • Max Flight Time: 27 minutes
  • Max Speed: 67 mph
  • Notable Attributes: Dual-Operator Mode, Two Cameras, Obstacle Avoidance

 Yuneec Typhoon H UHD 4K Collision Avoidance Hexacopter Drone with Battery and ST16 Controller

The Yuneec Typhoon H UHD The Typhoon H is a winner in our book. Have best in class features for it price range. Also provides capabilities for enthusiasts previously only found in high-end professional drones The Typhoon H is equipped with six rotors, a 360-degree gimbal camera and retractable landing gear with Yuneec’s standard of being ready out of the box, easy and safe to fly, with stunning Ultra HD 4K video and stills.  The 360-degree anti-vibration gimbal with the new CGO3+ camera allows unlimited panning for breathtaking Ultra High Definition 4K videos and 12 megapixel stills. The landing gear retracts during flight to seamlessly remove itself from the shot for unobstructed views.

Key Specs

  • Camera Resolution: 12.4MP
  • Video Resolution: 4K at 30 FPS
  • Max Flight Time: 25 minutes
  • Max Speed: 43.5mph (70km/h) in Follow Me mode
  • Notable Attributes: Hexacopter = better redundancy, Obstacle Avoidance, 360-degree camera

 DJI Phantom 4 My pick for best professional drone under $900.00 price range 

The dji phantom 4 proGood quality professional drones are pretty much of a rarity in the market these days. The DJI phantom 4 po is one of the latest products in the market. How good is it?

Key Specs

  • Camera Resolution: 12MP Adobe DNG RAW
  • Max Speed: 45 mph (20 m/s) in Sport mode
  • Weighs a total of 1380 grams
  • Max ascent speed of 6 m/s
  • Max descent speed of 4 m/s
  • Max speed of 20 m/s
  • Operating temperatures of 32-104 degree Fahrenheit
  • Max Flight Time is equal to approximately 28 minutes
  • Notable Attributes: Battery Life, Obstacle Avoidance, Flight Modes

Pros-One of the best aspects about this drone is the fact that it is extremely user-friendly in nature. The controls are simple enough to understand and operate. The drone is also very stable and flexible in comparison to other drones. Aesthetically, it is very appealing as well. The white coat of paint helps a great deal in that regard. Also, it has got one of the highest flight times one can ever ask for amongst all other drones in the market, This is the best drones for 2018.

Cons-There is no issues with the DJI phantom 4 

Final Verdict-To put in short, the DJI Mavic Drone and the DJI phantom 4 is probably the best drones in the market as far as flight time and video quality is concerned.

So, these are the best new drones out there on the market for you to buy. They have constantly received praise from users both online and off it. So if you are looking for the best new drones for 2018, you can always refer to this list for help.

 DJI Phantom 3 the best budget drone 

DJI Phantom 3 the best budget droneThe DJI phantom 3, just like its successor is one of the best quality drones in the market. How well does it match up compared to other drones of the same stature?

Key Specs

  • Total weight of the drone is equal to 1280 grams
  • Max ascent speed is equal to 5 m/s
  • Max descent speed is equal to 3 m/s
  • Operating temperature is from 32 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Max speed attainable is 16 m/s
  • Maximum image size – 4000 x 3000

Pros-Just like its successor, one of the best aspects of the DJI phantom 3 is the fact that it is simple to operate. Not only is that but its flight stability in the air also commendable and very steady. Video capturing is also extremely smooth and comes with 4K capturing technology. The drone also has a built-in GPS function as well along with automated flight modes and “return-to-home” mechanisms.

Cons-Battery life, unfortunately, is not that high and limits the total flight time. Edge distortion is also a bit of an annoyance.

Final Verdict-The bottom line is that the DJI phantom line provides one of the most refined flying experiences a person will ever experience on a drone. A must buy for someone looking for a good quality product but cannot afford the Dji Phantom 4 Pro.

Best New Drones Under $150 and .55 Pounds

Are you looking for the best drones under .55 pounds for 2018? Well you are at the right place. With the new FAA rules effective December 21, 2015. Any person who own a Drone or Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) over .55 pounds (lbs.) or under 55 lbs. must register their drone before fly out doors. People who do not register and get caught will face civil and criminal penalties.

Registration: Who must do it? A US Citizen or permanent resident 13 years of age or older.

Which Drone or UAS have to get registered?

Owner over 13 years of age or their parents, If the drone weighs over 0.55 lbs. and less than 55lbs.(25kg)  Registration fee $5 and you can register here.  Drone/UAS weighs over 55 lbs. must use a different registration process(Aircraft Registry Process)

In the year of 2015, remote controlled drones have seen a massive increase in popularity. While the reason for this sudden outbreak has been attributed to a lot of other factors, the fact that it is this way means that the market has changed quite a bit when it comes to electronics and electronic gadgets. You will find a lot of variety in these kinds of things in the market. From ones that cost around $100 to ones that are priced above $1000, you will find them all. And it’s not just down to the price range either. People but these drones based on a lot of things. One of them is weight.

So, if you are looking for the best new drones under $150 and .55 pounds, here are the Top 3 you can choose from for the best drones for 2017. 

 The Holy Stone X400C FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with Wifi Camera Live Video One Key Return Function Headless Mode 2.4GHz 4 Chanel 6 Axis Gyro RTF Left and Right Hand Mode Bundle with Goggles

Received 4.9 stars out of 5 in customer reviews, two colors to choose from

Best drone for beginners, Kids, 720HD live Camera and around $100.00

Holy Stone X400C FPV RC Quadcopter Drone Best Drone under $100Our #1 pick for Best New Drones under .55 pounds – This drone happens to be one of the most highly rated drones in the current market. It is one the highest rated products in Amazon with a whopping 75% of the total buyers rating it as a 5-star product. One of the best features of this product comes in the form of an easy-to-use flipping button that gives the controller an almost gamepad-like feel. This makes it easy for the user to make it fly. The video capturing resolution of this drone comes in at impressive 1280×720 pixels which are evidently better than the majority of the drones in the market at higher price. It also comes with 4 sensitivity mediums, bonus battery feature, 11 minutes flight time and a total of 12 blades. The drone is also equipped with a crash cage in order to protect it from damage. Has an extremely good 720HD camera. Comes with different flight modes (4 in total). The controls of this drone are easy-to-use which make it our pick for high quality drones for 2018 for around $150.

 DBPOWER UDI U818A WiFi FPV Quadcopter Drone Headless Mode with HD Camera with Battery

DBPOWER UDI U818A Received 4.7 stars out of 5 in customer reviews

Here is our second pick as best drone under .55 pounds. This is an awesome drone! This is the coolest, most awesome, bestest 😉 adult type toy I have ever bought under $130!!  This is by far 300 hundred times better than the other ones in the price range. The quality of the HD transmission is amazing. I use my Samsung Galaxy S6 and stream live video and take extremely amazingly unbelievable aerial shots of the house, my property and the neighborhood. My old drone only wished it could do all that. It is so easy to control and hover. I can do tricks and flips with it. This drone comes has a multi-axis gyro which makes it more stable and a lot easier to handle. It can fly super high, sometimes so high I feel like I’m going to lose control, but I don’t. It comes with two batteries, which is so unusual, but so awesome. You always seem to end up with a dead battery just when you’re having fun.

best drone 2017 Horizon Hobby Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter  Horizon Hobby Blade Nano QX RTF Quad-copter 

Received 4.5 stars out of 5 in customer reviews

#1 NANO Drone, No camera DRONE but best in class. Nano QX uses the SAFE technology system with sophisticated flight control software to keep itself stable in a hover while in stability mode. If you get in trouble, just let go of the sticks. The SAFE technology system will bring the Nano QX back to a hover all by itself. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can switch the SAFE system to agility mode for faster flying speeds and more maneuverability. SAFE stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope and is central to the performance of the Nano QX.

 SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera – Front-Mounted Camera with Video Function – Get a Bird’s Eye View of your Drone Flight – 6-Axis Stable Quad-copter – 3 Flying Levels – One Year Warranty   

Received 4.7 stars out of 5 in customer reviews

skeye best nano drone with cameraOur #1 pick for Best Nano Drone with Camera Since the SKEYE Nano Drone uses a direct controller rather than an app, you can fly it with far more precision than larger, more expensive models. Zip it around your living room, or take it outside. And thanks to the inbuilt camera, you’ll be able to see exactly what your drone sees.  Out-of-the-box ready: Charge up your drone with the included USB charging cable and get flying within 30 minutes. And with an inbuilt 300,000 pixel camera and included Micro SD card, you’re ready to start filming your flights right away. The journey of your drone flight can be re-lived seconds after landing!

Here is another good drone under .55 pounds for kids

DBPOWER UDI U845 Wi-Fi FPV UFO Quad-copter Drone with HD Camera 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Gyro RTF Low Voltage Alarm, Gravity Induction and Headless Mode Includes Bonus Battery 

Received 4.8 stars out of 5 in customer reviews

DBPOWER UDI U845 WiFi FPV UFO Quadcopter...droneThe DBPOWER UDI U845 series is perhaps one of the most well-known brands of drones in the market. It has won tons of awards and for good reason. The performance they deliver is absolutely incomparable. Perhaps the most impressive one among all of the others in the series is the DBPOWER UDI U845 HD drone with video capability. There are lots of other drones that capture video as well, but this one is capable of capturing HD 720p video footage. It also features the now well-known 6 axis controlling mechanism. It has an extremely impact resistant body as well and comes with a ‘uni-body’ design. The camera that comes attached with the drone is also removable thus allowing the user to do tricks and flicks with the drone.

 WiFi Camera: Achieve Real-time FPV by Connecting with IOS or Android via WiFi Real-time Video Transmission. best drone under 250 grams No FAA Registration Required

  • Gravity Induction Mode: Allows You to Fly the Drone Forward/backward/left/right in Correspondence to the Angle of the Mobile Phone
  • UFO Stylish Drone: Not Only Tough and Lightweight, but Also Safer and Easier to Fly
  • Headless Mode and One Key Return: Makes Easier Flight and Better Control, No Worry about Drone Missing
  • Easy Safe Fun to Fly: The Headless Mode, One Key Return, Low Voltage Alarm, Very fast charging time: 50 mins,
    Playing time: 9 mins, 360° Flips Function Ensure You Fly at Ease, Fun and Safe, No Worry about the Drone Fly Away.

When it comes to the best new drones under $150 for 2018, this is a great choice to put on your check-list.

The Best Micro SD Cards for DronesThe Best Micro SD Cards for Drones

Ideal for professionals looking to maximize post-production workflow

  • Read speeds of up to 95MB/s; write speeds of up to 90MB/s
  • UHS speed Class 3 (U3) and video speed Class 30 (V30) for 4K UHD video
  • Shock-proof, temperature-proof, waterproof, and x-ray-proof
  • Lifetime limited Warranty