Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for DJI Smart Controller

Do you want to keep your smart controller safe? Keep reading. Finding the best-tempered glass screen protectors for DJI Smart Controller is just the first step. Whether you like to take your DJI Smart Controller with you daily, or someone who only enjoys scrolling through your features at home before flying, obtaining a protective coating such as a tempered glass display protector will save your bright smart controller display from blasting and shattering into a thousand heart-breaking pieces.dji_cp_ma__smart_controller_glass-protector1452609

Here are a few tempered glass screen protectors to remember if you want to keep your smart control secure!

Skyreat 2-Pack Screen Protector Compatible DJI Smart Controller, 9H Hardness Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass for Mavic 2 Smart Controller61hlLU6QceL._SL1500_Skyreat 2-Pack Display Protector Compatible DJI Smart Controller, 9H Hardness Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass for Mavic Two Smart Controller

Whenever some screen protectors may muddle the appearance of your display.

The Tempered Glass Screen Protector includes 99.9% transparency. If you are concerned about having problems with touch sensitivity and your own DJI not working, you won’t need to be concerned about using the Skyreat Protector, possibly!

What I like about the Skyreat Screen Protector for the DJI Smart Controller

  • Display protector specifically designed to Get DJI Smart Controller Made from 9H hardness tempered glass, so It’s firm enough to Stop scratches, Crack and Scrape.
  • Protect the screen of your DJI Smart Controller, and prevent spending additional money to fix cell phone displays.
  • Just 0.2mm thick keeps the first touch encounter. Ultra-thin & Higher Transmittance, Nondestructive Picture Quality Accurate Size, Totally Match.
  • Simple to Install self-adhesive silicone matches your DJI Smart Controller screen quite well.

What Do You Get?

The bundle comprises two protective films; accessories and devices in pictures aren’t included.

Jesykin Intelligent Controller Screen Protector 9H Film for DJI Smart Controller 41Sz+qCdP0LJesykin Intelligent Screen Protector 9H Film for DJI Smart Controller

Jesykin Intelligent Controller Screen Protector guarantees complete transparency and 0.3-millimeter thickness, allowing for zero reduction of connected sensitivity and a rigid surface to resist scratches and dents. There is also an oil-resistant coating to keep fingerprints to a minimum.

3 things that I like about the Screen Protector for the Smart Controller

  1. This 9H Hardness screen protector can efficiently protect your smart control from unwanted scuffs and scratches by knives, keys, and a few other hard substances.
  2. Easy installation. Bubble-Free Adhesive makes it easy to install.
  3. It was made specifically to get DJI Smart Controller.

What do you Get?

Packing Include: 1 x 9H Smart Controller Film Set. DJI Smart Controller isn’t included.

How to install a screen protector on your DJI Smart Controller Remote

To install a screen protector, you generally clean your screen using a wet wipe and a fabric, then join the screen protector into the remote display. The screen protector has to be positioned correctly; therefore, it matches your controller screen. You want to ensure there aren’t any flaws on the display since it will create air bubbles beneath the protector ( most can typically be eliminated and re-attached). Since all manufacturers are different, follow the package instructions for the best result.

The last effect is a device using a glass display protector that’s often hardly visible and will absorb shocks and scratches rather than the remote transmitter screen itself. If it breaks, removing the screen protector is simpler than replacing the controller display.

However, what about the Smart Controller glass?

Skyreat display protectors function somewhat like an airbag or a bicycle helmet; they’ll absorb the shock from an effect, but they do not protect against what. Sadly, when an effect is significant enough, it will break both your display protector and your device’s display. But you are still better shielded with a display protector fitted than without one. And to return to the debate of relying on your device’s glass: At a vehicle or bicycle crash, your muscles will safeguard your organs to a level – but you’re better off having an airbag or a bicycle helmet than without.

In addition, your screen display is more prone to scratches since you use it anywhere, every day. It’s set in your pocket or handbag collectively with keys, jewelry, etc. It may get scratched by a few grains of sand into your pocket.

It may not occur – but employing a display protector ensures you don’t have to substitute the display due to scratches growing over time. So, What is the best Mavic Smart Controller Case and Neck Strap?

So, do you need a screen protector for your Mavic 2 drone controller?

It depends entirely on you. A screen protector isn’t unbreakable and won’t protect your device from everything. However, it will add a layer of security to the remote, which, in turn, can help avoid costly screen repairs along with a scratched touch screen. After all, it is easier (and cheaper) to replace a screen protector when compared to a DJI Smart Controller display.