Dji Phantom V Rumors- Everything you need to know!

It is already April, so there are quite a lot of rumors about the DJI Phantom V Pro. DJI has newly developed a few compact drones named DJI spark and Mavic Air. It has grabbed a lot of attention from the crowd in the drone industry. DJI Phantom 5 V was pushed back due to various reasons. However, there are rumors about the Phantom 5 and its stunning features. You can find a lot of information online about the Phantom 5 and its features. DJI has left no stone unturned when it comes to features and updates.DJI Phantom V Pro

What are the Sweet Rumours?

Everyone is excited about the flying capabilities of the new upcoming DJI Phantom V. It has been updated to new speed and height. Phantom V is very fast when it comes to height because it can ascent at 6 meters in every 20 feet. Apart from the flying capabilities, there are the whole bunch of slots and connectivity options, i.e. micro USB and memory card slot. You shall love the new gimbal along with a new 360 degree rotatable camera. Phantom V will be available in various color options including white and black.

DJI will not take more than a month to reveal Phantom 5 pro. There are many leaks and rumors about the specifications of the Phantom 5. It is also rumored to be fasted drone in the phantom line-up because of the advanced propellers. When it comes to drone DJI is the first name that comes to your mind. There might be additional six changes to the final model over the preceding model. When the Phantom 5 pro hits the market, it will be sold like hot cake.

What are the expected upgrades?

  • It is a quad-model drone with advanced features.
  • The flight time and range have been increased.
  • There is a new tracking system.
  • You will love the new obstacle sensor and remote with LCD.
  • There will be a new or more flight mode with a full 4K camcorder.

How to start the next generation Drone?

DJI Phantom V pro is rumored to have a new start-up system called in-air-active mode. It will help you to start your Phantom V by throwing the drone into the air. It is one of the coolest features in a drone. You may find a similar feature in DJI spark. However, this new launching system is better than previous one. There will be four powerful motors to achieve high altitude without losing in the speed department.

What is the rumor on the battery of Phantom V pro?

Most of the people are not happy with the flight time of their existing drone. Phantom V pro is one of the drones with 30 minutes of constant fly time. It will come with 1.2 lithium polymer batteries for such long flying duration. The new batteries will give you constant power to the system without a breakthrough. Phantom V pro can give you amazing time-lapse, still photographs and HD videos for 30 minutes.

Phantom V pro will have the longest flight time in the Phantom line-up. The best part is that there will be support for fast charging so one can fuel-up the battery under one hour. However, the rumor mill also claims that the batteries can be fully charged within 30 minutes. It will be spectacular to have longer flight time with reduced charging time in a drone. You can have amazing cinematic shots with the drone camera. There will be an integrated braking system to stop even at the high-speeds.

What will be the cameras in DJI Phantom V pro?

When it comes to Drone cameras, the Phantom pro will have one of the smoothest cameras on the market. There are many rumors and leaks on the camera system. The rumor mill suggests there will be a new camera that can rotate 360 degrees without any problem. Apart from that, there will be a fine gamble to stabilize your videos. You can shoot super smooth videos even at 50mph without any jitteriness or shaky output. The new camera will shoot crystal clear photos and videos.

Phantom V pro may bring new delight to your videos and photos even in the low light moment. There will be support for 4k recording, [email protected], and more recording modes. You can use Phantom V for surveillance purpose at the different moment. The videos will be super stable because of the 360-degree gimble. You can capture stunning pictures of birds, sunsets, lands and more. There is a rumor of new sensor in the camera to eliminate the pixelation. It will be very sensitive to the low light environment.

What will be expected features in Phantom V drone?

  • DJI Phantom V pro is expected to have a 22-megapixel camera for static pictures.
  • You would love to use all new 360-degree gimbal for stable videos and pictures.
  • There will be built-in software to process the audio and videos in the system.
  • There will be dual compass sensor for advanced navigation while in the air.
  • The best part is that it can fly up to 55 miles per hour.

What are the new flight modes?

There are a lot of rumors about the flight mode of the DJI Phantom V pro. It is supposed to launch with multiple flight modes along with a new mode. You can always switch between modes by using the controllers. There will be two new flying modes one is tap-to-fly another is thrown to fly. There is a new mode called sports mode. The new modes are very helpful in the different situation. You can always control the speed by using the remote in different scenarios.

DJI Phantom V pro is rumored to have a new tap to fly mode. It will use dedicated AI system to act like auto-pilot in a drone. However, you have to tap the controller for two times to active the auto-pilot feature. Phantom V pro will automatically avoid obstacles in the path in this mode. The dedicated sports mode will help you to fly authentically. There will be support for full-fledged manual mode so users can control everything from the drone.phantom-v-dji-drone

What is new in the obstacle Sensor?

The Rumor mill says that there will be a new 360-degree obstacle sensor. Obstacle sensor plays an important role when it comes to flying drone. Phantom V pro will have infrared sensors on the top and bottom of the body so it can senses the obstacles from either direction. It can sense 16ft below as well as 16ft above and act according to the program. The best part is that you can disable the sensor in manual mode. It is always active in the auto-pilot mode.

What is the about the new transmitter?

Most of the people are not happy with the live streaming quality of the drone because of the poor quality transmitter. Phantom V pro is said to have a new transmitter with increased range and streaming quality. It will be better than that of Phantom 4’s. You can live stream the videos even from 5 miles away without getting any distortion in the signal. There is a dedicated altitude mode to activate the transmitter.

How will be the anti-collision feature?

An anti-collision feature of the DJI drones is a trademark; in the case of Phantom V, it is even better. The new Phantom V pro will have a new 360-degree obstacle sensing system, unlike DJI spark. The Spark model has an anti-collision sensor to the front and back. There will be no damage to the drone from any direction. There will be a dedicated AI system to improve leaps and bounds. It is also rumored to have decreased weight in DJI Phantom V pro.

Apart from the existing modes, there will be few new modes along with the existing modes. You would love to use auto return, auto takeoff and more. It will enhance your drone flying experience. It is also rumored to have an improved GPS system with dual compass sensor for easy navigation. You will love auto car tracking feature and tap to fly mode of the upcoming DJI phantom V pro.

What are the confirmed upgrades on DJI Phantom V pro?

  • There will be a new companion app with improved software support.
  • You can instantly connect and share photos as well as videos to your Smartphone.
  • It is confirmed to have built-in software to edit videos and photos on-the-go.
  • You shall love the dual compass sensor for quick and convenient navigation.
  • There will be the integration of AI on the flight modes and auto-pilot mode.
  • DJI Phantom V pro will have a new auto tracking feature. It can track human, car and small objects with 100% precision. You need to enable follow-me mode from the controller.
  • There will be minor updates on the remote along with a new LCD. You can fly the drones in poor lit areas because of the LED lights.

What is a rumor about the speed and flight time of the DJI Phantom V pro?

There are certain rumors about the flight time and speed of the Phantom V pro. It is expected to have increased flight time because of the DJI trend. However, Phantom V will have increased speed; it can reach up to 72kmph without any problem. You have to enable sports mode to access the top speed. There will be a minor design change so that the drone can achieve such speed in seconds.

Apart from the updates on the body, you can see major changes in speed and flight time. Phantom V pro will have increased flight time because of the high capacity battery. You may see foldable arms on Phantom V pro along with foldable propellers. Foldable propellers are very helpful when it comes to transportation. There will be a new and improved motor for the fast and quiet flight experience. The new motor is rumored to have quite an action, unlike the previous generation drones.

Update on the general design

There will be no revolutionary change in the design of the drone. However, you can see minor changes including foldable arms. The new 360-degree gimbal is placed in the right position; you can rotate the camera in any direction. It is way better than the two-axis gimbal of the Inspire 2. The Phantom V pro can have fixed field of view camera for a lightweight design. It is a good move when it comes to saving costs.

When it comes to increasing flight time, it requires increased battery capacity and large propellers. Phantom V pro will have such update that is why it will be very agile and responsive. DJI claims to have more than 30 minutes of fly time without any break. The best part is that the camera can mode any direction without any problem. You don’t have to mount the additional camera on the drone because of the additional 4K support on the camera. There will be additional 10 minutes of fly time.

What should you know about the upcoming Phantom 5 pro?

If you are a tetchiest or technology freak, then you must be waiting for the upcoming drone. The new Phantom V pro will replace the Phantom 4 because of the modern features. It is the best drone when it comes to fly time. The Phantom V will ship with a new remote with a bright LCD. There will be increased range via a new and improved transmitter. However, you can use the old remote to control the Phantom V pro.


There will be a new app for a smartphone to control the DJI Phantom V pro. You can use this app for all upcoming drones. It will offer similar features based on the drones model. Phantom V pro will have major updates because of the supreme hardware. There are many rumors based on the DJI’s history. However, some of the predictions can go wrong. You would love to see innovative features in the upcoming DJI phantom V pro-drone. The rumor suggests that there will be major to a minor update.