What are the best drones of 2016 in the market?



The popularity of drones is something that has risen immensely in the past few years. The best drones of 2016 further enhance their popularity in the current market. Most of them are multi rotors with a good mixture of quad-copters in them as well. While they are different technically, most people like to refer to them as ‘drones’ in general.

So regardless of the kind of drone that you are looking for yourself, you are sure to find one that perfectly suits your needs here on this list. Do keep in mind that all of the drones mentioned in this list has been picked by their quality, features and the ease with which you can use them. So without further ado, here are best drones released in the year of 2016.

The best drones of 2016 #1, The DJI Phantom 4

When it comes to camera drones, you have a lot of choices in the market. However, the most innovative creation by far happens to be the DJI Phantom 4. It has all the good qualities one would expect of their drones. It is fast in speed, is reliable in use and is capable of streaming videos in full HD quality. Setting the whole thing up is also very straightforward and easy to do.

Some of the main features include:

  • The addition of 3D cameras along with new computer hardware for mapping out the environment.
  • Features for avoiding obstacles in the path of the drone in a more efficient manner.
  • Better maneuvering for fast and responsive controls.
  • Long battery life is spanning from 22 to 28 minutes.
  • Comes with a companion mobile application.
  • It has a visual tracking technology for things and subjects on the front.
  • Propellers which have a quick-release system.
  • It comes with a flight simulator for initial flying lessons.best drones of 2016

And it is not just this brilliant set of features which sets it apart from the other drones out there. It’s sleek, and stylish design also has a few things to say about that. It is without question very well made. It is not only ‘cool’ to look at, but each and every part that has been designed for it is functional in some way or the other. Such is the elegance of this product.

The best drones of 2016 #2, The DJ Inspire 1

It is one of those drones which are capable of making you fall in love with it at first glance. And that mainly boils down to its design features. Its design is one of its fundamental aspects and the people who developed it have made it look like something straight out of a science fiction movie. Regarding professional usage, this is the drone that fits those criteria the best.

The DJ Inspire 1 can be best described as an upgraded version of the Phantom 3. Everything it is capable of doing, the DJ Inspire 1 does it better. It is twice a bigger, has a better design quality and is significantly faster than its counterpart. As far as its features care concerned, here are some of the key ones:

  • The best feature of this drone is its 4K resolution camera which can be independently controlled from the drone.
  • Comes in two varieties, one of which has a superior image quality compared to the other.
  • It also features 13 different stops for using dynamic ranging.
  • Comes with lenses that are interchangeable in nature and have sensors eight times the quality of an average drone.
  • Also, features a 500GB storage device for keeping all the raw 4K footage captured.

This is without question one of the best drones of 2016 for professionals who want to capture aerial footage and videos. Anyone who is in a field of research and 3D mapping will find the most applications for this device. It is definitely worth looking into if you too want something of this sort.

The best drones of 2016 #3, The Parrot Bebop

When searching for the best drones of 2016, if you are looking for something a bit more technologically advanced compared to the average drone, and then the Parrot Bebop will satisfy all of your needs. It is a lot like the AR Drone, which is also a powerful piece of technology to be fair. The Parrot Bebop is its smaller and smarter counterpart.

One of the best features of this drone is the fact that you can control it using an Android Device or an iPhone. This is also accompanied by a Sky-Controller option which enables you to have joystick controls and many other things. And it just doesn’t end there either. Some of the other key features of this drone include:

  • It comes with an extended range, compared to previous models in this series.
  • It has a full HDMI output setup.
  • The camera comes with a full 14 Megapixel capacity that has an FOV (Field Of View) of 180 degrees, just like the human eye.
  • The lens is a fisheye lens with a high-quality sensor.
  • Capable of recording videos at full 1080p qualities.
  • It has an onboard storage of 8 Gigabytes.

While it is definitely not a professional drone by any stretch of the imagination, it is definitely a well-made product that serves well as a ‘cool gadget’. It is something that you can think of gifting to your relative or anyone else interested in such things. Definitely worthy of checking out if you are into cool gadgets and technology and have the money to make way for it.


The reasons why people purchase drones differ from individual to individual. It has a lot to do with their needs and their demands as well. The above list compiles the 3 best drones that this calendar year has seen so far with respect to all their features and functionalities. So the next time you want to buy a drone for yourself, make sure that you check out and read this ‘best drones of 2016′ list before making a final purchase.