The Best DJI Osmo Pocket Waterproof Case and Accessories

To find a terrific selection of 2019 DJI Osmo Pocket Waterproof Cases, Housings, and underwater filter choices. Whether searching for the best all-around Osmo scuba diving, or one that will work for snorkeling, We can accomplish it all. We’ll talk about the best watertight case for the DJI Osmo Pocket, color correction filters, and accessory lenses to fulfill your underwater objectives and budget.

Osmo Pocket Waterproof Diving Case

Does the Osmo Pocket Camera need a watertight case?

YES, Provided that all camera doors are shut, these cameras are watertight just for splashes with-out no housing. If you need to dive, you can use a waterproof case, allowing the use of your camera as deep as 60m.

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Is the DJI Osmo Pocket Waterproof without a case?

Sorry but no, the Osmo Pocket is not waterproof at all. But, DJI and other companies made a few watertight casing for this, which will permit the utilization of Osmo Pocket at depths of up to 60m for smooth underwater shots, comprehensive close-ups, and clear low-light detail. If you require, you can purchase the waterproof housing independently.

11 Way to Utilize DJI Osmo Pocket Watertight Diving Case and Tips Using Aquatic Accessories

Here you will learn the way to utilize Osmo Pocket Camera underwater. These underwater strategies and accessories can allow you to take great underwater shots straight away. Before you venture out on the next experience, have a few minutes to review these strategies.

1. Clean the gasket

Be sure there isn’t any dirt on the rubber gasket. To make certain, you obtain a fantastic seal, be sure the backdoor is fully pushed into the home, before clamping the knob.

2. Clean the lens

Require a moment before closing the situation and be sure there are no dust or fingerprints onto your camera lens. And do not neglect to confirm the home lens too (indoors and outside ).

3. Ascertain your submerged configurations

I utilize two configurations, based on which I wish to catch: Video and Timelapse. For the point of the movie (POV), I propose the 4k SuperView in 80fps. For photos, I use time-lapse. I suggest shooting at the maximum resolution at one picture every 0.5 or Here is about Osmo configurations.

4. Utilize a lens filter to fix the shade

Though it may not make sense initially, a red lens filter will make your underwater footage appear far better. You will want a red filter in blue water along with a magenta filter from green water. See some individual recommendations below. I have had great success shooting critters underwater using an easy selfie stick.

5. Maintain your topic at least 12 inches off

Unless you are using a macro lens, you’re going to want to maintain your topic a minimum of 12 inches out of your glass. Any closer and it’ll be blurry.

6. Take using the sun at your back

With no flash, it is pretty tough to find a fantastic shot shooting to the sun — no matter where you are shooting.

7. Thoroughly wash off the home in new water (particularly after swimming in saltwater)

You need to clean the home in clean water thoroughly. Salt may have a synergistic impact — and the last thing you will want is to get a damaged/weakened situation or gasket.

8. Prevent fogged-up camera casing

Anti-fog inserts will absorb some humidity from the atmosphere. With no specific inserts, the humidity can condense on the inner surface of the situation, particularly about the lens. This induces a fog-ring and lots of unsatisfactory pictures.

9. Forget about WiFi

WiFi even though you can utilize your Osmo WiFi underwater (using the proper WiFi extension cable) it is not simple.

10. Utilize a dome port:

A dome port is perfect for shooting those unbelievable half-submerged Osmo Pocket photographs. By transferring the water away from the lens, then you are ready to find a picture revealing both above and beneath the sea.

11. Avoid water drops in your lens:

Once you surface, you’re probably going to need to keep shooting. If you are not careful, you are likely to get bizarre, face-distorting water droplets in your lens — destroying all of your footage. It is a surprisingly easy fix.

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People here are my suggestions about the best way best to utilize Osmo underwater. Okay, today we are going to think about a few fantastic Osmo Pocket camera accessories which will enhance your underwater photographs and videos.