The DJI Osmo Pocket Camera Is Here To Meet Your Expectation, Do The GoPro Hero Black Have A Chance?

How can you catch moments worth keeping? As the smallest 3-axis stabilized camera DJI that are handheld has ever designed, any moment turns into a memory that is cinematic. In seconds, Osmo Pocket camera allows you to share your life anywhere, anytime.

The time to start a new revolution is now. We were waiting for the New Phantom 5 and the new DJI Osmo Pocket Camera, which would result in a not so bad start to 2019 for DJI’s fans, or is it likely even more budget-friendly. I was right because I have my money is on Osmo Pocket camera first then the DJI Phantom 5. So to start out the year right will not be so expensive for most drone fans.DJI-Osmo-Pocket-is-heresudiuu833hr v

The New DJI Osmo Pocket Camera is Here, can it beat out the GoPro Hero7 BLACK?

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Will the Osmo Pocket Camera be a competition for the GoPro Hero7 Black?

Yes for sure, why wouldn’t it, this is why DJI is coming out with something for everyone. If you don’t like flying drones, but like taking pictures or film movies. They have something for you as well.

How much does the Osmo Pocket Hand-held Gimbal Camera Cost?

Osmo-Pocket-medium_b5b219e9-6464-4671-b114-f423f5d9dc85 The DJI Pocket Camera has hit the sweet spot on pricing at $349.00 below the GoPro Hero7 Black pricing at $397.00 on Amazon. I was for sure that DJI was going to come below the $397.00 Hero7 Black with this Osmo Pocket? The last time DJI released such a small device it was $129.00, but this pocket camera is at a new level.

Osmo Pocket Specs:

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • 4K 60fps Video
  • Mechanical Stabilization
  • Intelligent Shooting
  • 140-min Battery Life
  • Expansive Accessories

In the Box

  1. 1 Osmo Pocket Camera
  2. 1 Cover
  3. 1 Smart Phone Adapter lighting
  4. 1 Smart Phone Adapter USB-C
  5. 1 Power Cable

The Osmo Pocket Body

The camera body, from the looks of it, will be tiny. The Screen can be on the grip right under the gimbal. It is sure the screen is going to be a touchscreen, so you’ll have the ability to browse the UI with your finger and not buttons.

Does the Osmo Pocket Camera come with an SD Card in the box?

Osmo Pocket doesn’t include any SD cards from the box. Please purchase separately.

How about the Camera Size and Specs?

The Osmo Pocket camera did not feature a 3/4 to a 1-inch detector as I thought initially, but a 1/2.3 inch sensor, video 4k-60fpv,  and 12 megapixels, as we can see on DJI drones previously. The overall size of the camera is 4.799″/121.9mm x 1.126″/28.6mm x 1.453″/36.9mm and weigh in at 0.256 pounds or 116g.

A Tradition of Breaking the Mold

Osmo Pocket boldly embodies the DJI approach to modern technology. The candy bar-sized device was made to be as convenient as your smartphone, wallet, and other daily essentials to offer everything you need for shake-free footage in any situation.

Mechanical Gimbal

DJI’s engineers developed a micro-scale manufacturing process to achieve the smallest 3-axis gimbal in DJI history. This miniaturized mechanical stabilization platform and brushless motor always deliver fine-tuned gimbal control accuracy.

The new Mechanical Gimbal, engineers developed a production process to get the smallest gimbal in DJI history. Motor and this mechanical stabilization platform deliver gimbal control precision.

DJI says the Osmo Pocket embodies the DJI approach. The candy apparatus was created to be as easy as wallet the smartphone, and other essentials to give everything you will need for footage in almost any circumstance.

Using Noiseless Cooling Systems, for performance that is silent, Osmo Pocket takes advantage of a fanless cooling system that dissipates heat ensuring durability and consistent operation.

How about using your IOS and Android Phone with your Osmo Pocket?

We will get a Lightning and USB-C connector. That will give you the option to use your cell phone as a screen that is bigger and it also for charging on the move.

The Record Button and The Mode Button are in the bottom. As we had with the Osmo Mobile 2 mode button will be used to change modes and control the gimbal.How about using your IOS and Android Phone with your Osmo Pocket 7281fdbc-42ee-453a-b68f-86b7bff21c25

Which Is Better, the GoPro Hero7 Black or Osmo Pocket Camera?

Honestly, even though DJI would like you to believe that this is a Hero 7 Black killer, I believe both of these cameras are each in their own special category. The GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition will be ideal for getting intense action shots just as you see in these GoPro advertising videos. For everyday videos, vlogs, travel, cinematic short movies, that is where I think the Osmo Pocket will be better. I believe I would go with the Osmo Pocket, then get the GoPro on if I had to choose one as my camera.

Both of these cameras have some distinctive features that set them apart from one another, and at the day’s end, if I could I would purchase both these cameras. The Hero 7 Black gives you that super video quality, and a super durable body. The Osmo offers you better stabilization, more cinematic field-of-view control, super video quality, a slightly lower price.