The DJI Smart Controller Adjustable Extension Sticks

This DJI Smart Controller extension stick is such a game-changer, the difference is like night and day. Sure, the originals are ok but these are really 3 times better, precisely machined! The feel is wonderful, adjustable height maxed from the original height.  They are really really responsive.Remote Controller Stick Thumb Rocker, Metal Joystick Protector for DJI Mavic Smart Controller 51wTdIwOYkL._SL1000_

Remote Controller Stick Thumb Rocker, Metal Joystick Protector for DJI Mavic Smart Controller

Which Drone are they good for?

Appropriate for any Mavic 2 Smart Controller Transmitters, made to be removable, rotate and combine them on the remote control. Made from premium metal, which will be a durable and ideal replacement for the previous controller rocker. Preventing your hands from slipping and offer more precision and sensitivity throughout the joystick span controlling.

How easy is the Adjustable Extension Stick to install?

Quite simple to install and use.  I adore the color scheme on the stick and also the adjustment is simple to use.  To put it differently, it was ideal and for the cost it was perfect.  I would strongly suggest those sticks for your Mavic Smart Controller or any future Drone they may bring to market.

What is it made of and best features?

  • Net weight: 3.5 grams / group.  Simple to install and remove, anti-skid layout
  • Material: Aluminum alloy, comfy with really good hands feeling to substitute broken thumb rocker
  • Detachable design: easy to use and save (you’re able to rotate and join them on the smart remote control when in use, and set them in the committed groove once the mobile device moves are summoned for storage)

What do you get?

Bundle Contains, 2 times Joystick Rod

How to install the DJI Smart Controller Extension Stick

How to install the DJI Smart Controller Extension Stick 61aILN62I0L._SL1000_First Adjust the height of the Smart controller Remote Rod. Second, tighten the remote rod. Third, tighten the rod on the DJI smart controller and you are ready to fly.

What is a Joystick for the DJI Smart Remote Control and other Devices?

A joystick is an input apparatus composed of a pole that pivots to a foundation and reports its own angle or path into the DJI Smart Controller device it’s controlling.  A joystick is also referred to as a controller expansion stick, which is your principal control device from the cockpit of your drone aircraft, either as a center stick or side-stick.  It often has supplementary buttons to control several aspects of the drone flight. Joysticks are often used to not only control drones but also aircraft, video games, and generally, have more push-buttons whose condition can also be read by the computer.  A popular variant of the control rocker used on modern video game consoles is your analog stick.  Joysticks are also used for controlling machines like cranes, trucks, and underwater unmanned vehicles, wheelchairs, surveillance cameras, along with zero turning radius lawnmowers.  Mini finger-operated joysticks have been embraced as an input apparatus for smaller electronic equipment like UAVs.