Autel Evo Drone: How Competent Is It To The Mavic Pro?

The Autel Evo drone is a new quadcopter that is going to give fierce competition to the DJI Mavic 2 drone. Capable of shooting 4k at 60 frames a second, the drone has a flight time of 30 minutes. This article will give you a brief idea whether the Autel drones stand ahead of the DJI drones or not!
What is Autel Evo Drone

What is Autel Evo Drone?

The Evo drone by Autel is a lot more similar to the DJI Mavic counter drones. However, it is a lot heavier and sturdy as compared to other drones of same features. The Evo drone has impeccable engineering. The drone uses camera and sensors on all the four sides of the drones to avoid any obstacles in the path. The sensors help to create a 2D and 3D map for obstacle avoidance system. Unlike other drones, the Evo drones do not get halt when sensing any obstacles; instead, it creates a path and moves on.

In comparison to Mavic pro, Evo has rear facing IR obstacle sensor that helps the drone to keep moving on a new obstacle-free path.

Obstacle Sensor

Below is a complete list of obstacle sense in the Autel Evo drone

  • Primary forward camera in the drone
  • Stereo camera for forwarding obstacle avoidance
  • Downward camera
  • Sensors in the bottom of the drone
  • IR rear obstacle
  • GPS

The camera built

The camera in Autel Evo drone is quite impressive as compared to the Mavic counterparts. The Evo drone camera rests on three axis gimbal that uses 3.5 mm lens. The view field is almost 94 degrees that is more than any other drones available in the market. There is an OLED screen that helps in screening the live videos. Thus, you do not require connecting the drone to your smartphone.


  • Speed is 20mtrs per second
  • Flight time is 30 minutes uninterrupted.
  • The 4-way obstacle avoidance system
  • 3.3” OLED screen for live screening
  • 4.2mi range
  • Intelligent flight features controlled by Autel explorer app

Autel Evo Drone in comparison to Mavic Pro Platinum

  • Evo drone is integrated with an OLED display to give you a live screening without connecting to the smartphone. However, this facility is not there for the Mavic proof.
  • Evo drone has an advantageous edge in the flight time and the range, whereas Mavic pro, is more affordable and portable.
  • The Mavic pro manufacturers are more experienced in developing the software and the firmware, whereas the Evo is just a newbie that needs to be explored.
  • The Autel Evo drone is more significant in size and sturdier as compared to the Mavic drones.
  • Autel Evo drones are competent to give you 60 frames per second as compared to the Mavic which is still limited to 30 FPS

The final verdict

There is no doubt that you can count on the experience of the DJ manufacturers, but Autel Evo is leaving no stones unturned to give a fierce competition as well. The drones that have high camera frames and foldable at the same time is portable and easy to carry anywhere. With excellent customer care and impeccable image quality, you may want to buy an Autel Evo drone.