Battery charger and its wide application in different purpose

Why battery chargers, In the present era, you can’t live without electricity. You always need power to run any kind of machine in your daily usage. If you’re TV fan, light, phone and all other electrical items need energy to run. Some of the items which are needed to carry or run the required battery to give uninterrupted power source. Now to charge the battery, you also need a battery charger.

What is a battery charger?

best drone battery chargerA battery charger is an instrument which is needed to give energy to the rechargeable battery cell. The electric current is given into the battery throw it. There are few things about the charger. The individual device needs different voltage and current rating for charging the battery as well as a battery charger.

A battery charger is specified by the time of charging and the device type. There is an instrument of different size which needs below to high power. So, the charger will be changed according to that condition.

Different chargers

There are various battery chargers on the market, and those are mention below.

·       Simple battery charger– it gives constant dc supply as constant current or voltage to the battery like a lead-acid battery.

·       Inductive charger– It uses the electromagnetic induction system to charge devices of less required power like an electric toothbrush.

·       Intelligent charger– it charges batteries like Ni-Cd, NiMH battery by examining its charge, temperature and voltage state and then charges it.

·       Solar charger– it converted light to DC current and stored in the battery to give voltage supply different instruments.

·       Trickle charger– In most of the vehicles, this charger is used where after a certain time the battery is disconnected from the charging circuit.

·       Universal battery charger– this type of battery charger can be used to charge any kind of item.

Battery must be charged carefully. Some of the battery chargers may cause damage to the battery due to overcharging. Be careful about the device and its charging specifications.