Why you need a 20-megapixel photograph

What does a 20-megapixel photograph buy you? Look, I am not saying you should not have a camera capable of creating a 20mp picture if you want or need you. But I believe I am assuming many people have accepted the premise that we need this type of camera without thinking much about why.

20-megapixel photograph

If you are a full time professional and use the extra pixels There are three instances you may need them:

First, sometimes commercial customers require it. Even though my logic and understanding state that lower will do they just put conditions in place to which I have to comply.

Secondly, when processed well, portraits and wedding shots have that little bit of extra quality and sharpness which means your photos rise above the mundane. Although I believe that’s mainly to do with the glass, instead of the pixel count, anything that helps is great with me!

Third, the ability to extract an excellent shot when you will need to crop away 14mp of extraneous’ goings-on’!

Typically inside a wedding, there are scores of guests that will never go where you’d hope and so grab the best candid shots can often mean getting rid of them after the event. To have the ability to choose the shot very fast, without needing to worry about perfect framing is invaluable. As soon as you crop and resize them all to the same maximum dimensions the client receives the impression you are a genius!