How to Build a Sky Bridge to Fly Drones

This will be a well and behold sight, The sky bridge will be at least 125 meters long, and 1.8 meters wide (the middle section has a larger walkway), with two steel railings in addition to steel wire mesh on each side. It’s designed as a curved walkway to maximize the viewing experience of this UAV, supplying shifting view as a visitor walks across the bridge.

The walkway, formed of concrete and steel panels placed on top of an inverted triangular truss, joins two hilltops in Gunung Mat Chinchang. The first 25m of this bridge is straight, after 3 curved 25m segments, then a closing straight 25m section. At each end of the walkway, the bridge has a 3.6m-wide triangular screening platform which functions as resting and viewing areas for visitors. The pylon is anchored on a concrete pad set at an altitude of 604.5m, and its suggestion attained 686m above sea level. It’s inclined at angles of 78° and two ° in 2 directions and supported by two wires.

The Building of this Drone Testing Sky Bridge

The bridge will be pre-fabricated, and segments will then lifted to the peak of the structure using helicopters, and the whole bridge assembled in its present position by the pylon. Helicopters were used in the erection of the pylons and the main part of this deck, later decks segments, however, were constructed using more traditional working cable and winch system. The bridge will be done built in 11 months. It will be opened to the general public in February 2020.

A New Drone Platform will be Built in 2021 Linking SkyGlide using the Bridge

The Drone SkyGlide An inclinator named SkyGlide and a brand new platform will be built linking the top channel and Sky Bridge, taking passengers down to the Sky Bridge. It will be started in December 2020. The ticket to the SkyGlide will be offered individually at the top channel. A less expensive alternative to the SkyGlide is for people to walk 12–16 minutes along a steep and less safe trail to the Sky Bridge.

Here are some of the world most famous sky bridge

World longest glass sky bridge
Image by ArchiPanic


Image by inhabitat