Blade Nano-The Best RTF FPV Quadcopter!

If a quadcopter is anything you have wished for this year, then the best rtf fpv quadcopter is what you should go for.  This quadcopter is the new sensation in the world of toys. The quadcopter is the best among its type to fly indoors. The best thing about this is that you can enjoy it indoors as well as outdoors. The quadcopter is the best buy in its time for beginners as well as expert rtf fpv quadcopter-blade nano quadcopter

Blade Nano-The Best RTF FPV Quadcopter!

The blade nano RTF quadcopter gives you the ease to fly high without any tension or problems. You can fly this and also include some peripherals of your choice. The features and points to know about this copter are:

  • A chargeable battery of lithium polymer of 150mAh
  • Weighs about 15 gm without peripherals
  • A camera can be attached weighing up to 100gm in whole
  • DC motors brushed ones.

Fly a Blade Nano RTF Quadcopter

This quadcopter is highly demanded as it helps in making the flying practice easy. This blade nano ax RTF quadcopter can fly for approximately 20 mints when it is fully charged. While you may notice some changes in flying pattern according to sea level and weather. The best flying time and speed can be achieved during relatively warm weather at sea level. The blades of this quadcopter are small, so sometimes it ‘s hard to have a watch on this.

Get the Blade Nano Best RTF FPV Quadcopter

Are you are new to flying a quadcopter, then it is better to fly the Blade Nano RTF Quadcopter as this one is ready for fly and needs not to be assembled. This is the main reason for the beginners to buy this one. The quadcopter is designed in a way so that it can fly above or away from the transmitter at 15 feet or so. If you are far from this more than a maximum of 20 ft, you will find the problem in controlling it.

Most quadcopters are difficult to manage and control in the air, but this one is easy as because of its different modes. You can use either the SAFE mode or the agility mode to fly and make some flip flops and stunts in the air. The SAFE mode provides more stability to the toy and becomes easy to control. But if you’re an expert and looking for some hands on about flying, the agility will be your mode of flying.

One set of battery comes along with the blade nano RTF quadcopter but the brushed motors are not much reliable, and you may need some more batteries. This one copter is not the like the cheap ones which you might have thrown in the dustbins too early after receiving. In case you lose controls quite often this quadcopter is not a problem. As soon as the toy becomes out of control, it will switch to SAFE mode and help to keep it safe.

The quadcopter sometimes becomes uncontrollable because of low battery power, so you should check the charge percent for the better flying experience. This copter will never be a challenge even if you have just started. The best part is that the blade nano RTF quadcopter box has everything you want for this copter to fly. This is the best copter for beginners and an excellent Practicing tool for the experts. The yellow canopy of this copter makes the flight even more enjoyable.

The copter is a pretty piece to fly in a place as small as a cubicle of your office. You can easily fly it anywhere, and the small size and light weight offer a real time at its portability. The copter’s batteries don’t come charged up in the box, so you have to charge them for your first flight. The spare batteries can be charged and that too just in 40 minutes. This gives better time for flying the copter if you have a few more than two batteries.

The copter needs some throttle once if all of its blades are not working but this won’t bother you much. You will understand the problem if it creates any problem in overcoming a small obstacle. The copter’s transmitter will help you to fly your copter if the throttle settings are done properly. The transmitter sync process is indicated by a red blink on the LED. The copter will be ready to fly once the batteries are properly set.

Blade Nano-The Best RTF FPV Quadcopter!

The copter’s trim buttons are very helpful. The default values may change during a flight so the trim buttons will help you keeping a steady pace. The copter is handy and deals quite well with collisions. It will not get damaged seriously even after getting bumped into a wall or some other object. Even if the copter gets banged into your ceiling, there is no harm in it. It will fly the same as usual.

The quadcopter will be great fun, and you will be flying it with all the fun and happiness. The LEDs on the copter are a real fun and will indicate you with blue and red lights about the battery of the device. Once the device is ready for the flight, the blue light will indicate you the pass flag. If you fly the copter with some batteries in hand, it will be fun and enjoyment you could never think of with a small copter.


The blade nano best rtf fpv quadcopter is helpful in making you an expert when you are not a beginner even. This copter has everything you will need to start the first flight of your life. Copters are always the loved toys, and this RTF quadcopter has proved the fact that no childhood goes without a copter. The easy deal of some $150 is worth having. The enjoyment with some batteries and smashing your copter in every corner seems joyful when it is a blade quadcopter.