The Potensic D60 Quadcopter is here to meet Your Expectation!

A couple of months back Potensic had launched the D60, a $239 drone using a 1080p camera. Potensic is advertising the D60 for a competitor to the Spark. That’s a good contrast for like half the price? The ultra-portable 1080 drone in DJI. The Purchase Price of the D60 is far less than the GoPro Karma and DJI Spark; It’s equal to the amount of this Contixo F22 RC Foldable Quadcopter Drone which is not as good quality. This is excellent news for consumers since there are hardly any great entry-level drones under $250. We think the D60 is the new top drone under $250? Let us take a look.

Potensic D60 drone51efNhtvg2L._SL1000_ The D60 By Potensic Drones

Potensic D60 Review

The Camera

The D60 camera has some strong specs. It uses a 1080p camera onto a single-axis gimbal and an advancePotensic d60 camera gimbalac61jU0kQ06NL._SL1000_ 5G WiFi technology, that is capable of shooting 1920×1080 video at 30 fps. Like the Spark, the D60 also has great photo modes. In the past, we’ve discovered that the cameras on other Potensic, such as the F181DH, to be better than most of the other UAV’s in its price range. Will this updated camera warrant the $239 price tag? That remains to be seen.

How Long Will Is Its Flight Time

The Potensic D60 has a flight time of 20 minutes. That’s 7 minutes greater than the Spark and 5 minutes greater than the Contixo F22 RC Foldable Quadcopter Drone. You can add another battery for just $52 by picking up the D60 battery package. The D60 has a variety of up to 1,300 feet, but the video transmission is limited to 990 feet. The D60 range falls well short of the Spark 1,000 meters claim. With our test, the Spark only went to 737 meters before it lost transmission.

GPS Flight Modes

The D60 uses GPS in addition to an internal barometer to add stability and flight modes. Along with different modes, the Potensic includes return-to-home, waypoints, and line-flying mode. The line-flying method permits you to place the D60 on a straight path as you can control the camera to get smooth cinematic footage. This is the program lock mode that’s available on several DJI drones. You need to be able to select a topic for the drone to monitor. This attribute is iffy on some DJI goods, and the Potensic D60 did a much better job at this.

The Optical Altitude Hold

Optical flow image acquisition system correctly locks the goal, hovers, & retains D60 drone stable. The barometric pressure sensor is responsible for supplying ambient pressure readings into the drone’s controller. These pressure readings are utilized to ascertain the altitude. The ultrasonic detector, on the other hand, provides information associated with nearby items (essentially, information regarding how far the drone is out of them, in this instance, the earth).

How About The D60 Battery

Potensic D60 Original Battery 7.4V 1800mAh 51L2gE7N8GL._SL1000_ The high-capacity 7.4V 1800mAh Lipo smart battery is detachable, and it yields around 20 minutes flight time. With the intelligent protection functions which will help deliver safe flight. Moreover, the D60 battery quotes remaining flight time with a beep letting you know when the battery is getting low, so you can head back or use the return to house function.

The D60 battery includes a longer flying time & control space over the Spark drone: Equipped with a 1800mAh high-performance battery, up to 20 minutes operating time and 1350 feet control space, giving you a more pleasant flight experience. The spark drone battery is much less potent with just 1480 mAh and a voltage of 11.4 V but also useful.

About the Motors

The D60 brushless motors are one of the upgrades from the D50 — super powerful propulsion. Now canD60 Brushless Motors Drone61gOhObIKUL._SL1000_ fly properly in cold conditions. It’s more effective while so silent. Breakdown rarely happens, and an engine replacement is seldom required, making your flight more enjoyable.

GPS Assisted Flight

With GPS place, the drone can hover stably and automatically return to Home exactly when its battery is very low, or the signal is lost. Shot with ease once the drone can accompany you or fly in a circle across the route you set.

So, Should we all be excited about the D60?

We have had many smaller drones from Potensic along with other companies, in addition to big drones, but this drone did exceed our expectations. Right from the automatic take we were mind blown. The app I needed to download was very straightforward and user-friendly. The camera has some very good image quality making it effortless to navigate with our smartphones, iPhone or Android.

The Potensic D50 drone was a fantastic UAV that the D60 is an update to this drone. The D50 was good but with much more competition it was just right for them to provide us this terrific drone at a great price. The camera on the D60 should set it in another class from the last D50 model.

It can seem like the GoPro Karma or DJI Spark, but concerning performance, it is very likely to be much nearer to the DJI Spark using a less quality camera and transmission space but looks just how much less you are spending almost half.

7 Things We Like About The D60

  1. Constructed GPS/GLONASS methods for precision standing position and stability, which makes it a natural selection for beginners.
  2. Great remote control space, providing you with lots of living space.
  3. Finally, the Potensic D60 drone is a very durable smart drone packaged with features and higher quality materials that will persist for very long service life.
  4. Micro SD Card Slot, even if you would like to store videos and images in its authentic form, you can save them at the micro SD card.
  5. Simple for novices to learn to fly because of intuitive and easy controls.
  6. A stylish look that resembles DJI Spark, a funding friendly quadcopter for individuals who wishes to have a great drone.
  7. The D60 promises to be the first sub-$300 drones having an improvement 1080p camera.

Things we did not like about the D60

Getting extra batteries for the D60 can be little expensive, but the expense is worth it all If you would like to extend your flight sessions.

What do you get in the Box?

The drone has a body dimension of 13.2 x 9.6 x 4.8 inches which is approximately two times larger than the palm of your hand. It is constructed and crafted with a hybrid of alloy and durable ABS plastic that gives it complete extreme durability.

It is perfect for novices and expert alike because that makes the drone very tough to break on impact and that’s a significant plus.

Inside the box, the Potensic Mirage Pro 60 drone includes a remote control, a battery, a set of propellers, a charger, a screwdriver, propeller spanner, landing pads, and instruction manual.

I would love for this to become one of our new preferred drones in 2019 but only time will tell. Can DJI respond with a new version the Spark 2 or Pro? We gave the Potensic D60  5 stars all around, make sure you get more batteries so you can enjoy this fantastic drone for hours.