DJI Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel Will Make Your Shots Smoother

Why purchase the DJI Osmo Pocket Part 6 Controller Wheel Accessory?

If you are a vlogger, YouTuber or simply somebody who wishes to have a step upward from a smartphone then the Osmo Pocket together with the controller wheel is an excellent new tool. There are many new Accessories for the Pocket Camera that you can buy online.

It is the only real pocket camera which combines 4K recording using a three-axis gimbal, making it somewhat unique. Throw in applications tricks such as ActiveTrack and Motionlapses, and you’ve got a versatile small camera which does things that none of its competitors can.DJI Osmo Pocket Part 6 Control Wheel AccessoryDIOsPoet15-920x613

The flipside of this Osmo Pocket’s very compact dimension is that there is not one ideal way to restrain it. Use it on its own, and you’ve got a remarkably compact, stabilized movie camera, but restricted controls along with a little screen for framing shots. This really where its accessories come. Together they help mend the three items you can not do using the Osmo Pocket from this box control it wirelessly from the own phone, mount it someplace, or transfer the camera using physical controls.

About the Osmo Pocket Control Wheel Accessory

DJI Osmo Pocket Part 6 Control Accessory20x61361tON38BYgL._SL1500_  You’ll have the ability to catch every angle with this lightweight DJI Osmo Pocket Part 6 Control Wheel to your Osmo Pocket handheld camera. A dial offers accurate pan and pan control, and a button allows you re-center the gimbal precisely.

This DJI Osmo Pocket Part 6 control wheel comprises a button to change between shooting modes to get much more flexible image capture.

The Osmo Pocket has a wealth of excellent accessories out there. A few, like a Fantastic Micro SD Card, are principles of utilizing some other camera, but also to actually take your expertise up a notch you will want to have the ability to bring all sorts of accessories, along with the DJI Accessory Mount and the Part 13 Expansion Kit will provide you this freedom.

Best Attributes I Enjoy about the Part 6 Control Wheel

  • Constructed just for DJI Osmo Pocket.
  • You may use it together with your present 3-axis stabilized the handheld camera.
  • The control wheel has a dial for precise pan and tilt controller.
  • A rapid shift between gimbal manners.
  • This attachment includes a button to change between various shooting modes plus a button to re-center the gimbal, which makes shooting more flexible.

How much does it weigh?

The Control Wheel accessory is very lightweight 9.7g/0.02 Pounds

What is the size of it?

Size: 44.9 × 30.5 × 22.7 mm / 1.76″ x 1.201″ x 0.894″

Package and Shipping Weight

Package demension is 3 x 3 x 1.6″

Shipping Weight is 1.6 oz.

What we can say regarding the Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel is we did not initially think it was a really beneficial thing once we saw it recorded launching. However, now that we have been using it for a week, I still find it rather practical, mainly when walking into urban configurations filming together with all the Osmo Pocket. The pan and tilt are butter smooth, and your choice would be to turn your entire body or raise and lower your arms to accomplish the very same outcomes.

Our bottom line review for this accessory is an overall thumbs up with 5 stars.