Drone Repair

Drone crash in tree and need repair You crashed your drone and now it needs repair, Now What?

Drones are made of sensitive parts that get easily damaged with small fall like from your desk or unable to track the obstacles during he flight. Sometimes despite the obstacle avoidance sensor, the drone fails to detect them and gets crashed. Drone repair is possible when drone has warranty or when the part is easily available.

When your drone does not come with a warranty or when the warranty runs out, you may get it insured as a safety measure. The insurance helps in recovering a lot of costs incurred during the drone repair.

Your drone may get damaged due to the following assumed reasons; Waterlogged, Falling from the sky, Crash during sudden fail in battery, Smashed, Lack of obstacle avoidance sensors or an-assumed crash while carrying them.

The drone may get damaged anytime and anywhere without the knowledge of the user. Since it is a sensitive little insect, there are chances that a little mishandling may result in great loss.

How to find a drone repair shop near me?

When you have crashed your drone, be it the DJI manufactured drone or any other brand, you have to find quick solutions ASAP. Here, assuming that you own a DJI drone, then there are hundreds of registered repair shops worldwide. All you have to do is to track the nearest one from your location. You have to pick the closest one and head out to them with the damaged drone.

Even also the damage may seem minor; you must always visit an authorized shop.

When reaching out to the drone service center, tell them everything about the damages. Follow the below points wisely to get the drone repair done easily at a lowest possible price.

  • Don’t lie

It is important to know whether the damage is manufacturing damage or pilot damage. This is possible only when you tell everything about the crash. Conveying the truth is important since every setting of the drone are automatically recorded. Thus you cannot make it look like a manufacturers damage falsely. The user must also know that they might be aware of certain manufacturer’s damage and may end up paying the price unknowingly. Before visiting the service center, you have to remove the SD card and pick them in the box correctly.

  • Shipping fees

DJI and other drone manufacturers provide a shipping label that conveys the shipping number. It must be conveyed to the service center to able them track down the history of the drone and what period it was manufactured.

  1. How much should it cost to repair your drone and is it worth fixing

The repair cost obviously depends on the drone and how expensive are the parts. Here is a simple breakdown of cost of one of the leading drone parts;

  • Gimbal Camera $235.99
  • Flexible camera flat cable $19.99
  • Left motor arm $44-$49
  • Gimbal vibration damping $12.99
  • Mounting bracket gimbal $19
  • Camera Co-axis cable -$21
  • Front left motor arm $39-$49

The service charges differ from $70-$98 per hour that makes it approx. $180 for two-hour work.

Some drones are worth fixing if they are covered under warranty as you have to pay only the amount that is left after covering the warranty. When you own a high-class manufactured drone, you do not have to worry much about the repairs and services. The manufacturers’ warranty usually covers them, and you have to pay only the balance amount.

The manufacturer sends you an email quoting the total expenses incurred for repairs. In case the main part requires replacement, it may cost you hire but obviously not as much as the original cost of a drone. The user has to make all the payments in advance to avail all the repairs and replacement.

The repair status is almost 4 weeks, and the user has to wait until it is shipped in good condition. Thus, finally, summarizing everything, drone repair is worth only when it is minimum and doesn’t cost you as much as the original drone price.

  1. Drone repair with warranty

Drones with warranty are possibly the low-cost repairs carried out for the user’s benefit. If you have bought a branded drone, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. If the drone is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, it is completely repaired as per the maker’s rules. However, sometimes the defect exceeds the limitation of the warranty which is repaired in exceptional cases. During this process, the manufacturer sends an email quoting the balance amount of repairs cost to the customer. Once the payment is cleared, manufacturers carry out the repair process and ship the drone back.

  1. How to check the status of drone with DJI

Once you receive the drone after repair works are complete, it is important to calibrate the drone. Make sure that if you own a DJI drone, you must calibrate all things before flying it. Calibrate the compass, remote controller, IMU and gimbal before flying to avoid any further crash.  Dji care is a cumbersome and slow process that takes hell lot of time for drone repair. Thus if you are flying any of their product, you must reboot the system and avoid any further damage.

  • DJI Care

DJI Care is a service plan that provides you with peace of mind, covering damage, to your DJI aircraft, gimbal or camera sustained during normal use., During DJI Care’s period of validity, if accidental damage occurs during normal use, repair fees and related costs will be covered by DJI.

Here is all the information you get from DJI’s Support Team

  • Online Repair Request: Fill in an online repair request form, and apply for pickup
  • Booking for quick service: Online booking for Technical Support at Hong Kong Flagship Store
  • Repair Progress Inquiry: Input your case ID or mobile phone, number to check repair progress
  • My Case: View or complete your online, repair request
  • Accessory Price Inquiry: Check repair fees for common parts
  • Recommended Service Centers: Search recommended repair centers, around the world.

Drone Repair Tool Kit

If you are very handy with tools, it is a good chance you may repair a small problem yourself. With our repair guide and a good drone repair toolkit, you can get the job done in no time.

Best Drone Repair kit  ORIA Screwdriver Set, Precision Screwdriver Kit S2 Strong Steel, 54 in 1 Magnetic Driver Kit, Model, and Electronics Repair Tool Kit, for Drone, iPhone, Tablet, PC, MacBook and Other Electronics

Oria screwdriver set is a multi-functional toolset that includes all types of tool to help the user to repair the drone in no time. The easy to use toolset is precisely durable and stable. It also includes iPhone bits to repair the iPhones as well. The toolset is portable and lightweight, that makes it easy to carry anywhere without adding any extra burden.

Main features

  • The Oria tool set is made of high-quality material for durability and stability.
  • Innovative wrenches with upgraded designs make it convenient to repair any UAV or car models.
  • Non-slippery ergonomic handle with professional designs.
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • Comes with phone bits to repair the iPhone as well.
  • Best drone repair tool that is durable and stable.
  • The professionally designed nonergonomic handle makes it convenient to use.
  • Consist of 37 screwdrivers that act as a mini tool to repair almost a car as well.
  • Consists of mini magnetic screwdriver and flexible ones to repair anything


  • People have found the handling and packaging quite poor.
  • The magnetic tools are not up to the mark.

silverghill drone repair kitSilverhill Tools ATKRC2 Rc Heli Plane Boat Drone Car Tool Set (Toys & Hobby Tool Kit) with Screwdrivers, Pliers, Hex, Tweezers, Etc É

Silverhill tools are a newly reformulated advanced toolkit to repair the drone and other toys. It is a hobby tool with that consists of some screwdrivers, tweezers and pitch gauge.

Main features

  • Newly reformulated to satisfy the consumer demands. Works great in tearing down and updating your devices.
  • High-performance toolset with high-grade quality.
  • It includes screwdrivers, flush cutters, pliers, and hex.


  • An innovative tool for professional designs.
  • Includes all the necessary tools required to carry out a hobby.
  • High-grade material and easy to carry set.
  • Best suited for drone repair, toy cars, planes, and helicopters.
  • Easy to use.


  • It consists of only a limited number of tools.
  • Lacks durability and stability
  • Small tools are not apt to repair anything except toys.


Best Adhesive for Drone RepairStarbond EM-02 Super-Fast Thin, PREMIUM (Canoacrylate Adhesive for repair of  hobby, boat, Drone etc) Glue plus Extra Cap and Micro tips, 2 oz.

Starbond is a premium quality wicking adhesive that instantly infiltrates hairline fractures in the built of the drone, toy or any other empty voids. It is best suited for porus and softwood material. The adhesive can be used on numerous items that suffer some fracture or require filling of gaps.

Main features

  • Lab tested high-grade adhesive with premium ethyl.
  • It comes with extra supplies of cap and applicator.
  • Great for sticking and feeling pores of wooden and other fragile items.
  • Water-based liquid with clot free capping.


  • Helps in sticking hairline fractures, filling of empty voids, pores, and narrow slots.
  • Water like property to penetrate into the material and stick them well.
  • Has a long lasting shelf life. Stays well up to 40-degree temperature.
  • Has a 20-year shelf life
  • Comes with product replacement warranty if it doesn’t last 20 years as per manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Can stick any material including vinyl, rubber, leather, gemstone, ceramics etc.


  • The texture is watery. Thus it spouts every time the cap is loose.
  • It may stick to your fingers if not handled properly.
  • Ends up messy if also you take extreme care in using.

Drone repair school

If you love flying and repairing drones, find the best drone repair school! Yes, you are right! If you love to do engineering but never got chance to make it to school, then here is your chance to learn the skills from the drone repair school.

The drone University of USA has taken measure to teach and make the internet students compatible enough to repair their drone or become a part of the drone repairing centers. The training will provide you with all the features and knowledge that is required to fix your aircraft. Learning the skills saves not only money but also saves time.

The one-day training classes at the drone University of USA costs approx. $500. The university undertakes classes with a limited number of candidates; about 16 seats for each session. If a student registers for extended training, they get a discount of approx. $100 as well. They take care to give personalized training to every student. The one-day training course comprises of the following;

  • Fixing wing sand multirotor
  • Flight components and controllers
  • Preventive measures
  • Determine airworthiness
  • Firmware updates
  • Calibration of the system as a whole, including compass and controller
  • Understanding the geolocation features
  • Correction of common maintenance errors.
  • Sourcing pricing and part purchasing
  • Post repair tests
  • Assembling and dissembling of drones
  • Tech supports and customer support
  • PID
  • Geo-fencing and air-space blocks

Learning the potential components not only save the cost of drone repair but also from the revenue for the period while the drone has been lying in the workshops.

Where to find the best Replacement drone Parts online

Drones crashes are normal. Thus, the repairing and replacement expenses are expected. You may get the drones repaired by a professional repair shop or do it yourself. Whatever the way you choose, you have to try the most cost-effective replacements and repairs. Not only repairs, but there are many reasons when you want to replace some parts of the drone.

Sometimes the parts wear out or get damaged by the use. Parts such as propellers, batteries, and motors have to get updated timely for better functioning of the drone. At times some parts break down such as gimbals, cameras, antennas or landing gears. Sometimes mishandling of the drone also leads you to buy replacement parts.

Buying the parts online is the most convenient way. Online stores such as Dronerds are a great supplier of drone tools and accessories that you may want from time to time for better functioning. You get the following things online which you may buy for better functioning of the drone;

  • Antennas and GPS
  • Signal boosters and downloads of firmware
  • Cameras and gimbals for detachable gimbal drone
  • Quality products from top-class manufacturers such as DJI, Futaba, Tattu, FLIR, RED.
  • Shells, landing gears, arms.
  • Second controllers and powerful batteries.

Whether you carry out a DIY or get in touch with a registered repair center, always remember that when you crash your drone, the drone repair cost must not be more than the cost of the drone. Else, there are many new drones launched in the market which you can buy without investing in repairing expenses.