FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test 2019

Base on the new drone rules H.R. 302 that pass in 2018. When the bill comes in effect in 2019, the FAA will create an aeronautical knowledge test that hobbyists who are flying a drone over .55 pounds must pass to have the ability to operate their drone. Also, it enables the FAA to impose equipment standards on hobby aircraft, including equipment necessary for remote identification for aircraft.

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Study & Prepare: Pass your test and know what is essential to safely operate an uncrewed aircraft – from the most trusted source in aviation training


  • Questions included for the Unmanned Aircraft General-Small (UAG) FAA Knowledge Exam
  • Questions Verified with explanations for correct and incorrect answers
  • FAA references for further study identified in Each interpretation
  • Organized by Topic with introductory text for efficient and logical Analysis
  • Remote Pilot Certificate with sUAS Evaluation requirements explained in detail

The publication will be critical in passing the test. The book also gives five complimentary evaluations that too was a fantastic source. I strongly suggest the book in an excellent price compared to $300 online courses. A friend did a course I read the novel and did the practice test. I scored higher on this evaluation.