Privacy Policy

As you are sharing your personal information with us, it will be crucial to go through the privacy policy and terms of services of our company details. If you are not sure about any of the points mentioned in the policy, please feel free to inform us the same through the contact details given on the website.

Information collection:

  • You can provide us information about you like your age, name, mailing address, e-mail id, telephone or the cell phone number when you register yourself with various social networking websites as per their privacy policy regulations.
  • If you are more than thirteen years of age you can register into our company website by providing your personal information.
  • Different other methods like using the cookies, log files, beacons, or the pixel tags the information can also be collected automatically by our company website.
  • Through the various social networking websites and other online activities made by your information can be collected about your personal details and your interests which you show publicly.

How the usage is done?

  • We use the personal information when we process the orders, or answer any question asked by the customer, or to inform the customer about the status of the order.
  • It helps us providing you the simplest and quickest checking out experience.
  • Participation in promotion for the customers can also be generated by the personal information shared with us.
  • In case of any problem regarding our product or service addressed by the customers, we can get back to the customers by using the personal details.
  • If we have any upcoming best promotions or any kind of new offers which is provided by our business or the website, we will contact you through the personal details provided by you.

Safety and security:

Various technical, physical and administrative security measures are taken to protect the personal information for getting altered, misused or lost. Triple key encryption technology is used while transmitting any of your personal information in the internet. However, to use this technology, we need the latest version of the browser. So, if you are having an older version of the browser where the encryption method is not available, we will suggest you the offline methods to put your order to keep your personal information safe.

Opting out option:

If you want to opt out from the case of receiving any of the future e-mails regarding marketing updates of our company, you can always do that by contacting us. However, even in that case, our company will be able to send you the non-marketing e-mails or any other messages like sending you the confirmation regarding your order status.

Privacy for children:

We don’t sell any of the products which are purchased by children. To register into our website, you must be more than 16 years of age. In case of participating in any promotion, the same rule is there. We knowingly do not take orders given by any child in our website.

In case of any change done in the privacy policy statement, we will surely notify you regarding the same. You will get the notice of any change in this policy in the app or the website.