The U.S. Is About To Changing Its Drone Rules Again

Flying a drone at the U.S. is catchy. As a result of regulations passed about a year ago, there are lots of new rules that drone pilots must abide by. While these regulations do make sense for amateurs, they make it hard for companies such as Amazon to receive their drone delivery companies off the ground.

While those regulations are not going away anytime soon, the government is starting the process to make it easier for businesses to bypass them. Only last week, President Trump signed a memo to the Department of Transportation, directing them to begin the process of creating rules to permit commercial drone operators to fly freely in the U.S.

Drone Rules Change Coming in 2019 U.S. Is About To Changing Its Drone Rules Again

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What exactly does this mean for Drone Pilots and Police? Not much right now, but it may mean more commercial opportunities in the not too distant future. These new rules the DoT is growing, collectively referred to as the Unmanned Aircraft System Integration Pilot Program, could loosen the regulations which are already in place, which makes it easier for companies and individuals to fly drones.

But, the DoT has to determine what these new rules will be. To do so, they are going to take suggestions from local, state, and tribal leaders during the next few months. Afterward, the DoT will pick the five most promising ideas and run small experiments during the next three decades, to determine which is the best. Whichever proposal does the best will be implemented.