How Can The US Combat New Drone Threats?

In a year roughly maybe two.  We will see US officers drives a joystick to the right, and half a planet away dozens of little drones, not one weighing greater than a couple of hundred grams, banks into the right and proceeds to skim almost quietly through the floor at about 65 km per hour following a little settlement that’s been recognized as a source of potential terrorist activity. A massive track in the front part of the control center displays the live view in the night-vision camera from the guide drone.

About 300 meters the very first buildings pull into perspective. The next officer enters a run of signature controls, and all of those drones breakaway in the creation and start to circle the perimeter of this settlement, obtaining video which will later be utilized to construct a high-resolution three-dimensional version of the terrain, buildings, and streets. Another two drones fly just over the settlement, break creation and embark on a set of technical tasks. 2 drones sniff for minute amounts of substances related to explosives, then combine the resulting measurements with onsite wind measurements to spot a construction likely used to store explosives.

Another set of 3 drones with high-resolution cameras converges on the defendant building to collect vision of their walls, perimeter, and roof, including short, ceases to hover out the windows and shoot images to the inside. What a great story but we will see this very soon.

Get More Information  Here!! Kurt the cyber guy stocks penetration following a congressional hearing warns of the impending drone threat.

  1. Guard From Above- (Trained Eagles)
  2. OpenWorks, SkyWall 300 (Shooting a Net)
  3. Virtual Wall (Disable A Drone Electronically)