An umbrella drone that hovers above your head in bad weather

This umbrella drone is not among these. For people who wish to maintain both hands-frees as they protect themselves from extreme weather, then we still propose a far more sensible alternative: The umbrella hat. When holding a parasol or umbrella has ever felt like a lot of trouble, then that contraption out of Japan seems to be just the ticket.An umbrella drone that hovers above your head in bad weather

What the Umbrella Drone look like?

At first, glance it appears like a drone using a parasol/umbrella attached. In fact, it seems like that with following glimpses also, because that is just what it is. A place to one side, if it’s possible, any contrary ideas about the ear-splitting racket it will make over your head as you go about your daily life, and marvel rather than each the extraordinary things you will be able to perform with two free hands rather than the normal one. Like applauding unusual happenings, fiddling with your large smartphone screen, acting interesting TED Talks (outside in bright or rainy conditions, of course ) with both palms to highlight enjoyable points, or counting the number of bucks you wasted this daft apparatus (you will need more than five hands for this).

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If you are considering that using fast-spinning rotors only inches out of your mind may put you in danger of an impromptu haircut (or worse), then rest assured the final layout will consist of caged blades. Also, it appears more like a conventional umbrella, using a grip, indicating it might just be activated in short bursts when you want both hands to execute a specific job, like carrying a golf shot.

How much do the Umbrella Drone cost?

Really, with rigorous regulations nevertheless preventing widespread use of drones in modern places, Asahi Power Service says it needs to start by organizing its marketing campaigns toward golf players that can use it whenever they shoot their shots. Based on SoraNews, the organization intends to begin selling its umbrella drone combo to the princely sum of 30,000 yen (approximately $275), starting next year.