Longest Flight Time Drone, DJI Phantom V 2018

DJI Phantom V Longest Flight Time Drones DJI phantom 5 is one of the most awaited drones one can have in the year of 2018. This drone is way above all the other drone in an aspect of features and functioning especially because it has 2018 drone longest flight time and very sporty. You will see a broad range of several advanced features. The company has made a lot of efforts to keep up the spirit of 2018 by introducing this brand new device with adorable features, which is way, too much advance. Therefore, this is the primary reason why the flagship is in the development phase and is thus, expected to release soon.

This article presents you the expected features of DJI Phantom 5 2018. Thus, read this article thoroughly and carefully.

The features of DJI Phantom 5

This device is going to be launched with a lot more sensors, so that; it can use the feature of artificial intelligence very well and efficiently. Moreover, you can watch lives videos whenever the device is connected to an Android device of iPad or iPhone. Moreover, according to recent reports, this device has the control the range more than 4.9 miles.

Longest flight time drones for 2018 – The most exciting features

One of the best features, which we expect from this drone, is the flight time. DJI Phantom 4 pro had a flight time of twenty-eight minutes. Therefore, you can expect the flight time of this model a bit extended from the previous models. According to studies the flight time of the device is supposed to be more than half an hour, our insider told us it will be 34-35 minutes. Today this is the drone with the most flight time.

The Camera

One of the primary purposes of a drone is to take aerial view or pictures of a particular area. Thus, it has become mandatory for a drone to have a high-quality camera. The recent launch of the drone has capabilities of capturing 4K videos in almost 30 frames/second. Therefore, you can guess that this drone will have the ability to capture 240 frames /second and that too in full high definition quality.

The camera of DJI Phantom 5 can take smooth quality video even at a speed of 32 miles per hour.

The Speed of DJI Phantom 5

Other than the astonishing drone longest flight time, the speed of the device is very revealing and surprising. The upgrade of DJI Phantom 5 is so advanced that no other device can match up to the quality of features.

According to studies and reviews, it states that there are going to be multiple flight modes in this particular model, which are going to make 2017 drone longest flight time. From that, you may choose any flight mode you like.

However, if you are using GPS, then you may use effective tracking, apply, and you may also decide to use several other intelligent flight modes in several other situations. But, if you are not using GPS mode, then you can use any sports mode, which will make the device to be able to fly at a speed of 51 miles per hour.

The longest flying droneLooks quite like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro the longest flying drone

If you look at the drone closely, then you will see that there is no shell to this device; however, if you look even closer then you are going to notice that, the skeleton looks very much like the previous DJI Phantom 4 pro. But experts say that the recent launch of the phantom is going to be nothing like that of the previous one.

Sleek finishing of DJI Phantom 5

The words that come to your mind after watching the DJI Phantom 5 are sleek finish and good polish. The device is not too hard to drive, and it is an assurance that this model particularly is going to be a lot better than the rest and this will be the primary reason as to why it is going to stand out from among the rest.

Complications are a lot less other than a drone with the longest flight time

Difficulties and complication may arise due to the driving experience; however, the mechanism of the device has been perfectly executed and made so smooth that you will experience no such difficulty while trying to fly the drone. Thus, if you have the required amount of money, then the machine is surely worth the wait.

Specification and features of DJI Phantom 5

Other than the unique specialty of this drone having the longest flight time, there are several specifications, which are as follows:

  • The product ranges from 8.6 inches to 16 inches in length, and 12.6 inches in depth.
  • The total weight of the drone is about 8.5 pounds.
  • The batteries, which are used for the drone, are 1, Lithium Polymer.
  • The returning and takeoff features are autos in nature.
  • The device comes with fully equipped GPS technology, which in turn makes controlling the drone a lot easier.
  • The application called Companion app allows displaying the picture or image that has been captured.
  • It is going to have the capability to capture 4K videos.
  • The resolution of the lens has 14 Megapixels.
  • To elevate the sooth capturing of other footage and photos, the device comes with Gimbals stabilization.
  • The speed of the device can shoot up to 51 miles an hour.
  • You can always rely on the device because of the dual compass module, which has been installed in it right from the beginning.
  • Moreover, the device has a lot of built-in software some of which allows you to edit music as well as text in the videos, which you capture.

Design of Phantom 5 drone – The Drone with the longest flight time

Apart from 2018 drone with longest flight time, the design of the drone is stunning and sporty. The shell of DJI Phantom 5 is colored in white and has a glossy finish to it. The motor fans of the drone are firmly attached to the shell and stand tall and firm while the drone is mounted on a quick propeller.

In a nutshell, each and every feature of the device seems to be very nice when you feel the device in your hand. The camera is exquisite, and it is 2018 longest flight time drones. Therefore, if you have the money to buy it and fly it, then you will not be disappointed.