Best Drone for Travel: Mavic Air The Best Traveling Drone

DJI Mavic Air DJI's Best Drone YetDJI has carved a niche for itself in manufacturing ultra-advanced range of drones. After launching the spark and the Mavic pro, the company has now brought Mavic air,  the best drone for travel, the ultra-portable Tasmanian devil.

The new product from DJI is creating a stir among the drone lovers, not because of its ultra-portability features but because of the fact that it is not created for the filmmakers or the UAV enthusiast, but for people who love to record their travel destinations. So if you are looking for a drone for backpacking in the snowy mountains, hiking or taking to the beach, this may be the one for you. With modern technicalities, the DJI Mavic Air may be expensive, coming in south of $800, but it has all the amenities, that you want in an ultra-modern drone.The mavic air the best drone for travel

Info on how to find the best price on the DJI Mavic Air

What do a drone need to be considered the best drone for traveling? Ultra Design!

The Mavic air is cleverly designed so that you can easily carry it in your pock for an adventurous trip. The Mavic air drone folds up into a small footprint that is not bigger than a smartphone. The drone may seem thicker when it is in the case, but that does not require you to carry an additional backpack for the drone. It is specially designed for travelers and made portable enough to carry at ease.

The Mavic air the best drone for travel comes with a great assemble. The box consists of extra propellers, chargers, case, remote controller, USB cables, micro c cables, a charging hub and extra propellers. The Mavic air comes in bright red, black and white colors which are all appealing to the consumers.

Classic Camera: Best drone for travel photography

The camera quality of the Mavic air traveler drone is comparatively better than the other DJI drones launched till now. the magical drone is armed with 3 axis gimbal camera with 4k resolution. The camera captures 120 fps at 1080 slow-mo without any vibration or disturbance. The drone comes with a micro SD card to save the 1gb shots per seconds. The maximum rate is 30fps at the bit rate of 100mbps.

The camera is capable of taking 32 MP breath-taking panorama video in a minute.

Automation features of Mavic air the best drone for travel

Pulling off sophistically technicalities can be a disaster for the first time drone users. Although drones are easy to fly the complex features allows them to capture professional quality videos that are breath-taking as well. DJI Mavic pro is not a drone for the beginners because of its intricate features. They have Quick shots features by which you can capture a specific type of shots in a professional way. There are two innovations in the Mavic air;

  • Boomerang mode
  • Quick Shot mode

The boomerang mode caries the Mavic air like a blooming bee through and fro from the flyer. While returning, it takes a panoramic turn and comes from your back. It perfectly makes the user the center of the story. The air fly rates around you to capture the user before ending its journey. It automatically detects the flier and comes back capturing the flyer as the hero of the story. It captures the perfect shot and automatically gives a perfect ending.

The Quick shot mode is the Asteroid mode which leaps the 360-degree asteroid shot. The asteroid mode starts from the user face, where you may wave to it and then it flies high to capture the panoramic view. The air fly captures its starting points and keeps a reminder to return back to dying. It creates a horizontal, vertical or spherical panorama as per the flyers instructions.

Controller functions of Mavic air

The controller features are quite advanced and smoother than its earlier counterparts. The drone is sensitive to the user’s hands, thus giving you dual features for controlling the drone. You may keep away the remote aside, and use your hands like a controller. You can film a particular subject or the whole area just by giving a tap on the drone. The Mavic air best traveler drone has a full-proof controlling system which is more responsive than what it was in the Spark or the Pro drones.

The joystick mechanism is quite firm and nice as compared to the earlier drones by DJI. The smart Advanced Pilot Assistance System creates a map of the environment and detects the obstacles before-hand. Although the system is built for professional use, it has the features that assist the new users as well.

However, despite the APAS system, it is advised to use it in the open air with protective control since the automation system may not capture every random obstacle.

Mavic air the best drone for travel features, range and speed

The DJI Mavic weighs only 430 grams that is among the earlier innovations of DJI. The Mavic air has a flying time of 21 minutes approx. that flies up to 2.5 miles that are around 4 kilometres per hour. There is only one battery in the drone. However, it is changeable and increases the flying time.

The Mavic air flies high up to 5000 meters in extreme weather conditions that means you can fly them above mountains and windy air up to 22mph.

The DJI Mavic air flies in an in sports mode at a crazy speed of 42.5 mph-68.4 kph. however, they cannot detect obstacles in the in sports mode, thus take precautions.

The popular DJI drones are packed with special features that are phenomenal in the case of DJI Mavic air as well. Here is a complete list of the pros and cons of the drone;


  • Compact design
  • Ultra-portable and easy to carry a 750 ml water bottle
  • Improved and smooth gesture control
  • Smart obstacle avoidance. Understand the hand gestures as well
  • 3 axis gimbal camera with 4k resolution
  • 32-megapixel panoramic shot
  • Boomerang and quick shot feature to capture professional looking videos


  • Pricey drone among the other counterparts
  • Flight improvement is not up to the mark as compared to the other drones
  • Only 30fps for 4k which is 60fps in other drones
  • The obstacle avoidance is not full proof
  • Difficult to handle if you are a beginner

Despite some lows, the Mavic air the best drone for travel is a fully automated and excellent drone for people who love compact designs. With top-quality video capture technology, it is going to stand ahead of all the other DJI drones.


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