Remote Drone Pilot 101 and FAA Part 107 Study Guide

If you want to learn precisely what’s on the FAA UAS Knowledge Test (Remote pilot 101) and see actual FAA Test Questions

Everything you needs to know and nothing you don’t to pass your FAA UAS Knowledge test with flying colors and be a safe real-world sUAS Remote Pilot in command.

The program is divided into nine segments: principles & regulations, airspace, UAS weather and weather resources, UAS loading and functionality, crew resource management, airport/field operations, radio communications, emergency procedures and preflight & maintenance.

Remote Drone Pilot 101: Rules & Regulations

The training course is an internet website reachable via your personal login. The website is quite simple to use. One showcased I enjoyed was that the ability to “Mark Entire” each movie. There were a few videos I saw, but because I had been multi-tasking and cooking dinner or got diverted by Facebook, I did not provide that lesson the complete attention it deserved. I opted not to mark those classes complete so I’d give them another listen. The online class is $149 and includes lifetime access.

I also like the way in a number of those movies, Schappert goes through training questions on display. He reads the query, then normally eliminates you, speaking through why that response is wrong. He then gives you the proper answer and describes why — helping my comprehension of why something is right rather than simply being aware of what to indicate properly on the exam.

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Taking into consideration the fee to take the exam is 150, I find it worthwhile to pay for a training class where I have had access to lease one  test to make sure I really don’t have to retake the FAA’s $150 test.

Get Your FAA Remote Pilot 101 Certificate

Lesson 2: Airspace

Lesson 3: UAS Weather & Weather Sources

Lesson 4: UAS Loading & Performance

Lesson 5: Crew Resource Management

Lesson 6: Airport/Field Operations

Lesson 7: Radio Communications

Lesson 8: Emergency Procedures

Lesson 9: Preflight and Maintenance

Lesson 10: Final Exam

Questions you may have

How to become a Drone Pilot

To be able to fly your drone beneath the FAA’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107), you have to get a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. This certification demonstrates that you understand the regulations, operating requirements, and procedures for safely flying drones.

3 Requirements for Remote Pilot Certificate:

  1. Must be easily accessible by the remote pilot through all UAS operations
  2. Valid for 2 years.
  3. Certificate holders must pass a recurrent knowledge test every two years

Qualification To Be a Pilot You Need to:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • manage to read, talk, write, and comprehend English
  • Be at a bodily and psychological illness to fly a drone
  • Pass the first aeronautical knowledge examination

Just how long can it take me to proceed through this program?

The majority of our pupils have fulltime tasks and require 2-3 weeks to make it through every one of our classes and full-length practice evaluations. It ends up being roughly 10-20 hours of complete butt-in-seat research time. As you receive lifetime access to the class materials, you are able to work through them at your own pace.

Prerequisites for Remote Pilot Certification: Has to be readily accessible by the remote pilot through all UAS surgeries
Valid for two decades. Certificate holders have to pass a continuing knowledge evaluation every 2 years

Navigating the Procedure to Become a Drone Pilot:

Complete the online training class on the FAASTeam site:”Part 107 little Unmanned Aircraft Systems ALC-451.” The evaluation will cover these regions:

  1. Applicable regulations pertaining to small unmanned aircraft system evaluation statements, limitations, and flight performance
  2. Consequences of weather on little unmanned aircraft functionality
  3. Little unmanned aircraft loading and functionality
  4. Emergency processes
  5. Crew resource management
  6. Deciding the performance of unmanned aircraft
  7. Care and preflight inspection processes

Total Form 8710-13 at IACRA.
Login with your username and password
Select”Start New Program”

Program Type –“Pilot”
Certifications –“Remote Pilot”
“Other Course Information”
“Start Program”

Follow program arouses
When requested, enter your 17-digit Knowledge Test Exam ID

NOTE: it might take up to 48 hours out of your evaluation date for the results to appear at IACRA

Make an appointment with one of these entities to confirm your identity. Bring your finished Type 8710-13, evidence of your current flight inspection, picture ID, along with your online course completion certification.Please notice: * CFIs can’t issue temporary certificates. They could process programs for applicants who don’t need a temporary certification.

Your agent will signal your application and issue you a temporary airman certification .
You will get your permanent certification via U.S. email within a few weeks.

Have your Remote Pilot Certification available when you fly your UAS.

What if I need assistance or have questions?

We are known in the business because of our 1:1 student service, the thickness of our training materials, and also we keep our students informed of the most recent drone business happenings and opportunities to commercial sUAS operations. You can always phone us or send us an email

Can you provide training in my area?

Yes, we provide drone flight coaching in select locations across the U.S. — as it pertains to Part 107 evaluation prep, our online-based class works to your benefit — you can see the video courses at your own pace as many times as you want. Phone or email us should you have queries. You will also have lifetime access to this program, which becomes significant in case you want to keep your certificate every 52 weeks.

Could I research for the FAA evaluation using free tools rather than paying for your program?

Yes, if you are just thinking about’passing the exam,’ you will find complimentary videos and study guides on the market. We put together this class to assist our pupils save time and to know not the way to’pass the test’ but how to think as a pilot and also to input the sUAS sector professionally and safely.

Can you promise I will pass?

Yes, we will pay your testing fee (generally $150) if you do not pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test following our class (i.e., passing at least among our five practice tests with a score higher than 85 percent ). With our 99%success rate, this seldom occurs, but we’ve got your back if it does.

Meet Jason Schappert a pilot and author of 8 best-selling aviation flight training books. He’s a CFII and ATP rated. Jason was appointed AOPA’s Top Collegiate Flight Instructor at 2008 and Outstanding Flight Instructor of the year in 2014 & 2015. He’s also the manufacturer of an innovative online piloting school, called Online Training School. He works as a flight instructor with over 8,000 hours of dual given (education given time) and he is here to help you with your remote pilot 101 test.