How to Capture Beautiful Landscape by DJI Phantom 4 Pro?

Now that Dji have canceled production of their phamtom3 and phantom 4 line. If you are looking for an advanced and capable drone, then you should look at the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. There is vision position system that is why it can hover without any problem. The VPS is very accurate even you can turn off the GPS system. You can quickly stop the drone by pulling the joystick. The built-in screen in the remote provides excellent control and vision over the drone.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro best drone 2017How good is the camera of Phantom 4 Pro?

There is a 20 Megapixel camera backed-up by the 1 inch CMOS sensor which is redesigned to take excellent pictures and videos. The lens is made by eight elements in seven groups that are why the pictures are very sharp. Apart from that, there is a mechanical shutter that is why there is no rolling shutter distortion during recording. If you are going to take moving object, then the OIS of the dji Phantom 4 pro is very helpful.

 Why is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro different from other drones?

There is 4-axis optical image stabilisation that is why it can take stable pictures without any distortion. The stabilisation is controlled by the gyroscope sensor inside the camera that is why the videos are extremely stable. It can record at 4K videos at 60fps and downwards that is why it is the best drone. The video bitrates can go up to 100Mbps. You can see everything clearly in details; the powerful image processor handles the post-processing.

  • The dji Phantom 4 Pro is made out of magnesium frame that is why there is no vibration. Apart from that, the new designs keep the centre of gravity in the right place, so it provides extra stiffness.
  • The new frame makes it impressive as well as precise.
  • It also comes with multiple flight modes to handle the battery demand.
  • You can have the smooth cinematic movement by using the cinema graph mode of the phantom 4.
  • It provides 28 minutes of break-free coverage which is 25% more than the preceding model.
  • It also comes with high range coverage of 5km along with 720p HD streaming to the remote.

Why should you buy the Dji Phantom 4 Pro?

There is more than one reason that is why you should buy the Phantom 4 pro. You can record 120 fps recording at 1080p which is exclusive for the slow motion. The improved sensor provides extra sharpness in the images. Apart from that, there are different video profiles along with professional video quality. The best part is that the dji Phantom 4 Pro provides RAW image capture at 12 Megapixel.

It is equipped with integrated Gimbal support that provides additional stabilisation. There will be no unnecessary vibrations and movement during in-flight movement. You can have GPS and GLONASS system that provides a faster positioning system on the air. There is no distortion and rolling shutter effect in the Phantom 4 pro. It also comes with a premium remote control just like the DJI Inspire 2 Drone.

If you want to have an excellent drone, then you should consider the Phantom 4 or wait for the drone with the longest flight time for 2017. The OIS is very helpful when you are going to chase a fast moving object by using the drone. The new mechanical shutter is better than the previous system. Apart from that, you can take the depth of field images by using the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.