Why I think the DJI Inspire 2 Considered as a Beast?

dji-inspire-2-best-drone-for-2017When it comes to the design of the dji Inspire 2, it will satisfy your camcorder needs. I love this drone, there is a professional grade camera which can take stunning images as well as videos using the camera. It can capture 5.2k video at 4.2Gbps bitrates which are insane. There is an SSD drive which enables the faster operation. You can store many videos on that SSD drive. There are two different camera X5s and X4s.

DJI Inspire 2 Best Drone for 2017

How to get the tricky shots?

It is quite hard to get tricky shots with normal drones but when you have the inspire 2 then you don’t have to worry. It can combine computer vision as well as an autonomous navigation system to get the perfect shot. It was inspired by the flagship models of this company. Apart from that, there are two different sensors placed at the bottom and top of the drone to prevent it from the crash with the object.


How to get stunning videos from the Dji Inspire 2?

If you are going to cover your tour by drone, then you should use the OIS to get the stable videos. There is an infrared sensor at the top and bottom. It can sense obstacles near the drone that is why the dji Inspire 2 can avoid the obstacles. It also comes with an automatic subject tracking system, so you don’t have to worry about the out of focus. The camera can rotate indepently so you can take 360 degrees.

How rigid is the Dji Inspire 2?

There are many features which were carried forward from the first generation models with some tweak. The frame is totally new which is made of magnesium alloy that provides stiffness to the drone. The new frame makes it lighter than previous as well as there is no scarifies to the quality. There is a dual sensor which provides obstacle avoidance. The addition of infrared sensor provides protection from crashing on the air.

  • You can pair the dji Inspire 2 with multiple controllers.
  • There are two independent modes to control the Inspire 2 even from the 100-meter mark.
  • The master controller is used to send High Definition video to the controller.
  • The newly tuned controller is used to have delicate manoeuvres.
  • It also comes with extension port along with HDMI and USB port.

How good is the camera?

When it comes to the camera of the dji Inspire 2, I notice that there is a 4-by-3 sensor. Apart from that, the lens is made out of 10 elements along with zoom lens just like the Dji Phantom 4 Pro. The best part is that you can compress the video format to make it small. It can be increased later by using the software. It can take up to 30-megapixel images at DNG RAW format. You can broadcast the video at High Definition.

When it comes to the design of the Inspire 2, it was carried from the previous models. There are many major upgrades over the previous models that are why it is powerful. When it comes to the stability of the videos, the Dji Inspire 2 will never disappoint you.