DJI Mavic Drone, Need to experience flying

Are you bored of those previously designed drones? Then come try this new version of DJI Mavic Drone and find out what exceptional features are attached to it. It has been a dream for every person to turn the sky as per their creativity. So if you are one of those, then DJI MAVIC Pro is definitely going to be your choice. But how could they serve you with this might the common question arising within your mind? So let’s explore and find out how?

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If you desire of a powerful drone, then DJI MAVIC is the first name that would strike your mind. IT has the ability to turn the sky by being a canvas for your creativities. In fact, you can make any type of aerial moments without any type of worries. Apart from other types of drones being available, it is the size of DJI MAVIC that adds a degree of complexity to it. This drone also pursues the best flying camera.

Why is this DJI MAVIC DRONE designed?

The creation of this little shape drone was done simply to fit into a box that later was named to be DJI MAVIC. These days the expectation of people has eventually been raising high enough from drones. Thus this small package of the drone has the ability to fulfil all your desires with smooth working that will deny you from questioning yourself whether this drone is safe and worthy or not?

A lot of drones have been seen these days. They all tried achieving these features of creativity but certainly failed in doing so. Some companies have tried making their drones portable, but surprisingly they lacked a level of stabilisation or controlling power when needed. Before this drone, in fact, one specialised drone came into existence that fulfilled people’s criteria but was too large to be carried away. Thus to help people with the easy carrying of drones with attached cameras wherever they desire this DJI MAVIC DRONE was designed.

What kind of things MAVIC DRONE fits in?

Markets have provided customers with a vast range of MAVIC DRONE ideas and designs. Thus they all differ from each other in some or the other features. Unlike the previously designed drones, this DJI MAVIC DRONE is a great one to be carried away. This happens simply as the MAVIC folds in without any extra help and without leaving its arms hanging outside. This probably makes them look extremely smaller in size. This attracts people more.

You might have seen the initial design of DRONE to be uniquely large in size. But after being folded into small size you easily fit them wherever you desire like the backpacks, bags, etc. and also it passes to have a lower weight that enables you to carry them. This is what makes your drone be movable and also fit in perfectly wherever you desire. But apart from these, even more, features exist that would make you astonished and allow you grab this DJI MAVIC DRONE.

Specifications of DJI MAVIC DRONE:

  • Aircraft:

An aircraft, this Drone has a weight of about 1.62 lbs and can be folded along the arm which stretches up to H38mm x W83mm x L198mm. This DRONE allows a maximum speed of up to 40mph that too without any type of wind. The user can fly them till 27 minutes continuously without any dropping. This aircraft can be suitably operated within a temperature range of 32 to 104 degree. Along with this MAVIC DRONE also has a GPS mode that proves helpful in direction navigating for flyers.

  • Camera:

This DRONE is one of the most revolutionary ones among the word of drones till date. The most happening feature lies in its camera features which include a camera of 4000 x 3000 image resolution. It possesses a lens of FOV 78.8° 28 mm with a sensor of 12.71M pixels. Apart from this it even enables various photography modes and video recording modes with full HD quality. Pictures taken can be in JPEG and DNG formats whereas the video recordings can be in MP4 and MOV formats.

  • Remote controller:

Apart from camera and aircraft features this DJI MAVRIC PRO DRONE even consists of a remote controller that allows users to control the entire aircraft smoothly easily. Unlike other DRONE’s this one can be operated within the frequency range of 2.4 to 2.482 GHz. Temperatures needed for operating this aircraft is 32 to 104 degree. Though this is a form of aircraft thus, it should possess a battery to sustain for longer duration smoothly. Thus a battery of 950mA power is an added benefit for users.

Pursuing this DRONE MAVIC is simply reliable for every person. Unlike the previous DRONES, they have a charging system that enables users to get their aircraft being charged with a voltage range of 13.05 Volt. Also, the battery being fixed consumes the energy of 43.6 Wh. For providing stabilisation, this aircraft contains 3 axis stabilisers across the pitch, roll, and yaw. Eventually, this DRONE works suitably in an environment with clear patterns and visions.

How does this DJI Mavic Drone fly?

The various specifications of this DRONE MAVIC reveal how fast would this DRONE fly when compared to other drones like the phantom 4. This genuinely happens just because of the size of this DRONE MAVIC. Eventually, it has also been seen that this aircraft drone remains in the position they are put into. Similar to phantom 4 this MAVIC also possesses front facing cameras that are quite beneficial in case of avoiding obstacles. Thus the flying of DRONE MAVIC is suitably done just because of its smaller size.

How is DJI Mavic Drone different from the Phantom 4 Pro?

It has been a common question prevailing after the launch of DJI MAVIC DRONE whether or not this MAVIC Pro has brought a redundancy in the popularity of Phantom 4? Is it a modernised version of Phantom 4 pro or just a newly designed aircraft? All your answers would be clear when you get a rough idea about its specifications by comparing them uniquely. How do they differ from each other let’s find them out and have a glance at it?

It’s hard to find any probable solution until we have a glance at them. Let’s compare their features here.

  • How they differ in their cameras?

If certainly you already possess a phantom 4, then guys you are a top most aerial photographer on the list. So in such a situation why would you ever think of getting a MAVIC DRONE once again and destroy your previous work? But guys when it turns up for image quality there is nothing extra that would discriminate them from each other. They both pursue the same 3 axis stabilised gimbals.

The major difference lies in their image shooting. Be it from a phantom 4 or a MAVIC DRONE PRO. Basically, a Phantom 4 provides an image shooting of 4K videos that too at 30fps whereas the MAVIC provides 4K videos at a maximum of 96fps. But both images being of full HD quality. Probably the Youtube and filmmaker have released two different ways of video shooting technique with this MAVIC PRO that makes it different from the Phantom 4. By chance your way of adjusting tuning is done in a wrong manner then the quality of videos will differ.

Shooting with the model of MAVIC DRONE Pro will allow you to get images that are free from colour grading. Thus it will let you get the realistic colour of images and feel the real essence at once when you throw your glance at the photos. So if you think you require such great shooting Drone aircraft’s then this MAVIC is probably the one for you. Do not waste money on other products. In fact replacing your Phantom 4 experience this MAVIC will let you enjoy shooting proudly.

  • Power and battery life differences:

Now all other features comparisons are almost made but when it comes to the battery and power life of both the DRONE’s people start to panic. Now, what exactly makes them so different? Let’s find out. Both these drones have a flying time limit of about 28 minutes. Whereas being in sports mode, the Phantom 4 can even reach up to 44mph or even more than the MAVIC Pro. But this Phantom 4 fails when it comes to the weight of the Drone.

This Phantom 4 is a bit bulkier than the new design of MAVIC DRONE. Thus it would require heavy winds to support them while flying which probably is not required in case of DJI MAVIC DRONE. Even in terms of flying range, this MAVIC DRONE takes over the old version of Phantom 4. This MAVIC DRONE could fly up to 4.7 miles in comparison to the flying range of Phantom 4 which is 3.1 miles away. Thus this suitably shows how useful this MAVIC DRONE is then the Phantom 4.

  • How a DJI MAVIC DRONE vs. DJi phantom 4 differs in price?

Having a deep knowledge of both the drone aircraft now you all might think at what prices will they be available for you to purchase them. When it comes to the list of Drones, then the DJI drones turns up to be the topper in costing. Though the cost of a simple Phantom 4 model would cost you approximately $1999 but in the case of MAVIC DRONE an aircraft without any remote controller would cost you $750. But in total, the less cost of the entire aircraft would be approximate $999 to $200 less than that of a Phantom 4.

Though the price range variation might bring a turning point for you but guys why would you waste extra money when you are getting a more reliable and feature oriented aircraft at least cost than Phantom 4. This MAVIC DRONE has obviously made the Drone companies obsolete. Thus this Drone has made a great revolution in this field of drone aircraft along with smart designs.

  • Some other features comparisons:

The features reveal both the drone models to be the same. But certainly, some features exist that makes the MAVIC DRONE to be at the top than Phantom 4. One of the most beneficiary features is the front facing feature in order to avoid any type of obstacles from arising. It even consists of sensors that face downward and also an active tracking facility. This tracking facility ensures the mode of transportation being followed by the user.

Unlike the previous designing of Phantom 4, this MAVIC DRONE is made to easily fold its arms while making it easier for users to carry them wherever required. Some features like the tripod offer the users with perfect photography and also slows them down when flying indoors up to a speed of 2.2 mph. In their sports mode flight gets more immensely responsive, and thus they even reach their top speeds. This MAVIC supports FPV goggles for the more thrilling experience.

In the case of Phantom 4 if you desire to carry them away with you, then probably you would require separating their propellers. But these need not be done in the case of MAVIC DRONE. This is certainly because of the stunning feature of MAVIC pro to easily get its propellers folded. This eventually reduces the weight of MAVIC DRONE and thus your backpack could easily provide space for them. But sometime if you wouldn’t prefer carrying bags with you then you can also get this MAVIC DRONE’s fit in your pockets.

This folding of propellers being done is just a part of the design of MAVIC pros. Thus this does ignore any type of damage or casualties to your drone designing’s and so carrying them become reliable. Now how could you control them, unlike those Phantom 4 controllers? This MAVIC comes with a simpler controlling device of remote operable that is easier to use. But this Phantom 4 has an ergonomic controlling system. Thus in all respects, the MAVIC DRONE is better than the old form of Phantom 4.

How well does a video can be shot from MAVIC?

Since this version of MAVIC DRONE being designed is a Bata version thus judging them completely upon their video quality is not recommendable. Sometimes it can be observed that these models of MAVIC might be a less sharp at the edges than a Phantom 4 model. This has made the designers add an autofocus feature within their cameras. This autofocus helps them while they are filming closely. At this time the main focus relies upon the targeted image and eventually the background goes blur for more focus.

These all shows how well are the camera designed for the users to shoot with their targeted scenes. In fact, the 3 axis gimbal helps in stabilising the videos that are really nice to see and also how small it is. Unlike the Phantom 4 functionalities, these models of DJI MAVIC DRONE shows that the gimbal could easily rotate around 90 degrees for helping shooters take a portrait shot at a glance or even a video.

Flying benefits of DJI MAVIC DRONE vs DJi phantom 4:

Apart from using the MAVIC’s Wi-Fi transmission this MAVIC even makes use of newly developed transmission system named as OcuSync. This OcuSync performs faster than those previously used Wi-Fi transmission systems. This OcuSync uses a much more effective digital form of compressions and channel transmissions systems thus allowing the DRONE to produce the high quality of videos even in areas with higher radio interferences. As compared with the traditional form of transmission these OcuSync allows transmission of videos with the quality of 720 to 1080p up to 410 times better.

The quality of videos being produced in HD quality is always free from any type of flickering, interferences, or any colour castings, etc. Often this OcuSync goes far than the video optimising to aerial imaging parameters. Eventually, a number of gadgets are seen across markets that are quite reluctant to provide you with video transmission power with 0 latencies. But unfortunately, the physical layer of such transmissions environment is not adjustable with the environment changes. This happens genuinely because these layers are too simple.

In case if any signal interferences are encountered then certainly the quality of the image will start falling down faster. Thus it suggests that these systems are not well supportable for long distance transmission and also for heavy environmental situations. Thus making use of an OcuSync is quite useful as they provide a perfect balancing in between the latency and the receptivity. Thus this OcuSync reduces the latency to 5ms in order to be controlled by the remote and 10ms for the video data’s to be transmitted. This enables that your DRONE is able to fly high enough.

Thus making use of an OcuSync in spite of those Wi-Fi transmissions system in a DRONE will be cost effective with the quality processing of videos along with coding and transmitting signals. In such case of using this OcuSync, this transmission system will automatically scan the surroundings in order to check whether any type of interference is there or not. If any exists then, it simply removes them and makes way for transmissions. Thus this feature has made it strongly recommendable over DJI MAVIC DRONE vs DJi phantom 4.

But in all these relevant points in between the Wi-Fi transmission system and the OcuSync what exactly makes them differ from each other and make them relevant to use? This point needs to be understood well such that you can make use of the reliable system and aircraft for flying from among the Phantom 4 and DJI MAVIC. Wi-Fi enabled transmission is done simply to establish a connection with the electronic devices in a local area. This is done as the range of Wi-Fi is meant for short range.

But whereas the designing of OcuSync makes use of edge communication within industry technology in order to perform the Wi-Fi with respect to sensitivity, anti-interferences, etc. especially when flying at the highest with higher speed. In fact other than these types of transmissions OcuSync also supports point to point transmissions. Thus this feature has been more attraction for the users at times that allows them to purchase it. So if you are in doubt under Phantom 4 model and DJI MAVIC model then stops it and simply adopt MAVIC today.

Things that will let you know which among DJI MAVIC DRONE vs DJi phantom 4 is better:

  • How they handle winds:

Firstly get to know how these both handle the wind as per their need. As it known till now that MAVIC is much smaller than the design of Phantom 4, do this shows that MAVIC is unable to hold the wind? No, these certainly don’t reveal the exact work. In fact, both of them when submitted to heavy, strong wind would work better, but certainly, a fact exists that will allow you know which one survives.

In the case of phantom 4, it is seen that in the case of heavy winds this model tends to move even higher than the MAVIC DRONE. But unlike this Phantom the MAVIC has successfully retained within heavy wind for a longer duration. The MAVIC provides a narrow field of viewing for users while being tested. In fact, both these drones’ turns to be successful at the attack of strong winds whatever the situation is they will stand still and survive winds.

  • Which produces the best video quality?

This model of MAVIC has a camera whose size is relevantly smaller than the previous model of Phantom 4. But this small size would not make them fall down on their quality rather they are quite effective for image shooting and video recording. This effectiveness doesn’t seem to be turned higher than Phantom model, but yes they can produce a good quality performance with the lens. But if your desire any extra additions of features then yes it would produce you with reluctant results.

This model of MAVIC is reliable and probably effective to produce great quality picture even in low light. But the worst part of this MAVIC model is its field of view in a narrow mode which disappoints some people. This will make you feel like a shot has been taken from far off with a 28mm lens. So in such a case also the MAVIC takes the lead. Now you might think how this could happen. Suppose in the case of risky photography moving closer to the source might be risky. So this lens provides wide clarity pictures at such time.

  • In terms of Controllers being available:

Desire and dream go in vain if certainly, you are unaware of how they can be operated. So before deciding to purchase you should be aware of the controllers being provided with the aircraft. Thus this applies here too in case of a DJI MAVIC DRONE model. Despite the size of DRONE, the controllers can perfectly fit in your hands. But in the case of Phantom, 4 model the controllers are just like the RC controllers. Both the controllers’ possess the same number of buttons with almost similar functionalities. But the MAVIC model contains a special button meant for STOP with an additional smart mode.

In this model, you can even enjoy a beneficial LCD screen that will guide you throughout your flying experience if suppose in case you are a new user then. This screen even serves you with minute flying information’s that Phantom model wouldn’t provide you with. It also makes use of USB cable connectivity. But unfortunately, the worst part is that there is no way out for connectivity of a tablet with this aircraft drone. Thus people having tablets would face issues.

Apart from all these features and comparisons yet some of the points exist which need time to turn up. Thus one of those is the ND filters, prop guards, etc. In the case of Phantom 4, there are quite a large number of third party accessories available for users. But in the case of MAVIC, there is no need of purchasing any type of case as this drone can be fitted anywhere you wish. Thus using a drone with these benefits is terribly worthy.

What are the pros for DJI MAVIC DRONE?

If you are thinking of expanding your talent of flying aircraft drone’s, then come let’s helps you out with this model of DJI MAVIC. You might desire to have a drone aircraft that is perfectly reliable for you to fly with less weight. Thus you would be astonished to know that the MAVIC are ultra compact and extremely light weighted. In fact, one can smartly fold them and carry along. Usually, this folding feature is something new to focus on.

Unlike the earlier developed drones, this MAVIC DRONE has been featured to fly high up to 27 minutes such that the user can experience them fascinatingly. While flying, they even pursue stability which allows them to beat the strong winds at times easily. Thus it makes the fly move smoothly without any interference. Other than this also an intelligent mode of flying is allocated along with various sensors being added. The images being produced are all of the 4K with a high speed of 65 km/hr.

What type of smartphones can fit for DJI MAVIC DRONE?

If you are thinking of getting this high-quality drone for yourself, then just go for it. Initially, you might consider them to be quite high in the price range, but guys do remember the above points being cited which shows them to be affordable with the comparison of DJI MAVIC DRONE vs DJi phantom 4. Now the question is which type of smartphones do they fit in? So probably the designing of this MAVIC DRONE is done to fit in smoothly within phones of 6.5 to 8.5mm thick.

In spite of this, the phone should also be 160mm in length and also without any type of phone cases. But certainly, if you are trying to fix these aircraft drones within larger phones than the mentioned sizes then you are probably going wrong. Phones or tablets that are larger in size are not meant for this model of DJI MAVIC DRONE as compared to others. So decide your model of drone which fits on your phone or the vice versa while getting a drone aircraft.

What happens when propellers are not unfolded?

In this MAVIC model suppose in the case while unfolding the propellers get half unfolded and a half locked up, then in such case you might think to be quite messed up while flying. But certainly, this won’t happen certainly because of the rotors that will allow the propellers to open up smoothly with an applied centrifugal force just after the spinning of rotors. This spinning will automatically force the propellers to unfold in the right direction without any issue and let you fly smoothly.


Guys if you are thinking of getting a drone for experiencing higher fly then this designed model is perfectly the one for you. Various reasons exists that might cite them to be solely responsible for you to hire. But the best way to decide is to look through the features and specifications of DJI MAVRIC DRONE in comparison to other models for clarification. This MAVIC is designed with a rotating spinning motor that allows the propellers to open up on time and also make them capable of withstanding strong winds.

In fact, the MAVIC could withstand the level of the wind up to 5 that too fresh breeze which probably includes blowing winds with a speed of 24mph. Thus it’s recommendable to experience this flying model to rejuvenate your experience even more. So what are you waiting for just go and grab your desired model today and feel the joy of flying high within the creativity sky? In fact, the various reasons in comparison to DJI MAVIC DRONE vs DJi phantom 4 have even shown how effective this new model has been for users with higher speed and patterns.