Phantom Flex 4K with global shutter from Vision Research

Phantom Flex 4K cameraWith the incredible features like 1000 fps in 4K Phantom Flex Camera can be considered as one of the best options for the filmmakers. All the controls can be accessed quite easily and the side display features this camera has become an easy option for the filmmakers to take some of the incredible videos. They have already received the Scientific and Engineering Academy Award and they really deserve the same.

Incredible cameras with incredible features:

The amazing heat is generated by this camera always help to get the footage with an incredible speed. The white color body gives the assurance that even in different weather condition the camera will not at all be affected and this is why with this camera it will be possible to take best footage with it. Because of the thermal and electronics design this camera is capable of taking footage in a temperature range from -20 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius.

When you are thinking of a good quality camera for wild life photography or for some of the footages in the roughest places with uneasy weather conditions this camera will provide a wonderful performance which is one of the main reasons behind choosing this camera for the wild life documentary making and also for the filmmaking.

By the help of good quality shutter this camera can take sharper image. It can also add some artifacts because of which you will get the each and every pixel clear in the footage, which is very much necessary for the filmmakers. The utilization of global shutter in most of the future models of Phantom flex is going to be handy for the filmmakers because it will help them to get better footage quality with ease.Vision_Research_Phantom_4K


  • The sensor is of 35 mm size and having 9.4 megapixels.
  • It has global shutter as basic and it can be transferred to rolling shutter to get dynamic range of footage with this video camera.
  • It has an exposure of 5 μs in minimum range.
  • When you are coming up to the performance of this camera it can provide you 938 fps in 2304×4096, 1000 fps in 2160×4096 and 1975 fps in 1080×2048 fps.
  • For getting the black references it has shutters with internal mechanism.
  • It has a video output of 3G-SDI.
  • For the playback and live video it has the extra feature of Dual-SDI mode.
  • As per the look and the design of this camera is concern it looks extremely sleek and stylish. It is easy to hold this camera to get better control while capturing the photograph or the footage.

The models of this camera came in the market in the year 2014 and with its incredible features it was already one of the best cameras available in the market. Where 200 to 300 fps is enough for taking the best footage of wildlife or the human activities this video camera has a lot more extra to get amazing quality of footage at any point of time.

Better than others:

Some of the other camera manufacturers have also come up with some of the models, which have given competition to this model of Phantom, but if you take a comparison they will be way behind than this super class camera. If you take the example of RED cameras as a user you need to make the compression ratio low to get the speed of 100 fps at 4K. In case of this camera this user can give the best quality exposure to a RAW file as well with 1000 fps at any time.

It is true that when you consider the price of the cameras this camera will surely at the higher side but when you are taking the added features in consideration for this super fast camera you can get the clarification for the same. Right now the market price of Phantom Flex 4K starts from $100000, which can be considered as a lot higher than the other cameras available in the market.

Best uses:

As this camera can provide high quality image it is normally used for different purposes. Some of them are given below.

  • In case of various scientific researches in which the best image quality is required this camera is used.
  • In case of Military work also this camera has been in often use. It can take photographs and footage with a super fast shutter speed. This is why it can be used at the time of any fast action.
  • For the filmmakers this camera can always be considered as one of the best options because of the image quality. They will be able to access all the controls quite easily and at the same time the side display in the camera will help them to get the idea of the exact photograph or the video they are capturing with the camera.

With the time the filmmakers have understood the importance of slow motions in their films. Since they have understood the same the demand for this kind of camera with the best shutter speed with the satisfactory image quality has increased a lot. Now, this kind of cameras is not only used to gets the footage for the documentaries regarding wild life but at the same time those are used to get the movie scenes as well.

Recently the utilization of this kind of camera has been found for filmmaking. In a documentary film named ‘Through the Thick’ which has been shot by the contributors of cinema5D Nic Divischek and Nino Leitner. If you just go through the documentary you will be able to understand the powerful image quality of this incredible camera. You will also get the best use of slow motion pictures.

It can surely be said that when you are thinking of purchasing a camera for making documentary of wildlife or any military activity or any kind of wonderful scientific invention then Phantom Flex can be considered as one of the best choices because it comes up with some of the best features like the amazing shutter speed and image quality, great control etc. You will be able to take better pictures and footages for sure with this camera.

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