Best Drones for 2017-How to Shoot Like a Pro Using the Best Drones?

dji-phantom-4-pro-01- best-drone-for-2017DJI Phantom 4 PRO

If you are looking for a powerful drone, then you should look at the best drones for 2017. The Dji Mavic Pro and Dji Phantom 4 PRO can solve most of the problems. Drones does not take too much time to take off into the sky. The compact size makes it very powerful. There is a sophisticated flying camera which can give you professional grade photographs without any problems. The drone is loaded with different sensors and computing devices which make it a smart drones for 2017

How to make it fly?

It is quite easy to make it fly; you have to active the flying mode by tapping the power button then you have to tap the colour bar on the remote to make it fly further in the sky. The new transmission system allows it fly up to 7km range. There are five vision cameras and one camera backed-up by Optical Image Stabilization. It can shoot videos at Ultra HD resolution without any problem.

How does the smart remote make the Dji mavic pro smarter?

There is remote by which you can control the mavic pro without any problem. There is a screen where you can track the every detail of the drone. It also shows the battery status of the drone. It will be better if you calibrate the compass sensor before the drone takes off in the sky for better location accuracy. The remote will give you a green indication for successful calibration.

You have to follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate the compass sensor. The remote control is not bulky so you can carry the same anywhere you want. The OcuSync technology in the Dji mavic pro will help the drone to fly at 7km per hour while shooting at 1080p highly stable videos. You can use the Smartphone app to replace the remote.

  • You can easily fly further without any problem while shooting high definition videos. You can stream the same into your Smartphone and Smart remote without any buffer. There are highly power antennas which ensure high signal strength.
  • There are ultrasound sensors in the mavic which prevent the drone from getting accidental hit with trees and obstacles. The ultrasound sensor can track the obstacles up to 45ft away. The intelligent technology helps the drone to bypass the obstacles easily.
  • There is long distance flying modes as well as low distance flying mode for ground video capturing.
  • There are GPS, GLOANSS and Assistant-GPS which ensures precise tracking and flying. You may not be able to track the drone if it gets too high without these features. There is a down facing sensor which tracks the height.

If you have purchased the mavic drone for the first time, then it will be hard for you to control the same that is why it is suggested to read the manual carefully to make it fly again. It is quite easy to fly a drone when you have a smart remote. It takes few practices to become an expert. There are many quick guides; you may read the personal review to get an idea of the personal experiences.

How to start flying?

It is quite easy to start flying with the mavic pro because of the smart remote and smart application. You have to take a 10 feet space where you can freely practice the powerful drone. If the battery becomes low, then it should be automatically set into the landing mode so you have to recharge the same.  When it is recharged completely, then you have to set it to the flying mode by tapping the button in the drone.

The compact design of the Dji mavic pro makes it travel-friendly. Apart from that there is carrying case where you can store the drone and the propellers. It also comes with folding abilities and removable propellers which can be used to make it small during travel. The portability feature is missing in the expensive drone. There is two pair of blades which helps the drone to fly high.

How to calibrate the sensors?

At first, you have to calibrate the compasses, to do that make sure that the drone is in unfolded. After that you have to turn on the drone then you have to tap on the blue camera button in the remote. It will show you a live video on the remote then you have to tap on the calibrate button. At that point, it will automatically calibrate the sensor and give you the green indication.

If you tap again on the colored bar, then DJI Inspire 2 will show you the status of the battery as well as ‘ready to fly’ message. You should rotate the drone 360 degree horizontally as well as vertically before flying. The LED lights will now glow in green which suggests that it is ready to fly. You have to ensure that the battery if fully charged and the cameras are turned on.

There is a 28mm lens in the DJI which ensures high-quality videos and images during flying. The OIS also makes the images and videos stable by cancelling the vibration. The wide angle lens can take stunning looking images. The high-quality camera also has good dynamic range and distortion free images. The larger aperture is very handy when it come shooting at night. You can adjust the exposure of the camera by using the remote and smart app.

How to use the Smart application to control the Dji mavic pro?

You have to update the firmware of the Dji Mavic drone. If you tap on the update button on the controller, it will start updating the firmware. It is not recommended any manual interference during the firmware update. During the update process, it can take multiple restarts which are normal you don’t have to worry. You should not power off any device during the update process.

  • At first, you have to download the DJI GO application from the store after that you have to pair it with the mavic pro. You have to create an account by using the application.
  • It is necessary to update the firmware of the mavic app. You have to connect the controller/remote via USB cable then you have to click on the software update.
  • When everything is done, you will see the welcome screen on the remote. Then you have to tap on the ‘connect a device’ button to pair the mavic pro.

When it is paired and connected, you will see a logo of the mavic pro in the application. You will see the colour bar on the screen. Once you touched the bar, the mavic will start to fly. You may use the remote to control the mavic the app will be used as a viewfinder of the Dji mavric pro. The drone will send high-quality images and videos to your Smartphone. You may store the same to view it later.

You may use the stock controller/remote, or you can buy an advance control from the website which also serves as screen monitoring. Alternatively, you can use your Smartphone to control the drone. The display of the Smartphone will be used as a viewfinder. There are two 360 degree cameras which can take 360 images as well as videos. You have to use a VR headset to view the VR content.

How to take amazing pictures with the best drones for 2017?

There is a wide 85-degree lens which can capture wide pictures, selfies, groupie and high-quality video. The videos are come out at 50 Mbps bitrates which are in high quality. If you want to have an immersive experience, then you should view the 360-degree videos and picture. The camera also supports optical zoom which ensures high zoom without any compromise in the quality. The app also shows you the battery status of the drone.

DJI Inspire 2 is quite hard to control the drone for the first time because of the complex control and interface of the application. However, the manual is very useful when it comes to control department. If you are using the GO app on your Smartphone or tablet, then you can just tap on the map to make a move of the drone. The intelligent technology will help the drone to avoid obstacles.

How to focus and record videos in DJI Phantom 5?

It is suggested to fly the drone straight for the beginners. There are familiar controls which ensure safety. There are joysticks in the remote so you have to operate the joystick to control the drone. There are several cameras for different purposes. The Phantom 5 used to fly smooth that is why the outcomes from the video camera are very smooth although there is OIS. During the flying, you may tap on the record button to start video recording.

The best part is that the Phantom 5 is very lightweight that is why it is very portable. The folding ability also makes it very user-friendly. You can use the drone to take selfies and capture high definition wedding videos from the moderate height which look stunning. If you are going for camping, then you can store the phantom 5 in your camping bag easily. It can be used in outdoor as well as indoor also.

  • There are 4k video recording abilities which ensure high-quality photos at high definition.
  • You can enjoy 12-megapixel images straight from the camera. It can be a perfect replacement for the action cameras.
  • There are OIS and EIS which ensures shake free shots.
  • You may capture an image during video recording which makes it very user-friendly.
  • There is a new OcuSync transmission technology which ensures high-quality shot.
  • You can control the drone from 4.3 miles away by using the stock remote.
  • The drone can fly up to 27 minutes without any break and stop in video recording.
  • There are GPS and Vision-Position based navigation system.
  • It also comes with Smartphone application.
  • The best part is that you can achieve a top speed of 40 mph in sports mode.
  • There are different camera modes which ensure best photographs during flying.
  • It also supports gestures that are why you can operate the drone by simple gestures.

What is special about the Dji Phantom 5 Drone?

The drone DJI Phantom 5 is made of lightweight materials which ensure high durability. The materials used in the Phantom 5 are made of high-quality carbon fibre which is stronger than the steel and lighter than the aluminium. You may swipe or tap the screen twice then the Phantom 5 will take an aerial selfie. There is a subject tracking mode by which you can allow the drone to follow your car.

The subject tracking features will never allow the screen to go out of focus. There are face detection technologies which allow the camera to focus on the faces. You can tap on a random area in the map which suggests the drone fly in that area. You can use the drone as an alternative to the security system. It can be used for surveillance of property. The propellers used to spin silently even at high speed.

What are the different between expensive drones and Mavic pro?

When it comes to price, the Dji Mavic drone is the clear winner because the expensive drones also lack functionally and feature at certain points. The mavic pro is very portable which is missing in the expensive drones. There are better features in the go application which is still missing in the expensive models. If you are looking for a high-performance budget friendly drone, then it is the only option for you.

You don’t need to hire any professional cameraman to cover the wedding photographs. The lens is made out of 9 elements which are very sensitive to the light. Apart from that, it can take high-quality photos because of the Optical Image Stabilization and modes. There are different modes for different lighting condition. You may use low light mode at night for a better result. The ISO can go up to 1600 which ensure noise-free images.

What are the included sensors in a DJI Phantom 4 PRO?

If you are going to count the sensor, then you have to start from the beginning. There is a down facing camera, GPS, compass, Ultrasound sensor, dual redundant IMUs, GLOANASS and another advanced positioning system for better location and imaging. When you start taking a picture, the camera will inject a geotag in the picture that is why you don’t have to remember the location of the image.

There is a high capacity 5100mAh lithium polymer battery which powers the compact DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone. The best part is that there is slow discharge rate in the battery which ensures long lasting performance even at the full load. The battery also supplies power to the low-latency video mode which is very useful when it comes to sharing video footage. There are simple air-commands which can make it fly in a matter of seconds.

  • The camera in the backed-up by the 3-Axis stabilisation. There is a gyroscope sensor which detects the shakiness of the camera and cancels the same using motor inside the camera. The motor moves the camera in the opposite direction of the movement with the exact amount of movement this is how OIS works in the drone.
  • Here are 4K 30fps and 1080p at 60 fps video recording mode which looks completely normal. It also supports slow motion video recording which very handy. It can capture HD images during video recording.
  • There are advanced programs by which the drone can detect some common object such as people, wall, vehicles, bike and more. If you use the object tracking system, then you can easily track the car, bike and more. It also allows you to fly the drone while travelling.

What is the camera specification of the DJI Inspire 2?

When it comes to camera feature of the Inspire 2, there are lots of modes in the camera. You can manually control the white balance as well as ISO of the camera on the go. If the camera gets out of focus, then you can tap the screen for manual focus. It also comes with an option by which you can save the output file in JPEG or raw format.

The remote is the control centre of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Parrot and Solo Drone. Once you are connected, you can enjoy the handy shortcuts/gestures by which you can perform heavy tasks. You can use the full manual control by which you can control the camera. It includes ISO, shutter speed, video resolution, video mode, image format and more.  The high-quality camera ensures professional quality photographs without any compromise in the image quality.

How to get good photos?

It is quite hard to get good quality images, but when you have a multi functional drone, and then you can easily take stunning images without any compromise. The built-in 12 MP camera provides raw output for further enhancement. There is a geo tag in every picture which is very handy when you want to get the location of the photograph. The GPS and GLOANASS are there for location assistance. It is equally efficient at outdoor and indoor.

As you already know that the mavic can be folded up in a box, the measurement of the mavic comes to 3.27*7.8*3.27 inches in width, depth and height respectively. The weight of the mavic capped at 743 gram whereas the expensive drones are over 1kg. So it is a great word done by DJI for reducing the size by 50%. It also comes very handily for a backpack. You can easily carry the same into a small bag for travel.

What is the flight modes included in the drone?

When it comes to flight mode, there are multiple modes suitable for a different condition. It is always recommend turning on GPS system while flying the drone in the high sky. The GPS will help you to locate the drone when it gets out of range. There are smart programs which will help the drone to go in landing mode automatically if it gets out of range.

There is a sports mode by which you can easily move at 90 kilometres per hour. It is recommended to use the sports mode when you are in the car, and the drone is outside. You may combine your Smartphone with the remote to enhance the capabilities of the drone. There are many rumours about DJI Phantom 5 which state that you can control the drone from 7.5 kilometres away.

What are the improvements in phantom 5?

There are many improvements over the previous generation drones. There are huge improvements over the camera and image quality. Phantom 5 has a premium price tag than the phantom 4. There are identical sensors in the phantom 5 which makes it equal efficient as the previous model. When it comes to improvement of the optics, the next generation drones comes first on the list. You can fly with a simple double tap on the power button.

The photography has been re-designed by the use of drones. It also comes with a strap to which you can attach the remote/controller in your neck. As soon as you tap on the go button the drone will start if you tap the same button twice then it will start to take-off. It is also loaded with object tracking feature including active track. The Phantom 5 also includes the following modes.

  • Collision avoidance mode.
  • Dual-sensor redundancy mode.
  • Object tracking mode including car and bike tracking feature.
  • Sports mode.
  • Fly by phone mode and tap on map mode.
  • Terrain follows mode.

It is also equipped with 360-degree collision protection in the phantom 5 which is the best mode in a drone. There is lossless zoom in the cameras which are the added benefits. You can pair with a second controller which is a good option. When it comes to the battery, there are marginal improvements. You can extract up to 30 minutes of continuous flying without any break. The removable propellers option is present over the new generation.

What are the included accessories in the DJI Inspire 2?

You may buy the pro model where you can find different accessories as bundled. There is a carrying case to carry the drone as well as other accessories. You will get a charger to charge the drone, one remote/controller, one USB cable, one manual, one high capacity battery, one detachable camera and a suitcase to carry. If you want to capture high-quality images, then you should use the normal camera instead of the 360-degree camera.

If you are searching for a perfect drone which can be used for daily photography as well as fun, then you should buy the standard edition of the drone. The standard editions are cheaper than the pro models. There is a high-quality 12-megapixel camera with optical zoom. You may swipe two fingers to zoom, or you can use the slider to zoom in the controller of the DJI Phantom, 4 parrot and Solo.

There are many users who want to take spectacular drone photography then Phantom 5 is the best option for you. You will never feel anything missing in the drone. There are Full HD 120fps video modes which look spectaculars in HD TV. There is a 4k 30fps video mode which also looks stunning in the UHD TV. The nine-element lens is a pleasure when it comes to distortion free image quality.

It also allows you to take a spherical 360-degree image for VR headset. It also reduces distortion in the image. The camera also maintains the sharpness of the pictures without any oversaturation. If you are searching for a drone with a good camera, then you should opt out for the phantom four parrot drones. The ready to fly design makes it lightweight and compact. It can fly up to seven mph in normal mode.

What are the handy modes?

There are many handy modes which can extend the functionality and replace many gadgets. The tripod mode is very handy it can slow down to 2.2 mph in tripod mode which is used to take selfies and photographs. You can further reduce the speed and sensitivity of the drone by using the remote control to take a precise shot. There is an indoor mode which is used for indoors only.

  • The trace mode is used to follow you from behind. It can be used on any moving object.
  • It can fly alongside the subject which is named as profile mode.
  • There is a spotlight mode which keeps the camera on the subject no matter wherever you go it will maintain the focus and camera.

What are the noticeable differences between pro and standard edition?

The main noticeable difference is the camera. There is an improved version of the camera in the pro edition. Apart from that, the professional edition can shoot up to 4k i.e. Ultra HD resolution at 30fps. There is a better range in the professional edition. Apart from that, there are no noticeable different regarding size and weight. The standard edition is on par with the pro edition when it comes to performance.

When it comes to functionality, there is little difference. The standard edition of the Inspire 2 is recommended for the beginners while the pro editions are the experts. If you want to take high-quality spherical photographs, then you should pick the pro model because there are advanced cameras including support for 360-degree photos and videos.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro also a good 4K Drone

Why should you buy the DJI Phantom 5, Parrot or Solo?

If you want to secure your future, then you should buy the Dji Phantom 5 drone which will be the best drones for 2017. The ready to fly design makes it perfect for the future. Apart from that, it is very flexible and durable. When it comes to stability, it is the only device which is lightweight and stable. It is the complete package which includes all the advanced sensors and other staff. It is loaded with advanced technology which can be combined with other platforms.

There is a powerful motor which rotates the propellers efficiently that is why there is synchronised rotation in each propeller. It was built to last because of the durable materials that are why most of the people prefer the phantom for reliability. It also supports fast battery charging that means you will be ready for shooting within one hour. The battery can be recharged quickly without any problem via a fast battery charger.

How good is the body of the drone?

The aerodynamic body makes it perfect flying machine. The phantom is made of carbon fibre which is very sturdy but flexible. The best part is that you can remove the camera from the drone and upgrade the same with a better camera. There are 360-degree cameras which can give you spherical images and photographs without any problem. You can live to stream the footage in your Smartphone. It is quite interesting to capture photos on the go.

  • You can record 120 fps slow motion videos at 1080p resolution.
  • The camera in the drone also supports 4K recording at 30fps.
  • There is a high quality nine element lens which prevents reflection of light.
  • The image sensor is CMOS sensor. There is a 1/2.3 inches sensor.
  • When it comes to the field of view, there is a 94-degree mode.
  • There is a three axis OIS for better stabilisation.

What are the camera features in the DJI Inspire 2?

If you are searching for the efficient and effective camera in a drone, then you should buy the DJI Phantom 4, parrot or Solo. The built-in camera of the phantom has 20mm lens equipped with 94-degree wide mode. The wide angle mode is very useful when it comes to the selfie. There is a selfie mode by which you can take great selfies. There is a f/2.8 aperture size in the camera which allows lots of light to pass.

If you have connected your Smartphone then you can directly save the same in you’re the SD card. The default remote does not allow you to turn on the HDR mode of the camera which can be done using the GO application. The pro models also support HDR video recording which looks stunning. The images and videos can be views directly using the Smartphone.

Which is the Best Drones for 2017?

When it comes to the battery, there is a huge 5200mAh battery inside the drone that is why the weight of the drone becomes heavy. There are many drones where the manufacturer uses a lithium polymer battery which is made lightweight comparing to the lithium-ion battery. DJI Phantom 5 equipped with a 15v high capacity battery which also has slower discharge rate.