DJI New Ground Station Pro for Sale

Osmo MobileDJI who is considered as the leader of the drone industry has just announced number of new products and accessories which includes the ground station pro GSO and the Osmo Mobile turns a smartphone into a smart motion camera, giving creators the tool to effortlessly create cinematic videos.  The product announced is the colorful and limited edition of the phantom 4 version which is also called as the Chinese New Year phantom 4. Now the old color of the phantom which was white has gone and the new designed and colorful phantom as been announced. It has great and bright red legs and props as well. The phantom 4 is the kaleidoscope of the colors and it represents the phoenix.

Phantom 4 Chinese New Year EditionAerial: Phantom 4 Chinese New Year Edition

            As per the Chinese mythology this phantom 4 is considered as the symbol of good fortune and the happiness. It would be really hard not to be happy with the features of the phantom 4 drone. It is the drone which has the features including the 4K recording and the 3 axis camera. It also has the forward obstacle avoidance. Moreover the drone contains the Lightbridge technology which is useful for keeping the bird eye view even from 5 km away. The ground station pro has many other interesting features included.

            It is available with the limited edition but it is definitely available in the colorful arrival. The CES running has been hot by DJI by announcing the brand new app. The app is designed for all the professional operators and it is called the ground station pro. The app is developed for the operators who are professional so that they can plan the autonomous flights and also controls the DJI aircrafts. It is mainly designed for the iPad. It is mainly also designed with the purpose to allow the tool to program the high complex mission using a few taps.

ground station proWhy was ground station pro designed?

            The ground station pro was designed such that it helps in assisting the drone operators so that they can carry the complicated commercial mission in easy manner. The carrying of complex and complicated commercial missions becomes easy with this tool. The new release done by DJI clearly says that it is designed in such a manner that it can improve the workflow and also increase the efficiency in number of industries. It can be usually used in the aerial mapping, precision agriculture, and architecture and also in the electrical inspections. The applications are complex of this tool and the too is designed to study the most complex parts.


            DJI has been well known for the quality of its apps and the products. This one also looks very much impressive in terms of looks as well as features. The major features of the tool are quit impressive as it allows creating 99 different waypoints which can be created for each mission. Each of the waypoint is able to create and has upto 15 consecutive actions. The actions which can be taken include the capturing stills, starting and stopping of the video recording and hovering. It also includes the actions like aircraft rotation and gimbal movements. Moreover the product is able to capture the data which can be inputted in the 3d reconstruction software as well. It allows the creation of the 3d maps and also the 3d models which are used for architecture. The best art of this ground station pro app is that it is completely free and is available to be downloaded easily from the app store.

Hardware Display: CrystalSky Monitor

            The hardware is also there in this product. DJI has also announced the digital display system named CrystalSky. It is the brightest one and it means what is said. The new display system has the high resolution screen and it also has the ultra bright screen which can be useful in viewing the day light as well.

            The product has the maximum brightness of 2000 its which makes the monitor brighter upto 4 times as compared to the normal mobile devices. The monitor has TDC written and it means that it supports the H264 and also new H265. It is useful in the getting of the high resolution quality and that also at less space. The 4K video output in the monitor is useful to tap the monitor with the HDMI port. It can also be directly dropped into the FPV goggles and also the high display devices.

            TDC has the 1000 nits display which ships with P4P+ and you will also be impressed with the broad daylight with the screen. The CrystalSky monitors which is available in different screens and it is the great step forward. They are very much brighter and they are also professionally grade which has the military spec. the large screen can run for 4 to 5 hours without charging and then you will need an external battery for further usage. The smaller screen works perfectly fine for 5 to 6 hours and then it needs the external battery. The ground station pro is designed in such a way that it can work under extreme temperatures as well.

            The drone is available at good range and you can compare the rates easily. Getting good features is much more important thing as compared to the rates. The model not only has a new look but also has a free look and makes the device a free lifestyle device. It is not the cinematic tool. The features of the original model are definitely found in the device and there are some ore intelligent features added into it. The new model allows the touchups and it also has the professional mobile apps.

            This product of the DJI is much more efficient in various terms. The high capacity batteries which allow you to run the device in 4 to 5 hours and then you need extra battery. The device has many interesting features. It has great color and the impressive look of the product is appreciable. The device has good battery life and it also allows the external battery. The ground station pro has apps as well which allows you to run them on the iPad. Get the most interesting features in the most affordable rates.