The Red Phantom 4 Chinese New Year Edition


The Red Phantom 4 Chinese New Year EditionThe latest invention which is running in the market is the red phantom 4 Chinese New Year edition. The images are captured using the drone in weddings and it is also used at many other automobile places. The usage of images have given rise to the latest editions of the drones which are becoming compact and also possessing great features. DJI is a well known in terms of the drone in the market and it has come up with its latest invention of drone which is quite colorful in look thus impressing the users.

The latest and limited edition of the drone has been announced in Las Vegas and will be available in market form January 2017. It is the colorful and the limited edition version of the original model phantom 4. Phantom 4 has already been a popular name in the industry of drone and it has been proved to the one which brings happiness. The limited edition is named as the Chinese New Year phantom 4 which is the kaleidoscope of the color. It is able to represent the phoenix and as per the Chinese mythology it is the symbol of the good fortune and also of happiness.


In the earlier times, the drone were available of white color but red phantom 4 Chinese new year edition has shredded the basic white color and is completely bursting with colors and deign. The first look of the new version is very much impressive because of the unique designs used and the colorful expression. DJI is celebrating the New Year Chinese phantom 4. It has great red body and has the propeller blades. The biggest advantage of the color is that it becomes easy to see against the bright sky as compared to the original white color. The artwork of the famous designer martin Sati is known n the latest edition.

Release of red phantom 4 Chinese new year edition

As the name is red phantom 4 Chinese New Year editions it will be sold during the Chinese New Year. The design features the phoenix as the centerpiece and it is considered as the symbol of happiness and good fortune. The inspiration is also drawn from the basic 4 elements of the nature including water, fire, air and earth and each of them is reflected in this design. It has the same intelligence which makes the shooting and piloting simple with the features like the Activetrack, Obstacle sensing and TapFly. The model has the 4K video recording facility which also contains the 3 axis camera stabilization and the sensing technology. It also contains the advanced computer vision features included.

Phanttom4 has the DJI signature Lightbridge video transmission which allows the users to see the images and video in the HD quality and in real time even form the distance of 5 km. the drone can achieve upto 28 minutes of flight time. The retail rice is around $1199 and it is sold exclusively only at the Apple stores. It is also sold at the DJI flagship stores but not in Korea. It is also sold at the Tmall DJI store and the DI online store. The product will start shipping form January 23.

Red Phantom 4 Chinese new year edition-What it contains?

The phantom 4 has the bright red props and legs as well. It has the unique features of the forward obstacle avoidance which was not found in the earlier version. The phantom 4 also contains the Lightbridge technology which allows having the amazing view from a good distance as well.

The red phantom 4 Chinese New Year edition has been considered as the smartest flying camera from DJI which allows great aerial images on the iPad and iPhone as well. It not only flies intelligently but also has the automatic ways to create the seamless tracking shots and it can avoid the obstacles as well. The twin front facing optical sensor are available in the phantom which watches the obstacles which can stop the drone from flying and it makes the way to fly safely form the obstacle. The TapFly mode in the drone allows the user to move the drone in particular direction using the iPad or iPhone. It is the time to take the images of the moving subject with the camera pointed steadily the subject. The Activetrack has the advanced visual tracking capability which can automate the tracking. This allows you to get the perfect shot each and every time.

Satellite support

The drone has the 24 satellites and advanced vision positioning system which allows getting an effortless flight. The phantom 4 flies exact the way you ask it to. The professional quality imaging features allows to shoot the 4K video at 30fps and the video is full 1080 HD quality. The slow motion images can also be captured and the 12 megapixel photos in RAW can be captured which can be used for full editing creativity. The high speed facility of the drone makes the fun to last for more time.

The new sport mode is available in the drone which is capable of having 45mph speeds making it to fly with more fun. It can last for 28 minutes and even more when flying and it has the satellite support as well. The drone has a large capacity battery and the design is also highly efficient. The drone becomes with the comprehensive app control which is the free DJI Go app on the iPad and iPhone which allows the live video feed. It also allows the access to the smart flight features and the manual camera controls. The box of the New Year edition of phantom4 contains the DJI phantom 4 aircraft, phantom 4 intelligent flight battery, remote controller, and two set of propeller and the storage bag of propeller. Moreover it also contains the charger and power cable, mobile device holder, manual, gimbal clamp, microSD cable, etc.

This device is designed and developed so that it can be used to assist the drone operators who are carrying the most complex and complicated mission. It has the wide efficiency and is used in range of industries. The red phantom 4 Chinese new year edition is useful in the aerial mapping, precision agriculture, architecture, etc and many other areas.