How to Fix DJI Phantom 4 Camera?

how to fix dji phantom 4 camera?The camera of your DJI phantom 4 can cause problems, but you need to know how to fix DJI phantom 4 camera. If you how, then the simple problems what you can face with this kind of camera can be resolved. You will not need to wait for a long time to fix the flight and enjoy it.

What kind of issues?

DJI Phantom 4 Video Glitch Problems

First off, save your flight data to tech cloud and delete your DJI Go app and re-install it. If you are using the 2.8.2 firmware on your iOS device there have been a ton of problems with it.
It seems a re-install is fixing the issues. You can tell if you have the “bad” 2.8.2 by going to your video options and seeing if you have the 2.7k recording option.
If you don’t, you have the bad 2.8.2 firmware.
Re-install the Go app and see if you get the 2.7k video option.
If you don’t, you are best to find the “revert back to 2.8.1 firmware” thread in the P4 Help forum and follow those instructions

The titled horizon is one of the most common problems what you can face with the camera of the DJI phantom 4. However, it is not extremely tough to fix this problem. The tilted camera is another problem which you can face the camera. You can have the problem with the sensor of the camera as well. In some of the cases you can try yourself to solve the problem, but in some of the other cases, it will not be possible for you to solve the problem. You need to contact the DJI support team.

If you do have the 2.7k video option then try this for your DJI Phantom 4 Video Glitch Problems

You need to change a few settings on what info the copter feeds to your TX and device. Most importantly the feeds bandwidth. I use 6MB (8MB is default) if you are still having dropouts drop it to 4mb.
and also the Hardware decoding option. (so its Green) This makes it easier and less cumbersome for your iPad to translate the info.

I had the same problem with mine. I use an iPad Mini 4 and this solved all my issues of poor feed quality.

How to Fix DJI Phantom 4 Camera?

  • In some of the cases, you can keep faith on the updates to fix the problem of your DJI phantom camera.
  • Some of the problems regarding the camera can be fixed in the firmware as well. In the case of a tilted camera, the update may work as a solution.
  • The calibration of the camera can also bring a solution to the problem.
  • Many people try to adjust the gimbal of the DJI phantom 4 and have got a solution for various camera problems. If you change the roll setting of the gimbal, you may find out the solution of the camera problem.
  • You have first to do the landing of the flight and then make the necessary adjustment by utilising the gimbal roll. Then you can power the camera off and switch it on again. You can repeat the process again till you see the problem is fixed.

Use the warranty:

There is no doubt about the fact that in some of the cases you will not be able to find out the solution of the problem. In that case, it will not be possible for you to fix the problem by yourself. Especially in the case of a problem with the camera sensor, you will not be able to solve the problem. In such case, you should first check the warranty of the camera.

If you find out that the warranty is still applicable, you can surely take help of the DJI service centre and replace the camera. The replacement cannot be done because it has crossed the warranty period the support team will try to fix the problem of the sensor. If it is at all not possible then, you have to replace the same.

So, it is true that in the case of all the problems regarding the camera of DJI phantom 4 the solution will not be possible by yourself. However, if you know how to fix DJI phantom 4 camera, then you will be able to fix at least the small problems of the camera and will be able to enjoy the flight and the recording camera without any much problem.

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  1. Phantom 4 Pro+ isn’t supported on Android and iOS Pix4D capture. We don’t know if we will have the ability to camera support it or not. Actually, it isn’t supported at the present time since the DJI control is, for the time being, a closed system which can’t work with third-party programs. DJI camera doesn’t allow other programs to be used for today.
    The Phantom4 pro+ and the Cristal Sky (Screen ) is in view of Pix4D exactly the same: They can’t be used, because this sort of DJI Android does not allow installation of additional applications nor to use it! In the event of PH4 Pro+, I’ll attempt to open the Controller to disconnect the inner android and use an outside Tablet.

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