Drone Company is acquired by Verizon to open new business opportunities

Drone Company is acquired by VerizonVerizon has owned a drone company named Skyward which is situated in Portland. Drones are now helpful in many regards. There are many industries which plan to fly their flights by the help of the drones. It is also used for registering the aircrafts, finding out the restricted airspaces easily. All these things are related to the rules and regulations of the commercial drone regulatory authority. All these rules and regulations are made for the safety and security of the drones.

So, for both Verizon and Skyward this is going to be a big decision. It is going to provide Verizon a great opportunity to provide data connection and plans and grow their new arena of business. At the same time it will be a good time for Skyward because with the assistance of Verizon their dream of creating that platform for the drone safety will be fulfilled.

Drone Company make an important deal:

Now, for any drone it is extremely required to be got connected with some data service network to function properly. For keeping all these things in proper track it is required to make the drone management platform which is already made by Skyward. Skyward wants to come up with some of the most innovative plans to make the utilization of drones for the industrial purpose more profitable. To make their dream possible they will need the data connection in the drones in the most reasonable price. As their company is now acquired by Verizon it will surely be possible to get that.

To maintain this platform twenty eight people have already been appointed by Skyward. You can consider drone as a flying computer which has internet connectivity as well. By the help of this one drone delivers information of the flight to another drone. Not only has that it helped to send the necessary reports to air traffic control.  At the same time the operator of the drone gets the image of the real time sitting back at home.

For Skyward which is already trying to create the most efficient management platform for operating the best drones. Now, to make this platform possible they need to take assistance of a telephone company which will be able to provide they wireless data connection and data plans in the most reasonable price. So, this acquiring will be beneficial for them as well.

Verizon terms of the deal to buy Drone Company:

Till now there is no clear declaration from the Verizon about the terms and conditions regarding the agreement which has taken place between Skyward and Verizon. However, it can be considered that it is a million dollar deal. Why it can be said like that because last time in 2015 they had a same kind of deal in which Skyward raised their income up to $4.1 million for their company. So, this big shot in telephone industry has invested in Skyward perfectly every time and gained a good amount of profit from the same quite easily.

Now, it is about why they are going to own Skyward. Now, in this competition market of the telephone industry it is always crucial to invest money in new sectors. The utilization of the drones is increasing day by day. These drones are used by various service industries for different purposes.

However, at the same time there are various rules and regulations also for the drones to be used. This is why drones are featured with wireless internet connection to get the air traffic information and send the real time image directly to the operator using the wireless data.

New field of business in telephone industry:

Now, Verizon as a telephone company wants to enter in this field of industry. They are planning for providing wireless data connections to the commercial drones. They are planning to provide some of the most lucrative plans with which it will be extremely easy to maintain the internet connection inside the drone and get all the necessary data within the reasonable price. So, the expectation of getting a good

However, it was not at all a very easy go for Verizon. There were some of the strongest contenders in this round. Some of them are like Techstars Venture, Founders’ Co-op, Norwest Venture Partners, Voyager Capital, and Draper Associates. This is quite evitable that the fight will be neck to neck. However, the last smile was smiled by Verizon. However, the deal amount with which they have won the deal has not been found. So, this is still in the mystery that with what amount Verizon has won such a close contest to purchase the drone company.

Drones use the wireless internet to do its various activities. There are plenty of phone companies which are already providing various lucrative plans to be used for the wireless internet connection inside the drone. Now, Verizon is already thinking to get back into it. They are going to provide new plans for wireless data for the drones. As per their disclosure the plans will get started from $25 for one gigabyte for one month. In case of 10 gigabyte connection they will offer $80 data card for one month.

Verizon is also entering their hand in many other things. They are now interested in companies like Precision Hawk. This company actually works as a data analysis company for the drones. It means that in this field of business like the data connectivity of the drones Verizon is trying to go into deep to generate new source of business in the telephone industry.

As the data plans for the drones is going to be a very crucial thing that people will want to know in near future spokesmen of Verizon is coming up with some declarations to give the customers the rough idea about the various plans which are going to come into market within quick time. With their updates it is also clear that the data plans are going to be extremely reasonable as well.

It can be said for sure that this acquiring of Verizon is going to have a huge impact in the telephone industry when they are trying to explore new business opportunity in their field of business.