DJI Solar Powered Drone is coming soon

Dji Solar powered drone hybrid

Wow!! The word is out, DJI is working on a hybrid solar powered drone that is set to be released late 2017. This is a dream come through for many of us that are great fans of the UAV’s. Can you imagine flying your drone for an hour or two depending if the sun is out bright or not, before you have to make it return for a battery change? This is a game changer for the drone market and guess who is at the TOP of it again. The solar powered drone technology already existed but only for the military and 33k agriculture drones.

What are the amazing technologies inside the DJI solar powered hybrid drone?

What is a drone? A drone is a machine that is used to take photographs and other tasks. There are many upcoming drones in the market such as DJI hybrid drone that will be coming with many exciting features. Many people like to call it as flying robot. There is remote with/without a display that is used to control the drone from the ground. There are some drones that can be controlled by your Smartphone.

There are many upcoming drones that are why many people are expecting many features in the same. When it comes to portability of the drone, you shall carry it over a bag. Most of the drones have four propellers which are used during take-off. DJI is very famous for the high-class affordable drones. It is already working on the next upcoming drone to make it super hit. The drones have GPS, infrared and other important sensors.

What is in the sales package?

There are powerful antennas that are used to produce powerful signals from the hybrid drones. There is a carrying case which is specially designed to hold the drone in the place. You can store the detachable propellers in the same place. There are special pockets where you can store battery charger, batteries, cameras, memory cards and more. It also comes with a fast 98Wh charger to charge the batteries of the hybrid drone.

The drone is very powerful if you compare it with the preceding models. It will be made out of magnesium aluminum for more durability. The development team has told that it will increase stiffness in the sky. Apart from that the low weight of the magnesium alloy is very helpful for the drone. The magnesium construction is very helpful in speeding up the drone; now it can fly at 62 mph.

The battery life also increased from the preceding models because of the lightweight design. The noticeable difference is that now you can fly it high without any problem. It can go up more than 16000 feet without any problem. The self-heating system of the hybrid drone will keep it heated even at the high altitude. You can use it even from the freezing temperature. The powerful antenna bands will transfer signal to the remote.

What makes the drone friendly for the user?

A drone may have tons of features, but it may not be user-friendly until it becomes compact and small. Most of the drones can be fitted into a small compact bag so you can carry it wherever you go. It also comes with an assembling and disassembling guide which makes the job easy for you. The hybrid drones are very fast and agile when it comes to speed.

There are two batteries and solar charging that ensure your flying time will be long without any break. There is a self-heating technology that ensures fly even at the minus temperature. The hybrid drone is very efficient because of the revised development and intelligent hardware. It also comes with obstacles protections from two different sides. There is an infrared sensor that enables the obstacles protection.

What are the security features of a drone?

The DJI hybrid drone is getting famous day by day. The rapid adoption of the drones makes it very famous. There are few security features that can be used to distinguish between other drones. There are many places where you should not fly a drone such as airports, private properties and more. It is potentially unsafe to fly a drone in the urban areas.

What are the noticeable differences between DJI hybrid drone and preceding drones?

The outer shell is made of strong and durable materials while keeping the foldable design as the USP. There will be an improved version of the GPS and GLONASS for faster mapping solution. You may connect the remote with you Smartphone so you can control the same without any problem. There are four efficient propellers to make you fly without any break. The updated firmware makes it very easy to operate from the remote as well as your smart phone, tablet and ground station pro.

What are the similarities?

Despite having a difference in the construction, there are many similarities with the preceding models. There are similarities in the cameras, batteries, case, motor, chargers and more. However, there are some improvements in the camera department. The Gimbal will be quite similar to the preceding models in the hybrid drone. The stability of the hybrid drone will be amazing just like the Phantom pro and Mavic one.

When it comes to the distance capabilities of the hybrid drone, it is quite similar to the preceding models. There is a Gimbal that is why you can expect super stable shots from the drone. You shall enjoy the footage from the stock cameras of the hybrid drone because the cameras are optically stabilized. You may find the following similarities regarding build quality and features.

  • There will be magnesium when it comes to building of the drone.

  • There is carbon fiber arms and shell that will add more durability score on the report card.

  • When it comes to the cameras, it is expected to spot a two/three axis stabilized camera. There will be another camera for photographs.

  • It can hover without any problem. There will be a 2kg thrust motor that will allow the hybrid drone to go 58 miles per hour.

  • There will be dual batteries that will help maximum flying time, while the solar one battery the other make the drone fly without any problems. There will be features like self-heating, high-density battery and battery redundancy.

What will be the expected materials?

It is also expected to have a design in the material along with 3D print. The team is planning to use magnesium as the primary materials of the hybrid drone. The development team has imported materials from China, Guangzhou and many placed for the shell of the body. The best part is that there will be various colors for the hybrid drone. The battery will be lithium polymer for the light weight design.

If the drone not in flight mode you have to take out the batteries to charge the same. The charging process is the same as the old models because it is very handy. The fast chargers can charge the device without any problem. It is also expected to see battery and solar powered hybrid feature in the hybrid drone. There will be a circuit to prevent excess charge from the batteries. There will be more security features including the normal features.

What will make the hybrid drone famous?

There will be a various improvement in the altitude algorithms so that it will give you accurate positioning. There will be an improvement in the control sticks so you can previously. The remote also offers adjustment of the flying parameters. You should download the DJI remote app on your ground station device so you can enjoy the live broadcast from the drone. There will be an automatic mode that will allow you to hover the drone in the sky without landing.

It is quite fast not as much as the electric charge. It also comes with a new image processing system that will help you to capture the videos in 5.2k resolution. The built-in camera also allows you to capture images in a RAW format which is the added advantage. There will be excellent white balance and exposure control from the camera so you can enjoy life like picture quality.

Where can you fly the hybrid?

It takes 5 seconds to reach 0 to 50mph with a whopping top speed of 62 per hour. The hybrid drone will come with extreme weather durability feature that ensures extreme weather control even at the high altitude. It can easily fly up to 1.5 miles above sea level. If you want to fly more then, you have to use the special propellers. The self-heating technology is very handy when your destination is the freezing point.

What are the features of the hybrid drone other than the Battery and solar powered charger?

You can fly the hybrid at 3.1 miles by using the high altitude propellers. The self-heating technology will keep the drone and important component warm so you can operate it even at the -4 degree F. You don’t have to worry about the cameras in the hybrid drone because it is totally weather proof. The camera also offers simultaneous collaboration with the Gimbal for better and stable shots. You shall have the following features as usual.

  • Precision Control over the hybrid drone by using the default remote.

  • Solar Chargers for Drones for convenient charging even at the extreme places.

  • Extreme Weather Durability for better usage in the extreme point.

  • Professional image quality with super stable cameras and RAW image support.

  • 3 Axis Gimbal stabilization offers to shake the free image.

  • It will come with the landing terrain detection. It will not land until it detects a landing terrain.

  • There is also an obstacle Sensing feature that will help you to avoid obstacles.

How is the image quality of the cameras in a Hybrid drone?

There will be new nine core (2.0) integration that will help you to capture better images. It will be capable of capturing 5.2k videos without any problem. The cameras are placed on the dedicated Gimbal that is why you can capture pleasant images. You can use an external mic in the drone all you need to attach to the camera. If you don’t like the stock camera, then you can install any action camera in the hybrid.

It is very easy to charge your hybrid drone because it is battery and solar powered. You have to connect the solar panel to the charging connector after that you have to place the panel in the sun. You have to attach the battery in the right place it will allow the battery to be charged by the sun. It is a very handy feature if you are outside or travelling when there is no charging point present.

What is broadcast mode?

There will be a dedicated broadcast mode that can be used to broadcast directly to your Smartphone. You have two different options such as 1080p and 720p. You can record 1080p 60fps for better video quality. It will help you to maintain real time view of the pilots from the sky which is very enjoyable. There will be a dedicated follow mode that can help you to track subjects. You can expect the follow ports and features.

  • HDMI, USB, 3.5mm jack.

  • Slot for memory cards.

  • There will be Wi-Fi for better data transfer.

  • An additional place for an action camera.

What are obstacle sensing in the DJI Solar Powered Drone?

The obstacle sensing feature of the hybrid drone is very handy because it can detect obstacles 6 ways front, back, side, top and bottom by using 4 different stereo vision sensors. The sensors will help the drone to sense the obstacles. If there are any obstacles, then it will avoid the same during take-off. The infrared protection is very helpful when it comes to added protection upwards and downwards.

The front camera of the DJI hybrid will be highly stabilized because of the Gimbal. Apart from that, there will be wide angle lens that can provide you wide coverage. The Gimbal will eliminate unwanted shaking from the footage. The DJI Lightbridge technology can transfer seamless video images so you can enjoy live streaming from the drone 4.3 miles away. The hybrid will transfer live the feed along with the primary.

The DJI hybrid drone will come out with new dual battery system so you can expect high performance. These batteries will have high density and slow discharging rate. These batteries are very efficient when it comes to charging and discharging. There will be a toggle switch by which you can enable self-heating system in the hybrid drone. It will show you complete information about the battery statistics in the remote.

The DJI Solar Powered hybrid drone will be very compact and user-friendly. The smaller form factor is very user-friendly when you want to travel with the drone. There is a charger with dual battery slot. Despite having a high-density battery, it is quite lightweight. It is also expected that there will be two different models for the DJI hybrid drone, charging at 26.1v with 180W.