Dominos pizza started delivering pizza by drone

Whoopee, yes folks! It is true. Domino’s is now delivering pizza by drones. Did you ever imagine getting your favorite pizza restaurant to deliver your delicious pizza by air? But it is possible and happening right now. 2016 was a big year for the drone delivery business. From the big box store Amazon then Walmart and now restaurants. Domino’s pizza is considered as one of the most famous brands for delivering delicious pizzas at your doorstep. You will be happy to know that they are going to use Dominos pizza delivery drones to deliver your ordered pizza within much quicker time. It has been started in New Zealand, and it is about to help them a lot to deliver pizzas within a very quick time to their numerous customers.

Why it is implemented?

This kind of delivery for the pizzas was started in one store in Auckland. After that, the same was spread in many other stores of Dominos. This drone is manufactured by one of the most popular US Company for Drone Flirtey. They were facing the initial problem because of the rule that the company cannot use a drone further than the visibility of the operator. However, they work hard with the authorities so that they can use the drone properly.

In the month of November 2016, the drone delivery was started in New Zealand. However, now the drones are used to deliver pizza orders in various parts of the country.

Is it safe and secure?

It was a very crucial thing to be taken care of by Dominos pizza authority. They have already appointed a team who are overseeing the drone to keep the delivery safe and secure by Dominos pizza delivery drone. They have already delivered pizza with full safety and security with all the deliveries. They are trying to use the latest technology to make the drone delivery successful. At the same time, they are trying their level best to expand the area of their delivery.

Not only they are delivering the pizza with the help of the drone, but they are also ensuring that the customers will get the fresh and hot pizza at their doorstep. When you are making orders, you will get the delivery of the pizza within ten minutes only. You will be able to get the best pizzas at your home which will be delivered by the help of a drone.

 Why is it more helpful?

  • The main benefit which the customers can get from Dominos pizza delivery drone is to get the delivery within the quickest time. There is no chance of any kind of traffic jam while dominos will deliver the pizza to your home. So, it will be much quicker.
  • As a company also dominos will be able to save a good amount of money in delivery expenditure because they don’t need to arrange a separate vehicle only to deliver your order. They will send the drone instead to deliver your order.
  • As they have already appointed a separate team to take care of the safe delivery of the pizzas by drone in most of the cases the pizzas are safely delivered to the customers’ house within a very quick time.
  • They are also making plenty of experiments and checks to maintain the quality of the pizza. They are maintaining the temperature of the same. So, when your ordered pizza is delivered, you will be happy with the quality of the same.
  • With drones, it will be easier to deliver the pizzas within a bigger zone within the stipulated time. It means that even if a customer is ordering the pizza from the little bit remote area, it will be easier to deliver the pizza within quicker time if the drones are used because the street traffic will make it delay for sure.

Testing going on

Domino’s is testing plenty of drones, especially in New Zealand to deliver the pizza to their customers. They are known to the fact that in most of the countries especially in the USA the drone regulations are very strict. So, if you they use this delivery process more and more, they will need to maintain all the rules and regulations which are required to be maintained in case of the commercial drones. So, they are testing for more successful deliveries with drones for the pizzas in various parts of New Zealand.

They are also testing to know the area in which the drones can be used for delivering the pizzas successfully. They are also trying to find out what will the best time to deliver the pizzas with the help of the drone so that they can take the order from the customers accordingly. They are also making sure that all the latest features they are using the drones are working properly or not. They need to make sure the safety of the delivery through a lot of more testing which is already going on in multiple cases.

They have considered this as one of the best ways in future to deliver the orders of more customers. The customers are increasing for dominos, and it will be difficult to use the vehicles only to deliver the orders within the stipulated time. So, successful testing with the drones is surely going to help them out in delivering more orders quickly and thus reaching out more targeted customers. Dominos pizza delivery drone is going to make the delivery fast and easy.

Dominos pizza delivery drone is the future

If you go through the versions of the higher authority of Domino’s pizza, you will find that they are taking drone as a future of their quick and safe deliveries of pizzas to their customers worldwide. This is why except New Zealand they are trying to develop their delivery system with the help of drone in the various other countries like Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, France, Belgium and many other countries.

They have also done various surveys regarding how many customers are actually going to like the drone delivery system. They have found that if the customers get opportunity more than seventy percent of their customers are going to avail this opportunity for them. They are also trying to develop the team with more people to take the orders which will be specially delivered with the help of drones.

Maintaining drone laws

Now, as Dominos is using the commercial drones to make the deliveries, they need to maintain a few rules and regulations for using the commercial drones. They cannot fly the drones more than four hundred feet above. At the same time, the drone must maintain a speed of 100 miles in every hour maximum to deliver the pizzas. Even if you consider this, you will be able to understand that if the drones are successfully used by Dominos everywhere, it will be much easier for them to deliver the orders within a very quick time to their customers quite easily.

Manufacturing of Domino’s pizza delivery drone

American famous Company Flirtey has used all the latest equipment and technology to make the drones for the pizza delivery. Dominos is always focusing on the use of latest technology to prepare the drones to use the same successfully all over the world. Aluminium and Carbon Fiber have been used as the main material to prepare the drones. Some of the components which are 3D printed have been used on the drone to make the same more attractive.

They have used the tether to make the drones safer for delivering the pizza to the customers’ house. In case the drone does not get the necessary signal in the middle of the way, or if the drone has a low battery, it will go back to a safe location with the latest features added in the drone. They have understood that the safety will be the most critical problem they may face for using the drones successfully all over the world. This is why all the latest safety measures are used to make the drone perfect.

With time they are manufacturing more and more drones to spread them in different parts of the world so that they can make it possible to use the drones more and more to deliver the pizzas. There is no doubt about the fact that it will help them to make the time bound deliveries successfully and at the same time, it will help them to save a lot of money which they spend for the delivery of one pizza to their customers.

What about the USA?

As per the updates from the authority of domino’s pizza, there is still no certain announcement about using the drones in the United States. However, Flirtey being a US based company is trying their level best to start the delivery of the pizzas in the same process in the United States as well. As the drone regulations are much strict in the USA, it will be little difficult for them to use the commercial drones in the United States. However, a lot of approvals taking processes are going on to start this delivery process in the USA within quick time.

New features

As Dominos Pizza is deciding to use this method of delivery as their future plan, they are trying to use all the latest technologies to make the drones compatible to deliver the pizzas in a larger area with absolute safety. Day by day they are trying to add more features in it so that the delivery of the pizza with the help of the drones can be controlled better with the help of the GPS system. They are adding a lot of new features in

They are also using new technologies to make the drone behave with more safety. This is why they have taken care of reaching the safe location for the drone in the case of low battery or any other system difficult issues. It will also be important for getting the approvals of using the drones in many of the countries for the delivery of the pizza. With the new features, it will always be a happy and easy thing to do.

Delivery of pizza by drone cost

This is one of the most crucial things that you will always be concerned with when you are ordering the pizza which will be delivered by the help of drones. As Dominos has just started this delivery system for the convenience of the customers, they are trying to keep the cost of the same very much reasonable. It is not anything higher than the normal delivery charges taken by Dominos in many countries.

The cost may differ from one country to another depending on the rules and regulations about the commercial drones existing in many countries. However, to make this newly launched process of delivering pizzas in different places Dominos is trying their best to keep the cost within your budget so that more and more customers will go for the orders in the same way.


In most of the countries, the drones cannot be used at night due to visibility problem of the operator. So, it has to be considered that in the case of orders at night it will not at all be possible to use the drones for the deliveries of pizzas. In this case, it will be impractical to deliver the pizzas at any place at any point of time by the help of the drones. So, initially, they are testing their all drones within the day time so that they don’t face any problem due to the regulations of flying a drone to a particular country.

How you will be benefitted as a customer?

  • The most important benefit you can get it from this new process of delivery of Dominos is to get the ordered pizza within the quickest time possible.
  • You can order a variety of pizzas, and those will be delivered to you at your doorstep within the quickest time if it is within the area of the drones.
  • It is expected that Dominos will be able to save a good amount of money by this way. So, it is also expected that you will get some of the pizza menus within the lower price.

Ensuring quality with dominos pizza delivery drone

Along with the right time delivery dominos is trying their level best to maintain the quality of the pizzas. They have successfully delivered the fresh and steamy hot pizzas successfully to the customer’s house in New Zealand. Till now Dominos has not received any complaint from the customers whose pizza was delivered with the help of a drone. So, if you are in the USA, you will be able to experience the drone delivery for the pizza sometime soon.

Rather the customers are more satisfied because they are getting the hot pizza within quicker time and at the same time they are getting the best quality they want. Thus Dominos pizza delivery drone is going to make a radical and effective change in future in case of pizza delivery.