Sources Say DJI is Secretly Working on a Human Carrying Drone Taxie!

Invention of drones

The current world has led to great inventions and there are some companies who have contributed a lot to the world of inventions. One such popular company is DJI. It is the Chinese company who has been well known for manufacturing the unmanned aerial vehicles that are also known as the drones. Their main purpose of developing such vehicles is aerial photography, gimbals, videography, cameras, flight platforms, camera stabilizers, propulsion systems, flight controllers and lots more.


It is the company who is considered as the world leader in the area of the aerial imaging technology and the civilian drones industry. It has been found that almost 85% of the consumer drone market is owned by DJI. The drones developed by the company ware used worldwide for the purpose of the videos, music, televisions and also in the film industries. The company also recently won the area for the camera drone technology which was considered and recognized as the excellent one in the field of the engineering creativity. It offered the cinematographers and directors with the accessible and the affordable platform for creating the low altitude aerial images and also opened great opportunities and possibilities for the distinct look of some of the TV shows. Recently with all the hype about human carrying drones, it was just a matter of time before we saw DJI also leading this space. On December 21 a very reliable source have found out information about DJI has partnered with an undisclosed mega company about building human carrying drone taxies. This project has been going on for many months now, so we can only imagine what this drone Taxi that was made by DJI looks like and we can all say DJI will not make a drone that is second best to any company.

DJI developments

It is very much likely that you see drones flying over rooftops. The multi-copters which carry the camera are popular in current times and if you wish to blame for that then you need to blame the founder of the DJI which is the Chinese company that has turned the small and non-military used drones into the must-have gadgets. The big break which was given by the company was the phantom series which was launched in 2013. It was able to short professionals grade stabilized videos even for a thousand bucks. It is not that the success of a company depends only on a single product and design but it is all about the series of the savvy moves which has transformed from the upstart to the unstoppable.

There are certain reasons which make DJI drone company one of the best companies in the world. The most important reason is the best tech. The stereotype which is used by the company is high and also wit cheap latitude. DJI has grown beyond all the technical superiority and it has processed from the 8 bit to 32-bit microprocessors and now beyond. It has been successful in incorporating the digital signal processors. The drones developed and designed by DJI are powerful in terms of the 4k video and that is offered at high frame rates. It also works with leading manufacturers.

The DJI drones are using some of the most powerful commercial software which means that they are not only into taking the simple moving pictures. It has some of the apps which are used by the professionals and it is the one used in the powerful drones and allows best quality images. The DJI Phantom 2 can mark the acre property in the 20-minute flight and that also form the altitude of 150 feet. They can also construct the precise 3D model which has a 1-inch resolution.

The technology used is handy for the architects and also for the builders as it allows mapping the entire castle and buildings. The same software is also useful in checking the bricks and the volume in a fraction of minutes which is needed in traditional technologies.

Another reason why DJI is popular is that of developers. Usually, many Companies discourage the act of the hacks and the hardware modification to the products. But DJI which released the drone for the developers. One of the drones named Matrice is specially designed for them and it is the one which is designed so that it can easily accommodate the new payloads such as the commutation gear and sensors. The program which is used is also very easy to reprogram. The idea is mainly to build the developers who can offer with the stream of the upgrades to the DJI products.

The advantage when you use the DJI drones is that you can send them where you wish to. DJI invented in the drone version of Uber. Not everyone would like to have the drone which is ready to fly. This kind of drone allows taking the photos from the drone and link wit the drone pilot. It is mainly useful for the real estate promotion, mapping, and construction and also in the terrain modeling.

Apart from all these DJI is well known for bringing new things into the market. It has been found that they are moving into the human carrying drone taxies as well.

Airbus PopUp

Airbus Pop Up Car DroneThe concept of the human carrying drone is popular in the market and there are many companies designing drones who are getting indulged into the developed of such drones. Airbus announced recently about the new concept of the car and the drone together which is known as the pop up. It is the car and drone combination which allows you to go in the future world which allows the transition from the car to the flying car and also to the train and that also without lifting lots of stuff.

The components are powered by the artificial intelligence which id developed so that you get an amazing and seamless real experience by the used to prod the rider for the purpose of the feedback. The company partnered with the Italian designs company which allows them to get the shape f the drone similar to the number of cars designs. The designs used in this human carrying drone are future realistic and it is mainly designed such that it allows easy and vertical take-off and landing. It contains 0 emission electric motors and artificial intelligence into it.

The Airbus pop up is the idea which is much more likely in the video game. It is the conceptual pod which is two passenger pods and that has the clips to set of wheels which are under the quadcopter. It is linked with other so that it can create a train and also zips in the hyper look tube. T is a best for the crazy component which blurs the lines between the automobiles, trains and the planes. It allows people to take skies in the times of the traffic. It can be said that it is the truly the flying car. The concept includes the use of the electric ground module and it also rolls with the conventional 4 wheels. The flying car is autonomous. The major advantage which you can get with the human carrying drones is the friction of the multimodal transportation is eliminated. You don’t have to move from one domed to next.

The Ehang 184

first human-carrying droneEhang is a well-known name in the field of drones. Recently they have been into the human carrying drones as well. They have designed the manned version of other drones which is different from the traditional drones UAV and it is called as the Ehang 184. It is the one which offers you with personal transportation that also for single passengers who is not weighing more than 220 pounds or 100 kilograms.

This design is a bit of less ingenious as compared to the other designs and its name is not very much cool. The Ehang 184 is the drone which is almost similar to the multicomputer UAV and it is having the X8 configuration. It is the manned copter which is trendy as it can carry the passenger who is not having the quadcopter. The X8 configuration allows the copter to feature with 8 rotors and that is placed on the four arms which combined the agility of the quadcopter with the redundancy of the copter.

Other human carrying drones

As the human carrying drone is having the X8 configuration it is the best choice in terms of the safety, the main thing is that it separates the controller and the ESC and they are backed with the fallback systems. It is the human carrying drones which are having multiple backups in the place. It is the one which allows to work and function properly even f only 4 rotors reworking. Even if the 4 out of 8 stops then the vehicle will be able to land safely. It is the system which is embedded with the Ehang fail-safe system. The system allows the auto landing in terms of the trouble.

The Ehang 184 is the drone which allows the 23 minute flight time and allows the 10 miles of drive. It contains the lipo batteries which are best used in the UAV and they can be handled properly and they tend to lose the voltage in some weather condition like cold weather. It’s the 0 emission machine and it is considered to have the hybrid power supply system. It is the passenger drone which is manned and carries passengers.

With the latest trend, Boeing is also into the human carrying drones. They wish to get such drone and thus they have challenged that the one who offers them with best designs will be given the price of $2 million. Boeing is considered as the one who was the sponsor in the two-year international contest which was mainly to build, the personal flying device. The device which is highly capable of the vertical takeoff and the landing which can be done in 20 minutes flight and that can carry a person.

Apart from Boeing, there are many other companies which are into the human carrying drones.

One such invention includes the Volocopter.The Volocopter Drone They are building the manned vehicle which is completely electric and also safe to be used in the world. They wish to make the humanity drone of the people to fly come tri and that helps a number of modern cities in reducing their mobility issues. This is the system which is completely safe to use and it includes the 2X which has the international safety standards. It is most importantly quiet with the optimized components. There is no combusting engine and this there is no need for fuel and direct emission. Thus it is 100% electric.

On September 25, 2017, the Dubai’s Government “Roads and Transport Authority” (RTA) announced the successful completion of the first-ever public flight of an autonomous urban air taxi. This establishes the feasibility and safety of airborne taxis as a means of public transportation. Following weeks of intense safety assessments of vehicle, operations and the test site, German Volocopter GmbH performed the historic flight at 6 pm local time in Dubai during a demonstration event for his Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The Volocopter autonomously flew the 500 meters long route in 8 minutes and reached a height of up to 60 meters.

The IFO human carrying droneIFO is also something which is almost shaped like the UFO and t is the human carrying drone. Apart from that Surefly and project zero are also well known for the development of the human carrying drones. Now as all these companies and drones are designed and developed in recent times. It is claimed that DJI human carrying drone will be overtaking all of the current drones. As its the company which has already been the leader in the drone industry and it will continue to be with the new invention as well.


Boeing Buying A Company

Aurora-Flight-Sciences-Electric-VTOL-AircraftBoeing the aviation giant has announced that it acquired Aurora flight sciences. Though the company is known less it is the eon which specializes in the cutting edge of aviation technology. It includes the electric airplanes, vertical take-off and landing as well. Moreover, they specialize in the unmanned aerial vehicles. Boeing will get benefits by buying this company as it will be able to beef up in the terms of capabilities which can lead to unexpected growth in the field. Aurora is smaller than boiling and it is not a startup. They make some of the own airplanes and manufactures components such as the doors and the wings and also the cutting edge design work is done by them.

The company work for NASA and private customers as well. The high profile customer of the may include the Uber which will be using the aircraft for the Uber elevate. It will be the flying car. Boeing is making the acquisition at a time when the industry at the verge of the technological shifts which is driven by the motors, batteries and the software. The biggest shift is the vertical takeoff and landing for the horizontal one.