What makes the Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone the Best Quadcopter for Adults Beginners

While the Holy Ston drone HS700 FPV Drone might seem like toys, this high-quality quadcopter is a critical investment beginner drone pilots. Not in price but the quality of a product that you get for around $299.00. A simple way to add production value to your drone flying abilities, or get a unique perspective of the world for your travels. I’ve flown lots, and this HS700 series drone from Holy Stone is the best beginner drone for adults and teenagers on the market for 2019.

Holy-Stone-HS700-FPV-Picture-fbdsh8w-wbhsewufd vw1024x683 Not all drones are created like the Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone. While others are purposed for carrying a heavy load, some drones are meant to be fun for kids. There is a lot of RC drones designed for shooting pictures and for photography 4K video, however. So if you’re trying to record whatever else you may do, or some drone footage of you traveling and scenery we have got you covered.

The HS700 FPV Drone has an advance 5G 1080 HD video camera that’s second-to-none in the world of entry drone photography. It utilizes 5G WiFi Transmission which gives it a 1300 feet transmission of high-quality video. Compatible with GoPro Camera IOS and Android which allows for camera control and viewing. The Holy Stone drone also utilizes for live display of 1080 video (with complete resolution video being recorded into the micro SD card on your GoPro and has a 2-axis gimbal for excellent control of your drone footage.

Setting Up and First Flight

After opening up the package, The drone was very well packed and did have some minor assembly required like camera gimbal, landing gear, and attaching the props). The remote feels as though it is made with the very same stuff and is ergonomic in hands. The phone holder is terrific. It grasps my iPhone with a complete case on it and feels very stable. Additionally, it has a very fantastic battery burst bag to put charging or charged batteries in for extra security. Only major downfall I had was there was just one battery, no on/off switch on the drone itself, a launch/landing mat, and after reading the directions entirely a 4 1/2 hour charging time.

After finishing the Configuration and downloading the Ophelia program, all I can say is that this is the most straightforward drone to fly, especially for beginners. The camera has a fantastic camera and video quality, not as good as let’s say DJI Phantom 3, but for the cost, it is terrific. The Ophelia program is amazingly simple to use. Additionally, it provides the Google map of the control and drone places. It lets you know height and distance of flight and the number of Satellites you’re now connected to while in GPS mode.

You join with the drone through WiFi signal from the drone, and the program lets you know your link status. When you’re a considerable distance away from the controller, the video may become a little rough, but it is not horrible. The app is ideal for this specific drone. The drone handles great in the wind also, which is a plus where I live because it is always windy near the beach front. Not having the ability to adjust the camera while in flight is a bummer, but so long as you have it set at a fantastic angle, it does the job just fine.Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone 1080p HD 5G WiFi Camera GPS RC Quadcopter3h4fh9euh9u9e

How about the battery and flight time?

With a 20 mins flight time. The high-capacity 2800mAh battery yields up to its flight time. Additionally, it has an alert. You can immerse yourself in a flight that is significant, and it will return home.

Holystone hs700 carrying case

What is the Different mode on the Holt Stone HS700?

Simple Control

Speedy start by pressing one key start. It can fly while maintaining its elevation locked. This permits the pilot to concentrate on camera control and empower more complex shots.

Custom Flight Path

App control available. Simply draw a path on the Program display and the HS700 will proceed in that way or in a circle and then deliver back real-time landscape to you.

Auto Return

HS700 can always fly back to Take-off Point according to your instruction or if it runs out of power or loses connection, even if you inadvertently fly it out of scope.

GPS Follow Me

Shot with ease once the drone can accompany you with the camera pointing to you. Free your hands to take videos or photos. Share and edit your new creations to social websites!

Ok, so of the modes that are smart work on the HS700. I figured out the way to perform Way Points. Plot your route, and you want to zoom all the way in on the map. I have read that the SD card slot on the camera itself is somewhat tricky, but I never had a problem getting mine in or out. They said to use a flat head screwdriver, and that challenge was solved by it. I am not finding much wrong with this drone, and I have it on 35M radius and beginners style 50M 30M altitude. So this will be a speed control oh there isn’t a speed switch the thrust is changeable. Allow me to add it functions The GPS also picks up 17 to 19 Satellites every time.

My most recent flight the clip was very long, and I flew after sunset to find the video quality in low light and also to test out some night flying. I pushed my abilities limitations with this flight. I did complete bank turns, figure 8s, fast direction changes, full speed forward and reverse and ultimately height.

I’ll be pushing the limit even further after a few days. I am aware that the $330 price tag seems steep for a drone that he is classified as a kid’s toy, but I genuinely believe that you won’t be disappointed with the Holy Stone HS700 drone.