Mavic Pro, Mavic Air and Spark Remote Controller 7.9in 9.7in Tablet Support Bracket Holder Clamp

I need to say I am not easily impressed. That is the deal when you fly with pills over the copter you need to be more mindful of position and confront the drone since the pill acts like a shrub, about as best I can explain it. The Mavic RC is ill with anything at the stock grips, you do not need to check RC position just as much. This is the very best for bigger tablets that don’t fit. For Navi missions outside RC range, it is perfect. For anything long distance actual time, I would still use the smartphone.

Drone Fans Mavic Pro Spark Remote Controller 7.9in 9.7in Tablet Support Bracket Tablet Clamp with Dual Rings Won't Block Screen 71v4qGnnGHL._SL1201_ If you’re going to use a screen which you could actually see, a huge tablet adapter is crucial. This one is pretty cool. It folds down into two horizontal pieces and goes together pretty fast. I use an iPad Mini 4 with my Spark sometime but I more love it with my DJI Mavic Air and Pro the Lekufee makes the entire kit a single, integrated package. I don’t fly without it.

Joint Victory Mavic Pro Spark Remote Controller 7.9in 9.7in Tablet Support Bracket Holder Clamp with Double Rings Won’t Block Screen (Black)

 Item description

Shade: Black DJI Mavic Pro Spark Remote Controller 7.9in 9.7in Tablet Support Bracket Clamp with Double Rings

Material: ABSPackage includes EVA cushion, you need to glue the cushion yourself Mounting Notice1. Marked”L” mounted on the other hand, while”R” on the right side;2. Want to plug the support to the control from handle face.

Packing list:1 x set Tablet bracket1 x Lanyard

Universal Program: 7.9in to 9.7in tablet support for DJI SPARK, MAVIC AIR & MAVIC PRO Remote Control

Injection molded: smooth surface high-quality product. Steady iPad holder wouldn’t fall off and shake easily.

Free your hands: cushion protection against scratch, finger operating space that is sufficient

Comes with a free dual-hook strap. Double hook neck strap, won’t block the monitor screen and controller display; Two hands operation, adequate space, play more freely.

Hold the control and the track secure and not scratch proof with foam pads

Our 2nd pick Mavmount

When I first got it. Seems sufficiently strong, holds pill well. I believe it would be tight when I used the self-adhesive pads on both the top and bottom side of the clips to your notebook, so I just set them on the side which will get in touch with the glass screen. The included lanyard is a great touch, and while the clips which relate into the eyelets do not seem that thick, I’m guessing they are plenty strong. As a new Mavic 2 Pilot, I really like that the tablet doesn’t obstruct the controller screen in any respect. I had believed a solution which would set the tablet over the control, but it seems that this would get heavy and possibly block the sign.

I am thinking about getting a sun visor for the tablet to use with this holder. I believe I might be able to have a section of wire clothes hanger that would slide between the pill and the clips to hold the sun visor in place. Maybe something for Drone Fans to Take into Account. If I make one, I will post a photo.