To be precise, the DJI Mavic Air low noise quick release propellers was first to come into news before the launch on August 2017. It is said to be the better than the previous drones from DJI and the propellers in any way, but it produces lesser noise.

DJI Mavic Air low noise quick release propellers:

DJI Mavic Air Quick-Release 5332s Propellers Props Blades For Mavic Air The New Low Noise Propellers for Mavic Air

carbon fiber propellers for dji mavic air
Carbon fiber propellers for DJI Mavic Air

Main features: as the product name it is made to be the propeller which produces less sound than ever. From the very beginning soon after the launch it came into the market. Other than noise this propeller can also fly for more time than the previous ones. The feature of this propeller is from the previous one it comes with the kind of 11 percent of more flight time and reduces it sound up to 60 percent. With some more internal and outside changes the company introduces this.

Things you get:

You can buy this propeller along with the drone or without that also. There are other online stores also from where you can get this low noise quick release propeller as well. The company introduces the propeller in different colors such as silver, carbon, and gold. The minimum number of propellers you need to buy is a pair. Depending on your choice or need you can buy one pair or two or more than that. And depending on the online site you are buying from you can get gift wrapped is as well to gift it.

Now to know more about the product you need to know about its pros and cons. So starting with the positive points, there are many pros of this lesser noise quick release propeller such as:


The propeller works well. As the company says it does is the superior one of its past form. It does fly kind of 30 minutes more than the previous one. The overall pros of this propeller are:

  1. The design: the metal blades are well designed. The propellers help the drone to fly high. Even in windy weather, you will able to operate this. The pilot can easily control the drone with this propeller.
  2. The noise: most of the time drones in this speed and capacity tend to make an irritating sound like a big flying bug. That sound not only disturbs but also distracts the pilot. But not in this low noise quick release propeller. The propeller itself is introduced for the lesser noise. And indeed once the drone starts flying on high, the pilot will hardly hear the sound.
  3. Works with different drones: another plus point of this propeller is you can attach them to different drones as well. The propeller does not function differently on different company flying drones. So you can save your money with it.


Like every other thing in the world, there are some cons also in the propeller. Such as:

  1. Speed: though the propeller does not slow down the drone, it does not even speed up the UAV. People find the drone does not speed up more than 34mph. Whereas some drones with different propellers can fly up to 38mph.
  2. Price: according to some buyer and users the cost of this propeller is not reasonable at all. In this price, the propeller should perform a little bit better in other factors such as speed etc.

DJI Mavic Air low noise quick release propellers:

  • Reasons to buy:

Noisy drones are very irritating to fly. Both the pilot and general public get irritated because of the sound. But with this new propeller, you can cut down the noise a lot. Now you can fly your drone even without letting people notice about it. Other than that it is also available in trusted online stores which are again a reason to buy it. You will not find all the new drone devices everywhere. So the availability of this product is another reason to buy and try it.

Tips to choose the best propeller:

Now you know all the details about the new propeller. But if you are a beginner in flying drone, then there are specific considerations you need to know about it. Not every propeller works well with every drone. So you need to choose the right propeller for your drone. Here are the essential factors to select the perfect propeller such as:

  1. Material: there are various kinds of stuff used for making propellers. There is carbon fiber; there are wood and plastic mainly use to make them. Different material propellers have different features. According to durability, the plastic ones go a long way. But according to performance wooden propellers and carbon made propellers work well.
  2. Shape: the shape of the propellers tip plays a different role in flying the drone. There are three kinds of tips in propellers: pointy nose, bull nose, and hybrid bullnose. The pointy nose tip propellers need less current to fly. On the other hand, the bill nose tip or the composite nose tip propellers can fly higher but need more current.
  3. Size and pitch: the size and the pitch played a significant role in speed up the drone. The lower the pitch, the faster the propeller can fly. Similarly, the smaller the size of the propeller the quicker if move as stops as well.

Drone is one of the most selling thus popular devices nowadays. Though it was meant to work for the official government works now, there are drones which anybody can buy and use. It plays a significant role in shooting films or so. But before purchasing the drone or to use it there are some final words you should read:

Final words:

Before running any of your drones make sure to read the manual carefully. You should know how to operate the drone very well before sending it to the air. To maintain your drone, you need to check it regularly. Check the battery every time before making it fly. Also, remember your drone is just a machine and not a natural thing which can survive natural disasters. So whether you buy strong speed propellers like DJI Mavic Air low noise quick release propellers, you must not fly it in heavy rain or storm.