Everythings You Need to Know About Lipo Battery Charging and Storing

No matter who you are you should always bear in mind that heat is the number one enemy of LiPo batteries. The hotter your cells get, the shorter their lifespan will be. Never charge a Lipo battery that’s still warm from use, rather than use a battery that’s still warm from charging.

Best Lipo Battery Charging Techniques to Prevent Fire

However, never charge, release, use, or keep a damaged or puffy LiPo battery. Immediately follow proper disposal protocols. Avoid buying used LiPo cells. You will never know what the previous person did with it, and they could be severely damaged. “LiPo Battery Like New, Used Once” is usually a scam and should be avoided.

Always use a fireproof explosion-proof LiPo safety bag, metal ammo box, or other fireproof containers when you’re charging, discharging, or storing your LiPo batteries. While LiPo fires are infrequent, they can occur incredibly fast and can do a great deal of damage. All it requires is an internal short circuit to place off the battery. There’s not any way to predict when it will occur. It does tend to occur more frequently when batteries are fully charged, being overcharged, or while being discharged, but it might happen to almost any LiPo at any moment. It is always worth investing in a fire safe bag and they are very cheap usually under $16 or less.

Engpow fireproof explosion-proof LiPo safety bag
Fireproof Explosionproof Lipo Safe Bag, Large comes in Black and Silver

 ENGPOW Large Fireproof Explosionproof Lipo Safe Bag for Lipo Battery Storage

A WIDE RANGE OF USES- Engpow have updated the design, fireproof zipper added. Zipper and Velcro, arbitrary delivery. Safe for charging, travel, transporting, storing with various types of batteries, cellular phones, Ipads, mobile power distribution, chemicals, lighters, chargers to use widely. Safety tote for home security fire protection.

SAFEGUARD LIPO BATTERY- This fire retardant tote is a convenient method of safeguarding your Lipo batteries during charging, transit, and storage. People always feel uncomfortable when the battery is charged, so it’s crucial to have a bag to protect your safety.

SILICONE-COATED FIBERGLASS- Made of silicon coated fiberglass with warmth blocking aluminum foil inside, fireproof and explosion-proof works help you and your loved ones far away from the threaten of a hazard of an explosion and fire effectively.

LARGE SPACE- Enough space to put multiple batteries at once (about 30 pcs 2200mah 3S Lipo batteries) 10.25″x5.11″x5.90″ ENGPOW provide friendly after-sale support and no risk refund for their clients.

DerBlue Small- 2pcs Fireproof Safe Lipo Battery Case

DerBlue Small- 2pcs Fireproof Safe Lipo Battery Case
Small Fireproof Case for Drone Batteries

This lipo case is a fireproof bag, made to prevent and contain the flame due to incorrectly or poorly working lipo, particularly during charging, protect your loved ones and home in the danger of lipo charging. It’s large enough to put multiple batteries at once.

For safer storage and charging of batteries

Fire and Explosion proof. Caution, Never abandon charging battery unattended. Always make sure that the battery is really on a non-flammable surface. Make sure valve is sealed while charging, The Lipo safe tote is meant to decrease the odds of ruined in the event of a lipo flame.

How to Use a Lipo Cell

Most Copter’s LiPo batteries don’t work well in cold temperature. The colder the weather is, the shorter your run times will be a result of the slowing down of the chemical activity inside the battery. If it’s under 14F (-10C), LiPo use is not recommended whatsoever. Your battery can cause your drone or R/C vehicle to fail without warning in these temperatures suddenly.

Always use a suitable LiPo battery equilibrium charger/discharger when charging and charging your LiPos. It’s critical that all cells at a LiPo battery keep the same voltage across all cells at all times. When the voltages across the cells deviate too much from each other (5mV ~ 10Mv), the battery can become dangerous and unstable. (Unless it is just one cell LiPo, in which case you don’t have to worry about cell equilibrium ).

Traveling with Lipo Batteries

Don’t use your flight case/travel situation for long-term LiPo storage. The plastic and foam in such cases can help spread a LiPo fire. Always use a fireproof container like a metal ammo box or fireproof safe for storage. If a battery begins to become bloated, smoke or catches fire, you will need to deal with the circumstance immediately. Walking away for even only 5 minutes may spell disaster. Never leave your LiPo batteries sitting on a complete charge for at least 2-3 days. If from the 3rd day you know You’re not going to use your battery today, You Have to release your battery down to 3.6v-3.8v per cell for safe storage until you are ready to use the battery.

Ultimate Drone Battery Care

Based on how they’re used, most LiPo batteries typically don’t last more than 300 charge cycles. Leaving them around on a complete or depleted charge all of the time, running them entirely dead, or exposing them to extremely high temperatures will shorten this lifespan dramatically. Always keep your LiPo batteries at room temperature. Don’t store them in a hot garage, or in a cold fridge. Although a cold battery has less chemical reaction occurring which may prolong its lifespan, even taking out a one from a cold refrigerator can lead to condensation to happen on the interior of the battery, that can be quite dangerous.

Typically a total fee is 4.2v per cell. Never “trickle” charge a LiPo battery. A LiPo fire is a chemical fire. Always maintain a Class D fire extinguisher nearby your battery charging/discharging and storage space. The battery charging/discharging and storage space should be free of any substances which may catch fire like wood tables, carpeting, or gas containers. The perfect surface for charging and storing LiPo batteries is ceramic or concrete.

Never release a LiPo battery under 3.0v per cell. Ideally, you don’t ever need to go under 3.2v per cell to keep a healthy battery. 2.9v per cell and lower is causing irreversible damage.

Always pack your LiPo batteries in your carry-on bag rather than in your checked luggage when traveling on a plane. It is the law.

This guide was written to help anyone who uses or have LiPo batteries in their possession. This manual applies to all R/C LiPo batteries such as all DJI’s Smart Batteries used in the Mavic and Phantom series.

If charged, discharged, stored, preserved, or managed improperly, they can become extremely dangerous LiPo batteries are usually safer and more environmentally friendly than other R/C batteries such as NiCd and NiMH. LiPo batteries have been the most popular high-performance R/C battery and are employed in R/C Automobiles, Ships, Planes, Helis, Multi-rotors and much more.