Rook Drone Home-World’s 1st Fly From Anywhere

 Rook Drone


Anyone who has experienced flying a drone before knows that the wide open spaces are his friend. But when it comes to a drone home or a drone to be use in your home, there are usually some question marks put on that concept, mainly because of the lack in quality of drone batteries and how long they last between charging.

Rook Drone – Best drone home?

The rook drone is, however, a one of a kind drone home that has recently been invented. A company going by the name of Eighty Nine Robots has made this drone, and it is intended to allow you to control it from anywhere in the world. It is supposed to be run on a Wi-Fi connection and controlled with the help of an Android/iOS device.rook drone

Rook Drone-How it works

Once the drone connects to a Wi-Fi connection, you will be able to control it remotely with the help of your Smartphone. The main functionality of the Smartphone is to serve as a security camera indoors. This is why many babysitters and small time security guards have found a good use for this device and used it to its fullest potential.

Rook Drone- The battery life is, however, something to be concerned about since it barely lasts around 5 minutes in total. The company in question are working on the solution to this problem. In fact, an automatic charging system is well on its way. So if you would like to try this drone home model out for yourself, make sure you do so. So far, it definitely seems worth everything.