What makes the Potensic D80 the most fun to fly drone in 2020

The Potensic D80 is positively the best drone for inexperienced pilots. Learning how to fly is necessary, and regardless of who takes the controls, it’s straightforward. The GPS return home features maintain the Potensic D80 safe, secure, and most worry-free.

This is a GPS UAV using an HD camera for less than $280.00. This drone has some impressive specs which set it securely in competition with the Holy Stone HS700. With a starting price of $279.99. This drone can put a dent into earnings of what is a claim to be the best drone under $399.00 Holy Stone drone.

Why is Potensic D80 Drone so much fun?

Potensic D80 Drone_3ewrrgr61-30_61+hStF074L._SL1001_   D80 The New Drone By Potensic. With real-time FPV Complete 1080P transmission distance is 300 – 500 meters. You will need an SD card to get this great footage.

The 4 Powerful Brushless Motors and  7.4V 1800mAh smart lithium-ion battery will let you have as much fun for up to  20 mins with the D80.

One of my most favorite features is the double GPS mode.  I think this is a “must-have” characteristic of any quadcopter” this automatic, low power, and no signal-return.

The D80 can also fly at high speed, Potensic is an RC gyro quadcopter with a rate of around 25 mph. Please make sure you adjust the drone speed accordingly.

The control distance is also great. Fly and control up to 600 – 800 meters. This is a valid range if there is no signal interference.

The Potensic d80 appears like a superb drone for anybody seeking to get into aerial photography.

This drone blew me away on the very first flight. I had many drones, and I did not believe it was possible to get such a beautiful GPS drone for this little bit of cash. The follow-me style on this item is remarkable. The rate and flight period is also impressive. The D80 even includes a great aluminum case that may be used for taking off if your grass is large or if you’ve got rocky terrain. Another major issue is my big iPhone fits in the control clip with no problem. This drone also receives a great range if you ever get out too far and loose sign it’s a return to home button that I tried. Additionally, the altitude hold and GPS function correctly.

The Battery and Recharging

The 3.7v 1800mAh battery is an energy-optimized system that forces the drone for eight minutes. The recharge time for every battery is 4-5 hours. To find the best price on extra batteries here.

Since the battery is removable, you can buy additional batteries and use them when the initial one runs out. You may easily control the batteries directly plugging the charger into the battery. With a purchasable extra flight period, you have to enjoy the gorgeous real-time scenery for more.

How about the Camera?

The Potensic GPS FPV RC Drone is acceptable for aerial videography and photography as a result of high-speed image transmission feature. You get to enjoy a real-time feed of beautiful scenery that’s clear and pristine. This drone’s camera is in perfect working condition, and it allows you to find out precisely what your drone sees.
This drones 1080 HD camera is Wi-Fi empowered, and it may tilt to let you capture images from different angles. The 90 degrees adjustable angle feature makes this drone acceptable for filming videos at various angles.

Hard Travel Case Included

Also, the Potensic D80 drone has a case that is hard and good for travel. I find it to be mainly a wonderful bonus because it offers protection to the drone and all accessories. Additionally, you have a travel case prepared for where you go. Therefore, in the end, you save money by spending another $35 to $45 on a traveling case. That means you have everything prepared for traveling apart from needing to buy extra batteries if you would like to extend your flight sessions.

D80 Stealth Design

This is an all-purpose drone that has a good build. The exterior is durable such it may take some minor crashes without becoming damaged. All of the buttons are clearly labeled, allowing beginners to fly efficiently. Potensic GPS FPV RC is an attractive drone that’s acceptable for both novice and expert fliers. The innovative GPS flight assisted mode makes sure you don’t lose track of where the drone is.

Specific Product Features:

  • 1080 DH camera a Wi-Fi empowered and with 90-degree adjustable angle
  • Return to the home button
  • Follow me attribute
  • Speed up to 25 mph
  • Four bright LED lights for a nighttime flight
  • 300-500 meters running a range
  • 20 minutes of flight time
  • 3.7v 1800mAh rechargeable battery
  • Double GPS positioning
  • Altitude grip

You can find out more about its features and see what other folks are saying by viewing its official site. When you have any questions relating to this drone, don’t hesitate to drop a comment. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.

When it comes to the D80 Drone by Potensic, we believe beginners and distant recreational pilots will love what it offers. As a result of a built-in GPS module, it is equally responsive and incredibly secure that makes it simple enough to fly. Along with this, the drone can perform intelligent flight modes like Follow Me Mode, and Waypoint Mode.

Before we finish talking about my Potensic D80 drone, we believe this is a professional grade quadcopter packed with some severe attitude. This drone will surely give you a great deal of fun. The Potensic D80 drone includes good control distance that’s more than enough to allow you to capture some gorgeous aerial shots from great range.

Where to find the Best Potensic D80 Parts online?

All of Potensic D80 drone Parts are essential to a smooth and secure flight. You’ll also understand which elements to inspect on a regular basis as well as also the D80 drone components that are simple to replace or update. In case you have any flight complications, then understanding what every drone part does will aid you in getting into the base of any flying difficulties.

This segment will give you a fantastic summary of all of the drone components and parts that you’ll locate on a modern-day customer and skilled drone. The superb diagram of this Potensic D80 drone parts and the record of drone part parts come in a post named Anatomy of a d80 drone.   I’ve added additional info and explanations together with hints for every Potensic D80 components element.

 Find the Best Potensic D80 Parts

The gyroscope permits the drone to attain altitude hold and hover in precisely the identical position. With the return to the home button, you can get your drone back once you fly it from sight. The LED lights enable you to fly this drone at night like it were daytime. This is an all-round one that provides exceptional performance, and it packs feature which brings the drone back to launch location to prevent loss.

This drone includes a comprehensive user manual that is simple to understand. You can achieve various speeds depending on how quickly you need to fly the quadcopter. In case the drone becomes damaged, it is easy to find spare parts to replace damaged parts.

What do you get in the Box

1 x Potensic D80 Drone with a 1080P HD camera

1 x Professional Grade Carrying Case

1 x Transmitter1 x 7.4V 1800mAH Battery1 x USB Battery Charger

1 x Phone Holder1 x User Guide 2 x removal tools

4 x Extra Propeller Blades

4 Powerful Brushless Motors + 7.4V 1800mAh smart lithium battery = up to 20 mins of Potensic D80 drone fly time.

Works with Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs).

Why double mode GPS? As it supplies “should-haves” of a drone: automatic yield, low power yield, and no significant return. Long regulate space of 500 – 800 meters. Can reach 1 KM regulate range if there isn’t any signal interference. D80 Supports 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi zero transmit. Real-time FPV Full 1080P transmission distance is 300 – 500 meters. (SD card is required)

Potensic D80 is an RC gyro quadcopter with a high speed of around 25 mph. Please be cautious and comply with local regulations and laws.