Best Set of ND Filters for DJI Mavic Air 2 Accessories

Since most drone content is captured throughout daytime hours, neutral density filters eventually became crucial to film properly exposed video. Whether you possess the Mavic 2, Pro, Zoom, or DJI New Mavic Air 2, ND filters allow one to reduce shutter speed and restrict ISO when filming using a fixed aperture at bright lighting.

What are ND filters for DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone Camera?

A Mavic Air 2 Neutral-Density Filter, or ND filter, can lessen the amount of light that enters the camera lens. Under bright sunlight, an ND filter enables photographers leeway in selecting an aperture along with a shutter rate by avoiding overexposure. Fundamentally, ND filters allow you to envision more cinematic footage on your drone. Why is it that you wish to define a limitation on the light? There is a principle when shooting manual pictures. The shutter speed should always remain at twice the frame rate, so if you’re shooting at 60 fps at 4K regarding the Mavic Air 2, the shutter speed should stay as near 30-40 as possible.  The averts your footage using an unrealistic look. This principle may certainly only be carried out by using ND filters, which limit the sunlight entering the lens.

Video proposal: A guide setting allows you to keep up a static camera speed for more cinematic footage alongside a minimum ISO for better quality in your picture.  Additionally, it makes sure your footage is much easier, as color grading and alterations tend to be somewhat less difficult if the base footage is ordinary. This makes editing far more difficult. Without a Mavic Air 2 ND filter, you will need to enhance the shutter speed to maintain exposure in your shots, helping determine your movie’s degree. Neutral density filters are the most critical purchase you will result in your Air 2 drone following extra batteries.dji-mavic-air-2-nd-filters-set-for-drone-rur8w9-we8is-wruwier-dse

Now you can elevate your shots with ND filters made for Mavic Air 2 pilots who demand the absolute best. Built to take on any light environment – each aerial filter is outfitted with features that enable you to handle control over your drone’s camera creatively.

The Best ND Filters for DJI Mavic Air 2

The Tomat Cinema Series Filter 3-Pack (ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/ND32) Series for DJI Mavic Air 2 Camera

  1. Filters engineered specifically for Your Own DJI Mavic Air (does not fit original Mavic Air or Pro model)
  2. Cinema Series production standard multi-coated glass for pilots who require the best glass
  3. Air Frame Aluminum structure weighs just 0.55 g
  4. Thread-on design directly replaces stock lens bezel for easy setup and enhanced gimbal operation.
  5. Includes ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/ND32, Hard Filter Box, along with Lifetime Warranty tomat sunnylife nd filter for mavic air 2 51pVXwPQ8+L._AC_SL1200_

In 2020 DJI has made a good decision to include a set of filters in the DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More combo, composed of ND16, ND64, ND56 filters. These filters protect the vast majority of shooting situations in bright daylight or direct sunshine. However, a variable camera nd filter such as this will let you take just 1 filter, which may be adjusted depending on the requirements or manner of shooting you’re wanting. As an instance, the ND64 may be utilized when flying a bright day when you’re looking for your shutter speed set to earn footage as easily as possible.  (The formulation would be to double the frame rate. So at 30fps, by way of instance, you’d need a 1/60 second shutter speed.) Now that the same adjustable filter also gets the equal of ND512, also it lets you catch a lengthy exposure throughout the day. This decreases the incoming light that you can get a slower shutter speed without blowing out the picture.

Why are there different ND filters for the DJI Mavic Air 2?

Every Mavic Air 2 filter includes different light ratings from ND4, all of the ways around ND64. The evaluation is measured by how much lighting a filter will decrease. When it’s extremely bright outside, you’ll require a more powerful ND filter, such as an ND32 or even ND64, to decrease the shutter speed to 1/60th, when shooting say gold hour (sunrise/sunset) that you won’t have to lose as much light to 1/60th so in many situations an ND4 or even ND8 will be utilized.


How are the Tomat vs. Polar Pro vs. DJI ND Filters for Mavic Air 2 drones?

There are many reasons why Tomat and PolarPro filters are the ideal alternatives permanent — those filters are made of anodized aluminum, which makes them durable compared with all the plastic alternatives. We have used them extensively while traveling without any issues. High-quality optical glass — the high-quality glass means you won’t encounter any picture quality loss when using these filters.  After all, you have paid for your drone….you don’t want to reduce the quality of this movie and graphics with low-grade filter glass!   These PolarPro filters have a low refractive index that provides perfect colors and sharp pictures. Despite gimbal damage — PolarPro filters are all designed to be safe because of their own sensitive gimbals on DJI drones, along with the Mavic Mini, and Air 2 versions are no exception. They are also super-lightweight, so following setup, your own drone is going to have balanced gimbal Anti-water. There’s a hydrophobic coating on the exterior of the glass that repels water.  This is extremely helpful as any water or moisture on the lens during flying may seriously destroy or distort videos and images.   Effortless to install, the PolarPro filters slip on the camera lens’s front can be changed promptly. PolarPro brand: PolarPro is a famous brand been manufacturing accessories for DJI drones for several decades. We have always depended upon the quality of the product and have never been disappointed.

The Way to use your DJI Mavic Air 2 Filters to Enhance Your Videos

When using neutral density filters with your Mavic Air may take some getting used to; these filters are an essential tool that can allow you to capture properly exposed cinematic content. To enhance the learning curve, utilize PolarPro’s Filter Calculator program to select the ideal ND filter that suits the mild conditions you are flying in. PolarPro’s Standard and Cinema Series filters decrease shutter speed while enhancing contrast and color saturation for amazing cinema-style content. To create your colors pop or to emphasize the framework rate/shutter rate ratio to the video project, PolarPro gets the excellent Mavic Air filter set made with you in mind.