Have fun flying a drone under .55 lbs

drone under .55 lbs

Do you want to take videos using an unmanned aerial vehicle? Do you want to spend weekends flying drone under .55 lbs? shooting videos for the community or navigating around the neighborhood? There are many drones which are available in the market, and many of these drones come with special features.

But when it comes to beginners, always go for the simplest drones as you will easily understand how to fly them and will be able to control them easily through the controller device.

A drone under .55 lbs. is highly convenient

These drone under .55 lbs are highly convenient, and you can carry them easily from one place to another. Some of these drones also have HD cameras attached to them that will let you capture high definition videos. Some of the best drones are listed here.

This drone is one of the most customizable drones

Lumenier QAV250 is one of the best drones for you if are a beginner. This device is highly customizable and will enable you to make various kinds of tweaks and modifications to the device.

It has a unibody frame of a quadcopter, and you can either buy it as a single device or as a part of an entire kit which will have everything that you will require for the act of flying. You can also buy for yourself many different parts of this quadcopter model that will let you custom design it all the more. This frame can even be attached to an HD camera and be used to shoot HD videos.

Some of the other drone under .55 lbs includes DJI Phantom 2 Vision and Blade Nano QX.