Flying your drone safely and legally in Canada

fly-drone-safely-legally-in-canadaIt’s common to find recreational users of drone around in Canada. But moving on smoothly is certainly unimaginable. The same is true for recreational drone flyers. Restrictions are put on flying of remote-controlled devices where and when to fly them with certain rules enforcement. Earlier people were free to fly drones till when restrictions were enforced by Marc Garneau, Transportation Minister.

What are the rules being enforced for recreational drone users?

Rules are never easier for users to follow. On March 15 2017 Ministry enforced rules that were effective immediately and also can be easily followed by people. But certain limits on the weight of drones were given that had made it possible for some users to fly their drones easily. Now $3000 fines were to be imposed immediately if your drones were:

  • Seen flying at a height higher than 90 meters.
  • Within a height of 75 meters near to buildings, vehicles, animals or any other people around.
  • They should also fly at 500 meters distance from the users.
  • Never allow them to fly at night or in dark clouds.
  • Within 9 kilometers of the area where genuinely aircraft take flight.
  • Drones shouldn’t fly without users name or address.
  • In the case of any forest catching fire, no drones should fly over that place to avoid any further casualty.

Some of the rules though might look of less use but yet they turn up to be of great popularity. Before being into existence, some of the rules were used simply as guidelines by people. Earlier there was no such penalty for users, but slowly this took the lead and penalty was imposed. This happened only when RCMP Chief Supt. Brian Stubbs announced a bill at Toronto’s downtown Bishop Airport.

This bill probably gave rights to the police officers to immediately arrest or penalizes people who use drones in a dangerous manner and also try to break some section of Criminal Code. Thus people were punished for such offensive deeds. Chief Supt. revealed “The regulations will give police a way to manage all calls at times.”

In fact, Police officers have the right to teach every drone users how to fly and prevent against the Criminal Code of drones. On the other hand as per the flying your drone safely and legally in Canada act a rule has been passed that whoever sees any drone that is flying in an area that is illegal then and there the viewer should make a call at 911 and register a complaint against that drone user.

Flying drones are not only meant for the normal purpose, in fact, they can also be used for onsite work and projects measurements. In case if any of such drones are seen flying at sites or any event then there shouldn’t be any criminal act issued. As of certain, these are sanctioned by the Aeronautics Association in Canada. Thus it has been a safe mode for usage as per Garneau.

fly-drone-safely-legally-in-canada 1Incidents being reported:

As per reports made Garneau stated that people who are using drones for scientific or any commercial based purpose are already having certified and also most of those drones are safe to sue in whatever situation they are. But as per the news, Canadian Transport system has made reports saying that there has been an increase in the reports of safety incidents of drone flyers. This has been in the year 2014 and 2015 with approximately 148 in the list.

Garneau stated that moving in a right direction can only be possible when all of the drone industries are encouraged with the benefits and utility steps of drone in any way. For all drone users, there is an urgent need to follow certain regulations. But it is mandatory that for every drone flyer it gets important for users to keep safety in mind. Any of the drones being flying shouldn’t be on off side of flying regions.

Things that needs to be learned while flying drones in Canada:

  • Whenever the aircraft is flying then probably user should keep in mind that they should be flying at the height of 100 meters area that too at a horizontal distance in between the user and the drone flying. This rule is mandatory for all and so particular attention needs to be taken care of while flying drones. But do remember that while doing this act there shouldn’t be any person standing in that area of 100 meters distance. So at the entrance door, people should be stopped from entering the compound. But handling such situations often become tough in urban areas, but it is the responsibility of the client to take care of all these.
  • Canada has the best service of navigation, and that can be used for communicating at the time of drone operations. Different types of aerodromes have various types of flying zone and so do they should fly in that region itself.
  • Get permission from the person who owns the property for flying your drone in that area. For this task, you can easily take a form for the clients.
  • People having visual problems shouldn’t make use of flights in any of the areas.

In what weather can you fly drones safely in Canada?

Flying your drone safely and legally in Canada is a real challenge for all pilots. But this can easily be handled if you are following the right path with proper guidance and knowledge of flying drones. Two major limiting factors can be felt while flying drones and this includes wind and precipitation. Now, what can these factors affect your flying experience in Canada? Flying in strong winds condition is not satisfactory as it could damage your drone in many ways.

So try keeping your drone speed less than 15 km/hr such that you could experience better flying in surrounding areas. Flying in precipitation is again another tough situation for the pilots in Canada. For every drone, it is necessary for the pilots to get proper battery conditions that can work for longer.

How does this affect Urban Users?

In a single statement of the Ottawa International Airport Authority, it was said that every move is necessary and needs to be welcomed heartily. It is also known that drones are great in popularity and so it should be kept in mind that even after harsh flying the skies remain safe for all people from any harm.

What are the privacy policies being followed by the Canada people?

For every company, it gets mandatory to keep the details of people users save from outsiders reach. Thus in the same case first requirement is to keep the personal details save from outside people’s reach and this comes under the authorized Privacy Act. Maintain the accuracy maintained for every detail of your personal data and also save your personal data from the disposition.

Benefits of using a drone:

Flying your drone safely and legally in Canada is a tough task to do, but yet some of the benefits exist that can be felt positively through flying. Here are few of them:

  • Though the sizes of all drones are too small and this makes them easier to fly even in areas that are too busy. The height of drones at which they fly is simply at 400 feet’s higher than the ground level. In fact, drones can also fly from indoor to outdoor depending upon the users wish. The camera fixed over the drone allows for a perfect shot capturing even in low light for clarified videos and images.
  • To capture any of the events, there is a strong requirement for onsite staffs and the team of experts who can coordinate smartly with the drones functioning. Thus for this work to be completed well appropriately right limit of time is required. Thus the team works in that set period for the users.
  • Shooting with a camera fixed on your drone in the regions of Canada would provide you with the proper quality of images and videos. Thus these days’ aerial videos are common for drone users in Canada. But it solely depends on the user who is using drones inappropriate manner.
  • Drones might look smaller to you but do keep in mind that they should be well prepared to face any situation properly. Thus you as a user should try ways that can easily apply the proper usage tricks for drones where they are needed in reality. Often the construction sites are seen suing drones upon a large basis from all perspective. This is so because drones can easily generate the maps representing the scenario of the surrounding.
  • But apart from all the benefits got from the drones one most significant one that cannot be missed is the price of drones. Unlike other aerial vehicles, the cost of drones is affordable and can be used for any purpose whenever you think so.
  • At times these drones are also considered as a life-saving regarding natural disaster time. Often survey is done with the help of unmanned vehicles to afford easy and well researched by the team for 100% satisfaction in Canada.
  • Even in the case of law enforcement, the team to search lost child uses these drones.
  • For media, this drone plays a very crucial role as it helps them to easily identify places and news where it gets tough to reach. Thus it often gets easier for media people to broadcast situations live without any restrictions.

Growth opportunities rise:

In this field of drone usage, there has been a certain rise from all perspective. There has been a need for two technology-based areas for progress that is for image quality improvement along with video transmission. Shaky videos are quite uncertain to see and also difficult to understand. To overcome these situations recently certain technological growths have been made by Garneau of Canada.

Was the idea behind calling 911 satisfactory?

If you are thinking that calling the police for help by dialing 911 is a wrong idea then definitely you are going wrong as nothing could be so correct then taking laws help legally for punishing wrong doers around you. Transport Canada asks its people to call for 911 as soon as people find a wrong process drone flying then definitely one should respect their thoughts and follow them.  Controlling such illegal flights at unwanted space is unbearable. Thus proper steps need to be taken care of.

Is it safe to fly drones?

Due to excessive use of drones, Canadian law has raised safety need of their people in all respect. Coming in of new UAV is dangerous for some unaware people moving around freely. Thus new regulations need to be followed by all to keep the public safe from any of that harm. So, before you are flying drones in the sky bear in mind to keep updated with the rules of flying such that you pay no fines of $25000.


Some drones are seen flying these days around you. Many of you might have thought of finding the best drones around you, but this often gets tough. So the law of Canada has followed certain rules and regulations to keep its people safe from any loss due to this drone usage. This is impossible to ignore drone usage as they could be beneficial for both commercial as well as onsite usage. But this depends on the user in which they are using their drones.

As per Garneau, it is important for all to learn the likely ways that could be used for flying in all areas without any risk. These all tips are being listed here that can easily help the people with easy ways. If you too want to feel the flying of drones around you then do remember to learn the tips and then start your work accordingly. By the help of the Internet, you can buy the learning tips module and also do the training on the different online portal and website.