DJI Ronin 2 – Hands On

DJI Ronin 2DJI Ronin 2 looks like a new professional machine that is ready to shoot. It is one of the finest Gimbal in earth that has fastest three axes stabilization. It is better than the earlier model when it comes to efficiency and feature. Engineers have made the machine a valuable when it comes to equipment. It looks like a serious movie making beast because of distinguished design elements.

Dji Ronin 2 vs DJI Ronin

It is based on the transformative Gimbal technology that ensures more power than the old model. It can carry large cameras without any problem. Apart from that, the motors in new model have more torque than the old one that is why it can easily carry more weight. The new model also comes with hot swappable feature along with dual batteries. Cage is very large along with large arms.

Why should you buy the DJI Ronin 2 ?

Every second is valuable for the film set whether it is large or small. Efficiency is needed for the documentaries as well as short films. Old Ronin has helped many filmmakers to shoot their dream with style and perfection. It has helped many people to shoot smooth videos using cameras and Gimbal.  DJI Ronin 2 is an upgraded version of the preceding model that is why the entire experience has been upgraded.

It’s All about Modular design

It is designed to be modular for cameras and system updates. You can easily detach and attach a new piece of hardware including the battery in the gimbal. Grip handle can be detachable from the handheld mode, which is a pleasure. It is very easy to switch between modes without any problems. Once you are calibrated with the environment, you can take stunning videos using your cameras. It can stabilize the videos from any direction.

It also comes with integrated power system that always ensures on camera even when the batteries are empty. The same battery of the DJI drones with the hot swappable feature powers it. It is very easy to hot swap the camera as well as accessories to maximize the camera shooting duration. It is quite easy to attach and detach the accessories in the system that is why it takes less time than a normal setup.

  • You can control the rotation.
  • It also comes with additional Pan Axis control mode.
  • It is a pleasure to use the 360-degree rotation continuously.
  • It has a feature of tilt axis and roll axis control.

Old model has been upgraded by few key factors, which have brought significant changes to the system. Now the Ronin sits on the boards that ensure a high level of compatibility with third party staffs. You can use the same with another stabilization system that ensures a very stable video and professional quality. It is very efficient that is why it can power a red camera without any problem.

Where are the refined features?

It also comes with a refined setup along with a new balancing algorithm that ensures high stability and better control over the system. There are large payloads that are why I can use determined camera configuration without any loss of the image quality. The cross compatibility makes one of the intelligent devices in the earth. It is quite simple to mount the Ronin 2 on a car now I can get very stable video of the roads.

The best feature of the Ronin 2 is the handheld mode because I can take a cinematic shot without any expensive setup. Everything has been refined and tuned to offer maximum control and efficiency. It is designed to work with every camera available in the earth. When it comes to build-quality, the carbon fiber build makes it lightweight and sturdy that is why it is very functional even in the handheld mode.DJI-Ronin-2-remote

I can always customize the camera compartment because of the extendable arms. It is quite easy to mount large camera and lenses in the Ronin 2 without any problem. It also comes with integrated locks on the axis that is why it is very sensitive and easy to balance. I can disassemble it without any professional help that is why it is very easy to carry in a small bag.

Why is DJI Ronin 2 very stable on the axis?

There are locks on two and three axes that ensure better camera control and stability during the video. There are grip pads at the both end that is why I can easily operate the same with safety. There are stands that help to place the entire system in the ground. There are integrated knobs that are very helpful for the fine-tuning of the camera placement. It is very easy to convert the mode from handheld to car.

It is quite easy to setup the entire system that means less time in video shooting. There is powerful motor with high-torque that stabilizes the camera without any jerkiness. I don’t have to sacrifice the speed in the action movie because of the advance features and stabilization. I don’t have to retune for a different environment. I have transferred the system between different environments seamlessly.

It can adjust the camera even if you are moving at a speed of 75 miles per hour. It can handle up to 35 pounds without any problems. It is very efficient when it comes to wind blasts at high-speed video shooting. I can now shoot at high speed, which is the best indicator of improvement over previous Ronin model. Dual batteries that ensure shooting without any break power everything.


What are the features of the DJI Ronin 2?

  • It can work in different modes such as tripod, briefcase, handheld, aerial, upright and more.
  • There is an ARM processor to control the activities of the device.
  • The dual hot-swappable batteries make the operation breeze.
  • The remote can work on 2.4 and 5.8 GHz without any problem.
  • There is a temperature sensor that provides information on the screen.
  • Built-in GPS for better location.

The best part is that the batteries are hot-swappable that means I can easily change the same as soon as there is an indicator of low battery. Ronin 2 can power the camera directly, which is an added advantage. It ensures seamless experience when it comes to battery change. The entire system was alive when I was switching the batteries. It is possible by the dual batteries. I can easily avoid any gentle to high movement by using this.

Dji Ronin price

Integrated remote is also in the list of an update. There is a bright screen that is why I have no problem in direct sunlight. I can easily adjust the Ronin 2 on the go using the external remote. The remote has all the setting, which is available in the body of the Gimbal. I can adjust the red camera even from the remote. The price for the Ronin was in the affordable range because of the limited features.

I have installed the Gimbal assistant app in my Smartphone that is why I can access all the manual control just like the remote from my Smartphone. There is a new GPS system that ensures better location tracking that old model during high-speed shooting. I noticed that there is an update to the smooth track feature. The best part is that it also support time-lapse and panorama. It is a very reliable machine that ensures best from the rest.

It is ready to shoot in any environment without any problem because it is designed to do the same. It has helped me to enhance my creative visions. The power and flexibility of the Ronin 2 ensure best in the class video with low investment. The weight of the Gimbal is around 5.5kg with handles, which are ideal for handheld operations. DJI Ronin 2 has the same weight just like the original model.

What are the updates in the motor?

There is a noticeable update in the motor that makes it very powerful when it comes to comparison with the original model. It also comes with a splash proof housing that prevents water from going inside. What it comes with dual stabilization one is intelligent three axis stabilization another is additional two axis stabilization. There is no need of professional cameraman for the stable video. You can extract smooth shot even from the inexpensive camera setup.

Dji Ronin 2 rental

If you want to shoot a stable action movie then you need a Gimbal like Ronin 2. It is perfect from every aspect when it comes off different environment. There are some places where you can get the Ronin 2 on a rental basis. It will be a pleasure for you to work on a documentary with the gimbal. It is lightweight that is why handheld mode is a pleasure.

What are the main differences between DJI Ronin and DJI Ronin 2?

Ronin 2 is designed by efficiency when it comes to the handheld camera. The original model was a charm when it comes to video recording. It can be attached to cable camera, steady camera, car camera and more. The new model is not an exception; it has retained all the previous features with certain improvement. The improvements make the new model a high-class beast. There is a new level of stabilization for the filmmakers.

New model comes with a new design and powerful motor that will help you to control the entire system without any problem. I never fear about the water because the new model has a splash protection. All the cables are inside the carbon fiber frame, so there is no chance of leakage. It is for the extreme filmmakers who want to capture every single moment of the action.

I used to mount the camera on the car and let the car go for action. New motors are very efficient when it comes to cancellation of the force of winds and shakiness of the G force. It is suitable for wide range of cameras that is why I don’t need to use powerful cameras in the car to keep everything smoothly. It is loaded with different modes, which are given below.

  • The time-lapse mode is a very handy mode. I used to shoot beautiful sunset on this gimbal. The best part is that it can follow the lights.
  • The Panorama mode is one of the best modes. You can get high-quality panoramic views without any distortion. It will automatically control the cameras to give you a lossless picture. I used to add the camera profile in the DJI Ronin 2 for better compatibility.
  • It is a pleasure to record any particular location using the Camera Anchor mode. I can easily redirect the camera with a simple touch.
  • Apart from that it also has few other modes, which are Cam ready, Rig, and Car mountain mode and Steadicam able mod.

Dji Ronin 2 price

There is no official news about the price. However, there are some expectations of the tech experts all around. You should visit the official website to know more about the pricing and specifications of the gimbal. It will be available for the second quarter of 2017. The price will be announced according to the features. It comes with a nice box and a sturdy seal to protect the gimbal from damage.

What makes it simple?

Operation of the Ronin 2 is very simple because of the remote and the dedicated application. When it comes to first time setup, you should you the dedicated app for an easy installation process. It is very easy to mount the camera to the balancing rod. The last task it to power the accessories to make it work. It can easily handle a maximum payload of 13.6kgs without any stress.

What are the features of the Gimbal assistant application?

There is a new assistant application available for primary parameters of the DJI Ronin 2. It comes with a smooth track feature, and differently presets of the environment. You can take direct time-lapse from the smart application. The new model is excellent at cable management and splash proof design.