Top 18 Must Have DJI Mini 2 Accessories For The Utmost Joy!

To shoot your new Mini 2 drone footage to another level and get better shots, it is well worth considering buying a couple of the ideal DJI Mini 2 accessories. Having traveled across the globe using all our Mavic drones for nearly a year, we have compiled a listing of the very best DJI Mini 2 accessories that you should not leave home without; they allow you to fly more and catch much better footage with your DJI drone.

Following the Mini 2, formerly regarded as DJI Mavic Mini 2, it arrived with the identical controller as the Mavic Air 2. So finding the best DJI Mini 2 Accessories is a must for this new and excited drone. The DJI Mini 2 is a great 4k mini drone without the pro price. DJI’s latest 249 grams drone has a 4K camera, large sensor, OcuSync 2.0 for better connectivity, and 31 minutes of flight time.

If you’re searching for a mini drone that’s easy to fly but still capable of capturing compelling photos and videos,  TheDJI’s Mini 2 will be the go-to version for the new year to come. It is small, light, and has enough technology on board to make both flying and shooting the utmost joy. Additionally, it costs $449, and the Fly More Combo costs $599.

The 2-nd model, sub-249g Mini 2, is an engineering marvel and is well received by the drone world. The drone’s streamlined nature, combined with fantastic affordability, has contributed to the drone’s achievement. One sore point has been that the first model lacks 4K capabilities and long flight distance. Taking this feedback into consideration, DJI launches its brand new and enhanced DJI Mini 2 with a 4K camera on November 4, 2020, and is ready for shipping so that you can get yours now.

dji-mini-2 accessories and fly moreTop 17 Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories for Better Shots and Flights

The Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories are:

  1. Tablet Holder Accessory for Mini 2
  2. Extra Batteries
  3. Car Charger
  4. DJI Mini 2 Charging Hub
  5. Fly more Kit
  6. Battery Charging Hub
  7. DJI Care Refresh
  8. DJI Smart Controller
  9. Hanging Strap & Bracket
  10. Shoulder Bag
  11. ND Filters
  12. Micro SD Card
  13. Spare Propellers
  14. Mini 2 Antenna Range Extender
  15. Gimbal Clamp
  16. External Hard Drive
  17. Landing Pad
  18. Hard Case

4-11 inch Tablet Holder Accessory for Mini 2 (Longer Data Cable Included) 4-11 inch Tablet Holder Accessory for DJI Mini 2 (Longer Data Cable Included)

If you want to utilize a huge tablet to fly your DJI Mini drone to get a better flying experience, a drone tablet holder is really a must-have accessory. Should you possess a DJI Mavic Air 2 or the Mini 2 drone, the maximum size of supported mobile devices is even smaller; it just compatible with mobile devices that contained in 180×86×10 mm (Height×Width×Thickness), which means even an iPad mini 5 or 4 doesn’t fit in.

A tablet holder or adapter will enable you to mount your big-size iPad or tablet computer on the remote controller. It can also bring up the screen above the remote, which is a much better way to fly. You can see the screen more comfortably and take better aerial pictures and footage, giving you a much more confident flying experience.

Employing a tablet holder also allows you to quickly receive the best view by adjusting your phone or tablet; you don’t need to move your remote up or down so that it won’t cause any connection problem between your remote and the drone because the antenna can always be in the best angel. Check To Find The Best Available Price Online.

Extra DJI Mini 2 Batteries

An additional Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Battery signifies more airtime and less waiting to get a charged battery. The streamlined yet powerful mini 2 is an ideal creative companion, capturing your minutes in a manner that quickly elevates the normal. The Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Battery supplies a maximum flight time of 31 minutes. With a built-in smart battery management system, battery status has been tracked and reported in real-time, letting you concentrate less on power levels and much more on flying. Check To See The Best Price online. It should only be used with the Mini 2 drone.

Best DJI Mini 2 Car Charger Accessory

The DJI Mini 2 car charger is sold separately to both the combo along with the device. Whether you’re planning to perform an interstate road trip, day excursion down the shore, or traveling from job to job, acquiring an automobile charger saves a whole lot of headaches and provides the advantage you want. There’s, unfortunately, no way to control the batteries through USB. You can either plug 1 battery into the charging interface or utilize the charging hub to link up to 4 bolts. They’ll charge you at a time in the maximal charged battery initially to make sure you won’t run out of cost! We advocate sticking with real car chargers to prevent any battery harm. The charging will convey with the battery to prevent any overcharging and protect the battery against a sudden surge. Check  The Best Price Available Online.

DJI Mini 2 Charging Base

Aside from charging the aircraft, the Charging Base Retains and Exhibits Mavic Mini 2. The bell jar protects dust and lowers the oxidation of their drone. The magnetic micro USB eases quick charging, saving time, and lessening the possibility of electric shock. It shows Mavic Mini 2 while charging. When utilizing the Mavic Mini Charging Base, you should use the DJI 18 W USB Charger and Mavic Mini 2 regular charging cable. Check the Best Available Price Online.

Fly More Kit Accessory for the DJI Mini 2 Drone

When you just purchased the device and are now trying to find the combo, this is the best update that can allow you to update your drone unit at the complete standard Fly More Combo. This Fly More kit includes two Mini 2 smart flight batteries, charging hub, ND filter setup, battery to power charger adapter, and 3 sets of spare propellers. The Mini 2 Fly More Kit will be available for $399, and it is an adequate discount over purchasing the accessories separately. This kit will provide you all you want in the excess flight time to carry out the drone and additional accessories. What’s more, the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Kit includes an ND filter collection, which will aid with hitting the perfect frame-rates when filming in the skies. Check  The Best Price Available Online.

Best DJI Mini 2 Battery Charging Hub

I would also suggest getting the battery charging hub, which means you don’t need to put a timer on your telephone every 31 minutes to change the charger’s batteries (I have done it several times!). The charging pulse will control all battery succession automatically. It is a lifesaver. Check The Best Price Available Online.

DJI Care Refresh

The DJI Care Refresh is just one of the better ways to enhance your confidence when flying your drone. DJI Care Refresh covers your Mini 2 for up to 12 months (from the time you buy the drone) and will ensure you for two casual crashes or water damage. Once crashed, you’ll have to physically swap your damaged drone (could be in almost any state. However, you have to have the drone) to get a replacement drone for an extra fee. The very first surplus fee is $149, and the next surplus is 179. That is a question asked to exchange over, and DJI will not have to check into your flight documents (they will if you would like to make a guarantee claim rather ). Check  The Best Price Available Online.

DJI Smart Controller Accessory

At the time of this writing, the DJI Smart Controller isn’t upgraded to feature the capability to fly together with the Mini 2. Nevertheless, DJI has said multiple times that there’ll be a firmware upgrade which lets you fly all your modern drone with your Smart Controller, I am anxiously awaiting this firmware release! Check The Best Price Available Online.

Hanging Strap & Bracket Buckle for DJI Mini 2 Accessories Remote Controller

Specially made for DJI Mavic Air 2/Mini 2 remote control. Extra Security, The lanyard prevents you from dropping your Mini 2 remote control and cellular telephone; it also lets you maintain your remote control and mobile telephone within reach if you have to use your palms. Release your palms; you can release your remote control publicly outside or indoors! Stable clip to distance and shield your cellphone
suitable use can not obstruct smartphones’ display; Can not affect remote control functionality; Won’t impact USB port and heat dissipation hole. Neck Strap And Buckle, Check The Best Price Online.

Carrying Case and Shoulder Bag for the Mini 2

When purchasing the DJI Mini 2 apparatus, there’s no carrying alternative from the unit. Thus, it’s suggested to buy the shoulder tote to transport the drone along with each of the elements that come within the machine. The shoulder carry bag is among the most superior bags DJI has made this much. You will find dividers inside to divide the drone, control, and batteries. Additionally, it has a zipper on top, which will fit all of the Mini 2 accessories like the ND filter set, battery to power charge adapter in addition to additional wires, SD cards, and much more! Check The Best Price Available Online.

Best ND Filters for DJI Mini 2 Drone Accessories ffoif uoff forsre00 fer22   Best ND Filters for DJI Mini 2 (Neutral Density Filters)

ND Filters are essential when shooting videos on a drone and should be your first order after obtaining batteries. ND filters restrict the amount of light hitting the camera sensor on the drone. ND filters allow you to maintain a static shutter speed in bright light conditions.   When shooting video, the overall rule is that the shutter speed should always stay at two times the frame speed.  So if you’re shooting at 30fps at 4K about the Mini 2, your shutter speed must stay as close to 60 as you can.  The ND filters permit you to resolve the shutter speed at 60, allow for buttery smooth picture footage. Check  The Best Price Available Online.

Micro SD Card

Like Mini 2 batteries, you are not likely to have the ability to shoot if you do not have storage. Having onboard storage would really be a wonderful lifesaver should you don’t remember to take your MicroSD cards, but it will run out quite quickly if you are filming 4K 30FPS using all the Mini 2! I propose a minimal 64Gb card, however, I love to operate 128GB cards because they aren’t that much more, and SD cards are among the items you’re able to keep even once you upgrade your drones or cameras afterward. Check For The Best Price Available Online.

Spare Propellers

As you become more knowledgeable about the Mini drone, you’ll necessarily have crashes — it is simply a part of flying a drone.  That said, many crashes are minor and will damage or break the propellors.  So pick up at least one extra pair of propellers.  Just be sure you bring them with you as I have forgotten them a few times!! Mini 2 Tip: even if a propeller is slightly damaged, you ought to replace it immediately. Damaged propellers are jeopardized and may lead to further failures/crashes or unstable flying. Check  The Best Price Available Online.

DJI-Mini-2-range-extender-accessory-61vnFXQk DJI Mini 2 Antenna Range Extender Accessory

This accessory will make certain that your drone antenna signal is stronger and more secure, which reduces injuries and leaves the flight simpler. Real-time transmission of pictures clearly. Skyreat Yagi 5.8Ghz Antenna Design for DJI Mini 2 and the Mavic Air 2 drone Only. It may increase the space by about 30% -50%. High-quality Materials: Utilizing ABS + pure aluminum, anodized, increased feel, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Skyreat Antenna Range Extender fOR DJI Mini 2 Yagi-UDA 5.8Ghz Signal Boosters for DJIMavic Air 2 Drone Specific Accessories

You don’t have to modify the controller, plugin, and play a non-destructive installment layout with little size and lightweight, easy and speedy set up and disassembly. Please be sure Yagi Antenna is confronted with the overall direction for it to operate correctly. An opening place will probably be better to fly. Sykreat Antenna Range Extender Check The Best Price Online.

Gimbal Clamp

The stock gimbal lock to your Mini 2 is pretty great, but you will find it rather annoying with ND filters using all the stock clamp because you will need to take out the ND filter to combine the clamp for transportation. We generally leave the ND8 eternally about the Mini 2. That is where this gimbal clamp comes from.  It may match on over the peak of your ND filter.  Plus, it may be connected with a single hand for quick removal and installation, unlike the stock lock, which can be hard-pressed to attach. Check  The Best Price Available Online.

External Hard Drive

When you get started filming 4K 30FPS footage and your Mini 2 drone, you will understand you want more space in your hard disk! This is a fairly common practice for the majority of founders, purchasing hard drives. The Mini 2 will eat up a great deal of hard disk space with it is 4K footage, and filling your computers, the hard disk will radically slow down things. Possessing external hard drives can allow you to keep your system operating well and make sure you have sufficient space for your footage and photographs! Check The Best Price Available Online.

Landing Pad Accessory for the Mini 2

Landing pads are a wonderful tool to have with you if you are not familiar with grabbing your Mini 2 drone or desire a fresh surface to remove from. Maintaining a dust and dirt free drone is vital! Check The Best Price Available Online.

There will be more tech onboard the new Mini 2 drone. An even better camera sensor costs under $450, even when you add on necessary Mini 2 accessories like multiple batteries, propellers, etc. The drone is an update over the prior model in virtually every way: it’s brighter, remains in the air longer, and can catch footage that rivals DJI’s original Mavic mini and more expensive Mavic Air model.

The Mini 2 looks like a smaller Mavic Air 2, and it’s also slightly more powerful than the original Mavic Mini, but it is still portable and easy to store in your backpack or even a camera bag. I prefer the original Mavic Mini; although the new Mini 2 battery is smaller but more powerful, a lot of people say they can’t tell the difference. It has a fun design all around. The grey casing on the Mini lineup is now ten to get boring, but it fits nicely within DJI’s recent lineup.

DJI Mini 2 accessories vs Mavic Air 2 accessories pictures-47e9ru-ry84ruf93u-48er9u9er-ru

Another huge change could be that it will now be compatible with the DJI Smart Controller. Just recently, the Mavic Air 2 got an update that makes the $749 Smart Controller compatible. The controller for the  Mini 2 will not have a display like the original Mini. The phone holder is still at the bottom, and it’s not spring-loaded. I think that the whole design makes much more sense. It’s much more comfortable to hold, too. If I were to nitpick, my only desire would be for the customized work buttons to be at the controller’s side rather than on the base.

How about the good stuff on the new upcoming DJI Mini 2

  1. Better connectivity (OcuSync 2.0)
    between control and drone
  2. 31 minutes of flight time
  3. Better image detection
  4. 4k videos
  5. Great photo modes

And the bad stuff about the new upcoming  Mini 2 vs. the other Pro models

  • Image quality still behind higher-end models
  • larger propellers than the original Mavic Mini
  • Autonomous flight modes less complex than other drones
  • No side, back, and front sensors
  • No APAS

The DJI Mini 2 will only include a bottom sensor for landing detection, 31 minutes of battery life, and better control of the drone. Overall, the Mini 2 is an upgrade from the original Mavic Mini and more like the original Mavic Air. It will do some things better than the first Mavic Air. But most of the upgrades are iterative, even slightly boring. DJI has been reluctant to creep to Skydio’s territory in regards to obstacle avoidance and autonomous flying. We all know about the weight factor, and it needs to stay under the 250 grams weight limit. Besides, I wish there will be more DJI Mini 2 accessories available on this lineup.

best drone under 249g the dji mini 2 accessories-and-parts All that said, the DJI Mini 2 is the drone I would recommend to someone searching for more advanced controls and much better video, and photo quality compared to entry-level models but isn’t keen to invest over $600 for an entry-level drone without the fly more come kit to get the best advantages. You won’t find a better drone for anywhere close to this price.

The Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories To Buy in 2021

DJI Mini 2 Comparison To Other DJI Drones

mini 2 best drone under 250 grams

DJI Mini 2

Original Mavic Mini 2019

Mavic Mini

Best new drone 2020 Mavic air 2

Mavic Air 2

Mavic 2 pro

Mavic 2 Pro

mavic 2 zoom

Mavic 2 Zoom

tello sub 249 drone


55×32×22 in. (Folded) 55×32×22 in. (Folded) 71×31×33 in. (Folded) 82×36×33 in. (Folded) 84×35×33 in. (Folded) 38x36x16 in.
Takeoff Weight
< 8.78 oz. 8.78 oz. 20.10 oz. 31.99 oz. 31.92 oz. 2.82 oz.
1/2.3″ CMOS, 12MP, JPEG/RAW 1/2.3″ CMOS, 12MP, JPEG 1/2” CMOS, 48MP, JPEG/RAW 1” CMOS, 20MP, JPEG/RAW 1/2.3” CMOS, 12MP, JPEG/RAW 5MP (2592×1936), JPEG
4K/30 fps 2.7K/30 fps 4K/60 fps 4K/30 fps 4K/30 fps HD720P30
Max. Speed
35.79 mph 29.08 mph 42.50 mph 44.73 mph 44.73 mph 17.89 mph
Max Flight Time
31 min 30 min 34 min 31 min 31 min 13 min
Obstacle Sensing
Downward Downward Forward + Backward + Downward Omnidirectional Omnidirectional None
Max Transmission Distance
OcuSync 2.0, 6.2 mi. Wi-Fi, 2.4 mi. OcuSync 2.0, 6.2 mi. OcuSync 2.0, 6.2 mi. OcuSync 2.0, 6.2 mi. Wi-Fi, 109.3 yds.
Wind Resistance
Level 5 Level 4 Level 5 Level 5 Level 5 none

DJI Mini 2 Specs


Takeoff Weight
< 249 g


Folded: 138×81×58 mm (L×W×H)

Unfolded: 159×203×56 mm (L×W×H)
Unfolded (with propellers): 245×289×56 mm (L×W×H)
Diagonal Distance
213 mm
Max Ascent Speed
5 m/s (S Mode)
3 m/s (N Mode)
2 m/s (C Mode)
Max Descent Speed
3.5 m/s (S Mode)
3 m/s (N Mode)
1.5 m/s (C Mode)
Max Speed (near sea level, no wind)
16 m/s (S Mode)
10 m/s (N Mode)
6 m/s (C Mode)
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level
4000 m

Max Flight Time

31 mins (measured while flying at 4.7 m/s in windless conditions)
Max Wind Speed Resistance
8.5-10.5 m/s (Scale 5)
Max Tilt Angle
40° (S Mode)
25° (N Mode)*
25° (C Mode)*
* Up to 40° under strong winds
Max Angular Velocity (by default)*
130°/s (S Mode)
60°/s (N Mode)
30°/s (C Mode)
* Can be adjusted to 250°/s with the DJI Fly app
Operating Temperature
0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
Operating Frequency [2]
2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz
Transmitter Power (EIRP)
2.400-2.4835 GHz
FCC ≤ 26 dBm
CE ≤ 20 dBm
SRRC ≤ 20 dBm
5.725-5.850 GHz
FCC ≤ 26 dBm
CE ≤ 14 dBm
SRRC ≤ 26 dBm
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
Hovering Accuracy Range
Vertical: ±0.1 m (with Vision Positioning), ±0.5 m (with GPS Positioning)
Horizontal: ±0.3 m (with Vision Positioning), ±1.5 m (with GPS Positioning)


Mechanical Range
Tilt: -110° to 35°
Roll: -35° to 35°
Pan: -20° to 20°
Controllable Range
Tilt: -90° to 0° (default setting) -90° to +20° (extended)
3-axis (tilt, roll, pan)
Max Control Speed (tilt)
Angular Vibration Range

Sensing System

Hovering Range: 0.5-10 m
Operating Environment
Non-reflective, discernable surfaces
Diffuse reflectivity (> 20%,such as cement pavement)
Adequate lighting (lux > 15, Normal exposure environment of an indoor fluorescent lamp)

Camera Sensor

1/2.3” CMOS
Effective Pixels: 12 MP
FOV: 83°
35 mm format equivalent: 24 mm
Aperture: f/2.8
Focus range: 1 m to ∞


100-3200 (Auto)
100-3200 (Manual)
100-3200 (Auto)
100-3200 (Manual)
Shutter Speed
Electronic Shutter: 4-1/8000 s
Max Image Size
4:3: 4000×3000
16:9: 4000×2250

Still Photography Modes

Single Shot
Interval: JPEG: 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60 s
JPEG+RAW: 5/7/10/15/20/30/60 s
Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3 bracketed frames at 2/3 EV Bias
Panorama: Sphere, 180°, and Wide

Video Resolution

4K: 3840×2160 @ 24/25/30fps
2.7K: 2720×1530 @ 24/25/30fps
FHD: 1920×1080 @ 24/25/30/48/50/60fps
Max Video Bitrate
100 Mbps
Zoom Range
4K: 2x
2.7K: 3x
FHD: 4x

QuickShot Modes


Supported File Formats

FAT32 (≤ 32 GB)
exFAT (> 32 GB)
Photo Formats
Video Formats
MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)
Remote Controller & Video Transmission
Operating Frequency
2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz

Max Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference)

10 km (FCC)
6 km (CE)
6 km (SRRC)
6 km (MIC)
Signal Transmission Ranges (FCC) [4]
Substantial Interference (urban landscape, limited line of sight, many competing signals): Approx. 3 km
Medium Interference (suburban landscape, open line of sight, some competing signals): Approx. 6 km
Low Interference (open landscape abundant line of sight, few competing signals): Approx. 10 km

Operating Temperature

10° to 40° C (14° to 104° F)
Transmission Power (EIRP)
2.400-2.4835 GHz
FCC ≤ 26 dBm
CE ≤ 20 dBm
SRRC ≤ 20 dBm
MIC ≤ 20 dBm
5.725-5.850 GHz
FCC ≤ 26 dBm
CE ≤ 14 dBm
SRRC ≤ 26 dBm

Battery Capacity

5200 mAh
1200 mA 3.7 V (Android)
700 mA 3.7 V (iOS)
Supported Mobile Device Size
Max length: 92 mm
Supported USB Port Types
LightningMicro USB (Type-B) USB-C

Video Transmission System

OcuSync 2.0
Live View Quality
Remote Controller: 720p/30fps
Max Bitrate
8 Mbps
Latency (depending on environmental conditions and mobile device)
About 200 ms
100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 A
12V 1.5 A / 9V 2A / 5V 3A
Rated Power
18 W
Intelligent Flight Battery

Battery Capacity

2250 mAh
7.7 V
Charging Voltage Limit
8.8 V
Battery Type
LiPo 2S
17.32 Wh
86.2 g
Charging Temperature
5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)
Max Charging Power
29 W

App name


Required Operating System

iOS v10.0 or later Android v6.0 or later
Supported SD Cards
Supported SD Cards
UHS-I Speed Class 3 or above is required. A list of recommended microSD cards can be found below.

Recommended Micro SD Cards

16 GB: SanDisk Extreme
32 GB: Samsung Pro Endurance, Samsung Evo Plus, SanDisk Industrial, SanDisk Extreme V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme V30 A2, SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 A2, Lexar 633x, Lexar 667xThe DJI Mini 2 Accessories packages
64 GB: Samsung Pro Endurance, Samsung Evo Plus, SanDisk Extreme V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme V30 A2, Lexar 633x, Lexar 667x, Lexar 1000x, Lexar High Endurance, Toshiba EXCERIA M303 V30 A1, Netac Pro V30 A1
128 GB: Samsung Pro Plus, Samsung Evo Plus, SanDisk Extreme V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme V30 A2, SanDisk Extreme Plus V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme Plus V30 A2, Lexar 633x, Lexar 667x, Lexar 1000x, Lexar High Endurance, Toshiba EXCERIA M303 V30 A1, Netac Pro V30 A1
256 GB: SanDisk Extreme V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme V30 A2

Will, the Original Mavic Mini Accessories, fit the DJI Mini 2?

While many parts and accessories from the Mavic Mini will fit the DJI Mini 2, you have to be careful because many will do but make the drone act differently. First of all, the original Mavic Mini propellers will go on the Mini 2, but the screws are machine differently, so it will make the hole more prominent, and the drone will sound louder when it starts up. The ND Filters will work but not perfect. The batteries will fit the Mini 2, but the mini 2 batteries will not fit the Mavic Mini.  The controller is also interchangeable; you just have to set it up when you turn on the drone for the first time. We suggest you get the original DJI Mini 2 Accessories for your drone so you will not have any issues in the sky.

Is the DJI Mini 2 compatible with the DJI goggles?

The best answer is; No, but we see that this is an upcoming update from DJI because it uses the same controller as the Mavic Air 2.

Will the DJI Smart Controller work with the Mini 2 drone?

No, the DJI Mini 2 can not operate using the Smart Controller accessory at this time, but the same as the Mavic Air 2 Fly app update; we foresee that DJI will make this true shortly.