How to Repair A Crashed Drone – Here Is the Best Glue To Repair It!

Intermediate flyers wreck drones. Even experts crash from time to time! So eventually you will snap apart – we have been there! And here is the best glue we have found to fix broken Drones and Toy Copter. We have crashed our fair share of drones. It happens. Especially when you’re just starting out. Or many times it may occur when you get a new drone, and you are analyzing its capabilities and limitations. Each drone has a unique feel for how it manages — and you learn that hard manner!

Using the Best Drone Glue to Repair a Broken Drone

We have snapped blade guards, landing gear, battery doors, support arms, antennas; you name it we’ve broken it! And we have also tried all kinds of glues to put them back together. We have tried several different types of super glue. Even super adhesive designed specifically for vinyl. We have used rubber cement, epoxy, gorilla glue, bubble gum. yeah, just about anything and everything that’s sticky, only Loctite Super Glue did a decent job, but we were looking for the best glue on the planet for this.
Some of these worked, most did not. The glue that worked were brittle, and the part would split again at precisely the same spot.

What Glue do You Use to Fix Cracks on Drone?

All Purpose-Instant Fix. Faster & Stronger Than Any Glue

We wanted to test it for a while, Then we found Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder to be the best in class, but it’s more expensive than many types of glue, and we assumed lots of the claims that it made were just advertising hype. You see, this is not super glue. It’s a plastic welder. And you can not use plastic welder quite like you use super glue.

Super glue is excellent on clean breaks where the pieces fit back together nice and tight. When that is true, use an excellent super glue made especially for vinyl – like this stuff on Amazon.

  Best Glue for broken Motor Arm and Landing Gear

But if the break is not clean – if it’s jagged or missing little pieces of plastic — then that’s where Bondic really shines! You can actually apply modest layers on top of one another to build up and fill in the missing parts.

 Drone Body Repair

Bear in mind that Bondic cures when UV light is implemented — so placing it between 2 pieces where the UV light can not shine won’t work. Bondic works best as it’s on an exposed place. Additionally, it is advisable to use very thin layers. Since it cures in just 3-4 minutes of exposure to UV light, even using thin layers remains a fast procedure. Use the superglue in the non-exposed region and then use Bondic in layers to fill in any gaps and around the seams to actually weld it tight. It’s a little pricey but well worth it.

Crashed My DJI Mavic 2 and Broken Motor Arm, what now?

If you did not purchase the DJI Care Refresh package and you do not know what to do. The instructions above may help you some. Most cracks on your drone can be repaired for little to no cost. Most broken gimble, motor arm and landed gear can be fixed with easy if you have the right stuff. Especially if you are still learning to fly. Make these fix with the best drone glue and at a later date when you get better, you can send it into DJI to get fixed properly. Do not try to use glue on your drone propeller, it will more than lightly fly of aoff hurt someone.

However, it works as advertised (how often does this occur?!). We are happy we have the Pro Kit which includes additional refills — we’ve got a knack for hard landings, so this material will keep our quadcopters flying!