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Top 100 Drone News in 2018

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Skydio R1: America’s Response to DJI’s Drone Dominance It has been a long time to come, that’s for sure. However, California startup Skydio has now launched a drone which seems capable of competing at the very top of the marketplace. Around this time in 2016-2017, we proposed that Skydio was possibly the drone business’s best-kept secret. Now is the day that the team introduced what it has been working on.

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Skydio R1 the most advanced drone in 2018

The R1 looks similar to a drone which made plenty of headlines this past year, the Hover Camera. But beyond the aesthetics, it is apparent that both have very little in common. Our very first impression of the Skydio R1 is that it’s perhaps the most technologically complex drone the market has seen. The Skydio website argues as much, calling it”The most advanced autonomous device — of any kind — available now.”That’s because the R1 is fully autonomous. It seems to be the selfie-taking, 4k-filming, flying activity camera that the market was waiting for a long time. Instead of you sending it up and worrying about it crashing into something, the Skydio staff is confident that flyers will eventually think of it as a drone that includes a flight controller, which make it an entirely new kind of visual storytelling.

Skydio R1 the most advanced drone in 2018
Image by Skydio

The primary specs for your R1 are:

Weight: 2.2 pounds
Battery life: 16 minutes, two batteries included
Best Speed: 25 mph
Video Capture: 4k in 30fps, 1080p in 30 or 60fps with built-in stabilization
64GB of onboard storage
Wi-Fi array: 300 feet, based on telephone